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Around Singapore– The  Changi Airport  is the most common method to reach Singapore. It is one of the most important airports in Asia, since it schedules some 4000 weekly flights operated by some 80 companies. The destinations to which it flies (Jakarta, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo … and so on up to a total of 180) belong to more than 50 countries. It is a modern airport, whose first terminal was opened in 1981. Later, others were inaugurated in 1991 and 2006.

Moving around Singapore

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Singapore  has a variety of means of transport that will facilitate our movements through the urban center and the rest of the area. Not being very long distances, we do not have to deal with long trips in which the use of one medium or another can make a big difference in terms of duration.

The  Singapore Mass Rapid Transit  (SMRT) is the  best known system  of  buses, trains  (some similar to the metro, underground) and  taxis  that cover most of the island. The SMRT network has more than 50 train stations. In addition to its “traditional” train services, it travels 14 stops with the  Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (BPLRT) , the first train of its kind built in Singapore.

Among its bus services, in which 74 routes operate, the SMRT makes available to its users the Nightrider, night transportation service. As for taxis, SMRT allows the reservation of taxis by several means depending on the service requested. On its website, the SMRT informs about all its routes and its services, rates and conditions.

In order to save time and money, there are various subscriptions and cards that allow us the combined use of various means of transport.

Getting around by subway in Singapore

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For me, the fastest and most efficient means of transport by far. There are parts in which it goes underground and others on the surface. It is timely and works very well. And it covers practically every place in the city you want to visit. You can find it with the name of MRT and LRT on the posters.

Notice that inside the wagons there are a few signs of prohibitions and it is better to comply with them. You can not eat or drink inside the subway.

All the subway stops I know have automatic machines that accept payment in cash and with a card. The best thing if you are going to travel several times is to take out the transport card with which you save if you make several trips. It is the one that appears in the image below.

When you pass it when entering and leaving the subway, the money that you discount is proportional to the distance that you have moved and depends on whether it is peak time or you will not be deducted more or less.

Getting around by bus in Singapore

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The bus in Singapore is much more messy than the subway and of all the times I was in the city I only used it once. My advice, as a tourist, is to try to avoid it and use the subway. But in case you need it at some point, you can pay the ticket on the bus itself.

The tourist bus of Singapore

If you do not want to complicate your life and have little time to be in Singapore , one option to shuffle is to buy the tourist bus pass . It covers the entire city with two different routes and you can go up and down as many times as you want for 24 or 48 hours.

The Singapore Tourist Pass card

In my opinion it is expensive and not worth it, since with the subway card you pay for less money and I do not think you go to the city to spend the day stuck in the subway. So, as an average tourist, I do not think I recommend it.

Getting around by taxi in Singapore

In Singapore, as in any other place in the world there are taxi ranks or you can order a taxi by phone. The price of the taxi in Singapore is not cheap (do not forget that we are in the most expensive area of ​​Southeast Asia), so I would only recommend it if you arrive too late to the airport and the metro is no longer open. In addition to those provided by the  SMRT , in  Singapore  we can use  other taxi companies , such as Yellow-Top or City Cab. As in other cities, taxis can be stopped in the street or use designated stops for them.

Using the car

To drive in  Singapore , a  valid license is required  , either an international permit or a license from our country of origin. To “convert” them to valid national licenses you must go to the Traffic Police Department. It must be borne in mind that to enter the center it is necessary to pay a toll at certain hours and to park there are areas for residents and payment areas.

How to go from the Changi airport to the center of Singapore

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The first thing to say is that the Singapore airport is a flirtation . Everything is very organized and have services such as spa, swimming pool or even cinema. They also offer free tours to the city if you have a stopover at the airport for more than 5 and a half hours and less than 24 hours.

For this route from Singapore Changi airport to the center, the best and easiest way is the subway . The subway leaves from T2 and T3, so if you get to T1, you have to make a transfer between terminals, which is very simple. Follow the indications that Skytrain and ready. It is a free service from the airport and operates from 5:00 to 2:30.

Once in T2 or T3, look for the meter indicator (MRT) . Note that the first is about 5:30 in the morning and the last at 11:15 . If you need to be sooner or later you will have to look for another option such as bus or taxi.

Every time you go by metro from the airport you will have to go to the Tanah Merah station and there make a change of train to go to the center.

What to see and do  around Singapore in a day

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See Sentosa Island

It has inside the Universal Studios amusement park that can molar. Some small beaches are pretty. But let’s not forget that it’s still an artificial island. If you want to go with an organized excursion you have this one that takes you to Sentosa and this one that includes the transfer to the amusement park and the entrance.

Chinatown and Little India

To each worse, although Chinatown at least has a little window and some little theaters and street markets where you probably find the cheapest food in the city. In Little India the only true Indian I saw were its inhabitants and the odd temple.

 Walk next to the bay

The best with much difference. Take some pictures of the skyline, see sunset, walk through the Gardens by The Bay, see the shows that have lights and water and … sneak into the Marina Bay: D You can also consider sleeping there , hahaha.

Finally, a card with which you will have unlimited travel throughout the excellent public transport around  Singapore. All the tourist cities that are preferential have their tourist card. That which, in the eyes of visitors, serves to save them – in this case – a few dollars from Singapore. It is not that the Singapore Tourist Pass is very extensive in services although, yes, it covers something essential for tourists: urban transport.

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