10 tips on how to save on a trip without waivers

save on a trip
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Whether you are a serial traveler or an occasional vacationer, at least once a year you will probably organize a long or short trip. This article for the travelers who want to save on a trip without waivers.

The connections between international destinations are increasingly efficient and numerous, transforming our world and the possibilities of exploring it. We are increasingly encouraged to discover new places but traveling is certainly not free. This, however, does not mean that it cannot be saved anyway.

It’s about making smart choices, setting priorities and using small strategies to save money without giving up on fun.

Such as? Here are our ten tips on how to save a trip without giving up …

1 # Travel in low season

I am aware of the fact that not everyone can travel in low season, especially where companies close –   on average – 2 weeks in August and one in December. But if you have the chance to take your holidays on other dates I suggest you do it! Your trip will cost you less. There are many promotions of flights and hotels that are launched to attract customers in different times of the year, why not take advantage of it? During the period of cheaper holidays, which is in the low season, total relaxation is combined with savings: fewer people crowd beaches, tourist villages, places of art and museums. Less time for queues, more time to do what makes us happy.

2 # Book in advance

For those who can travel only during the high season, I recommend thinking about the holidays several months in advance even – if you can – booked at the end of summer for the following summer or in January for the following December. Do not worry about losing your reservations money in the event of an unexpected event. The most famous booking sites, and used to reimburse 100% cancellation. This unfortunately does not apply to airline tickets but I think it is worth the risk, especially for the savings you can get.

3 # Flying in a midweek day

To save on flights, I spent weeks analyzing the various airline sites on the days of the week when it is cheaper to fly and, considering the various web statistics, I can assure you that the cheapest flights are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. Mondays and Thursdays have more or less an equivalent price while on weekends prices go up until Sunday, the most expensive day to fly.

save on a trip

4 # Travel during the cheaper months

The cheapest months to fly are January and February, followed by October and November. Of course there are no times of the year during which our beaches are flooded by the sun and summer heat but Europe is so full of things to see, cities to visit and parks to explore, that every period has its positive aspects.

5 # Stop

No, I do not particularly like flying or waiting at the airport for another plane, but when I save a lot on the cost of a flight, I consider calling. I think that at the end of the day the plane is the safest means of transport in the world and the money saved can be used for what I like to do once I arrive at my destination.

6 # Monitor airline offers

Airlines often offer attractive offers. For this advice, subscribe to the newsletter of the airlines that interest you and follow them on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, doing so will not escape anything.

7 # Reach the airport by car

If you are traveling with friends or family, sometimes public transport is not the cheapest way to get to the airport.

For groups of travelers or families, especially if you have some suitcases in tow, the car could be the most convenient and sometimes economical solution.

8 # Reserve a parking space

Reaching the airport by car is certainly the most convenient and often the most economical choice. But how to save on parking? Who decides to leave the car at the airport is often forced to pay exorbitant figures, not to mention the long search to find a free place, especially during the high season.

This service also allows you to change and cancel the reservation free of charge up to 24 before departure.

9 # Set a budget

To save on a trip it is necessary to plan it in detail. I advise you to take a few minutes by making a list of everything you need before leaving and a list of the daily expenses to be incurred during the holiday. Here is an example that could help you …

  • Travel insurance?
  • Accommodation
  • Travel (flights or fuel costs)
  • Parking area
  • Clothes
  • Luggage
  • Excursions
  • Fun
  • Food and beverages
  • Souvenir
  • Museum admissions
  • Transportation

By calculating these costs you will have an idea of the budget necessary for the trip in order to redistribute it later   in a logical way considering the priorities.

10 # Walk as much as possible

Walking is good and keeps you fit. You will think that it is easy for me to say after traveling all over on foot, but I think that exploring the destinations on foot offers a different point of view: you discover authentic places, typical restaurants, meet many people and is the means of locomotion more cheap: completely free.

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