11 Reasons that will push you to Montenegro as soon as possible

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Are you planning your summer vacation and looking for a reason to visit Montenegro ? It is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but this small wonder of the Balkans is a concentrate of beauty and things to visit absolutely. Wonderful beaches, impressive mountains, crystal clear sea and idyllic villages.

Montenegro has everything at your fingertips, traveling on the road in the country you will find extraordinary nature, fascinating ancient cities and some of the best Mediterranean food, that’s why you have to visit it now. We have created a guide to the 11 reasons that will push you to Montenegro as soon as possible.


1) The Adriatic gives its best

The coast of Croatia is no longer a paradise to discover as a few years ago, the magic of the Montenegrin sea has not yet been fully revealed. Don’t say it too loudly, but the country’s Adriatic coast may be more surprising than the northern coast. The Montenegrin coast is dotted with landscapes and villages, each with its charm and undeniable beauty.

2) A paradise for excursions

Thinking of Montenegro, you don’t just have to imagine sunny beaches and relaxing days; is the state of the Balkans that offers some of the most beautiful excursions in Europe. The name to mark is Crna Gora but, quiet, you will find incredible mountains and accessible almost everywhere. Prokletije, Komovi and Rumija are some of the best spots, but we recommend reaching the Durmitor National Park.

3) Excellent cuisine

The food in the Balkans is delicious, but after a while, the grilled meat can tire. In Montenegro, you will find greasy dishes, meat and sausages, but the variation on the menu is fish: the tradition of fishing on the coast is an ancient and widespread practice, which is why you can taste memorable fish dishes to try absolutely.

4) Spectacular nature

Ask anyone in Montenegro to tell you the most beautiful place in the region, most likely they won’t know how to answer. It is impossible to categorize the natural beauty of Montenegro: around you will find verdant mountains that reign supreme over canyons and rivers. Every corner has something beautiful to look at, and no, it’s not an exaggeration.

5) Zip line in the deepest canyon in Europe

Montenegro is home to the deepest canyon in Europe and the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon. It is called Tara and has a zip-line next to the historic Ɖurđevića Tara Bridge that connects the two sides of the canyon. From up there the view is truly breathtaking.


6) Small wonder

Montenegro is small, very small. If we wanted to make a comparison, the country is about half the size of Belgium. But how is the old saying? “In the small barrel …” Montenegro’s small size makes it the perfect place to explore with ease: you can see all that the country has to offer without wasting hours and hours on buses and trains. Only 250 kilometers separate Plevlja in the north from Ulcinj in the south.

7) Rebellious history

The Ottoman Empire crossed the entire Balkan region in the past centuries, but Montenegro proved to be harder to conquer than Serbia and Bosnia. The impenetrable mountain landscape was helpful and the local tribes had a particularly efficient battle plan. Montenegro is immensely proud of its rebellious history, and the monuments of this autonomy can be found throughout the country.

8) Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor will leave you speechless. This area of the Adriatic inhabited since the beginning of time, is one of the most visited places in Montenegro. Most of Montenegro’s most fascinating cities are found in this small piece of land.

9) Low cost boat

A sailor’s life may be out of reach for many, but Montenegro offers a bit of luxury at very affordable prices. Montenegro has been told that “all its history was written at sea”, so what better way to get to know the country than to hire a boat and head for its waters? This is also the best way to explore some of the hidden beaches on the coast.

10) Royal Mauseoleo

Perched on a spur in the Lovčen National Park, you will find the last home of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, the country’s greatest leader and the man who is said to have brought modernity to Montenegro. A colossal titan of Montenegrin history and culture, Njegoš personally chose this place as his mausoleum, and could not find anything epic. The mausoleum is one of the most important attractions in the country and the views from here are literally breathtaking.

11) The oldest olive tree in the world

Stara Maslina, the old olive tree, is over 2000 years old and is said to be the oldest olive tree in the world. The tree even survived a fire. You absolutely have to see it.

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