15 reasons to travel to the Azores Islands

Azores Islands
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The Azores Islands are a Portuguese archipelago formed by a total of nine islands and that are a true natural paradise. If until now it had not crossed your mind to travel to the Azores Islands, I assure you that after reading this article, you will want to fly there. And if you already know him, why do you want to go back? All this is what you will find if you travel to the Azores.

Reasons to travel to the Azores Islands


Azores Islands

If something stays etched in the retina after traveling to the Azores Islands. It’s its incredible nature. All its corners are populated with leafy forests, colorful flowers. And beautiful lakes that cover the old volcano calderas. All this forms an unforgettable landscape.

Eat a cooked cooked on the ground

On the Island of Sao Miguel you can witness the ritual of preparation of the boiling of Furnas boilers. This stew is cooked in a pot that is buried in the interior of holes that are actually volcanic boilers. With sulphurous water that burns and bubbles. After 6 hours buried, you can start to taste this stew in one of the Furnas restaurants.

Know the westernmost point of Europe

The westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and continental Europe is the Cabo da Roca. And the most authentic western point of Europe is the small Islet of Monchique. Which you can find in the Azores Islands, west of the Island of Flores. It functioned as a navigational guide and point of reference for the navigators who made the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. And today it is protected by its rich biodiversity.

A lake with two colors

travel to the Azores Islands

The Lake of the Seven Cities is one of the most impressive lakes of the Azores Islands. It has been formed in a volcanic caldera. And in addition to its large size. The greatest uniqueness of this lake is to be formed in turn by two lakes. The Blue Lake and the Green Lake, by the color that its waters acquire.

Dreamlike sunrises and sunsets

Due to its location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean it is ideal to enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets. In each of the islands you have a specific place to enjoy them. For example on the Island of Sao Miguel, the best place to see sunrise is the Northeast. And the best place to see sunset is Mosteiros. Another of the most special places to see a sunset is precisely the Islet of Monchique.

Bathe in a waterfall

Have you ever bathed in a waterfall? In the Island of Flowers you can do it. In Fajã Grande there is a waterfall of 90 meters known as the Poço do Bacalhau waterfall. At the bottom of this waterfall forms a natural lagoon that allows you to take a bath. And has become the most famous pool on the island.

Natural pools by the sea

Islas Azores is an ideal place to enjoy a swim in one of its natural pools of thermal waters next to the Atlantic Ocean. In these pools the water comes out hot. And it is usually mixed with sea water. Leaving a pleasant water temperature and an unforgettable experience.

Natural pools in the middle of nature

the Azores Islands

In addition to pools next to the ocean, we also find other natural pools throughout the archipelago. Which are “hidden” among the lush vegetation. In these pools of thermal water bathing is like feeling in the authentic paradise.


In the Azores Islands you can also enjoy paradisiacal beaches. And very varied, and spectacular seabeds. Some beaches are of fine white sand. And others with black sand due to the volcanic origin. Among all of them perhaps the most special and unique is that of the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo. For being a beach located inside the crater of a submerged volcano .

Bullring on a volcano

Graciosa Island festivities include bullfighting, and for that reason they decided to build. A perfectly circular bullring that is almost camouflaged among the lush green vegetation of Monte de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda. It is a unique place for lovers of bullfighting. Since it is the only bullring in the world that has been built in the crater of a volcano.


In the whole archipelago of the Azores you will find an infinite number of viewpoints that leave you with your mouth open. You have very different viewpoints and all of them spectacular. Some appear on the high cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Others on the top of a mountain and the most unique appear next to the crater of a volcano.

Active tourism activities

If your thing is active tourism, the Azores Islands is also your place since it has a wide variety of activities. These include hiking, canyoning, geotourism, horse riding, cycling, whale. And dolphin watching, bird watching, paragliding, diving, sailing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking.

Tea plantations

best the Azores Islands

The Azores Islands are also honored to have the only tea plantations in Europe, and can also visit. The most important are Gorreana and Cha Porto Formoso on the Island of Sao Miguel. Where you can learn about the history and the process of tea production.

Pineapple plantations

It is also very famous in the Azores Islands the cultivation of pineapples , and you can visit a pineapple plantation where they explain the traditional cultivation techniques and the different phases of the cycle of your plant, besides being able to enjoy the tasting of a pineapple and pineapple liqueur.


I could not finish this article of reasons to travel to the Azores without talking about its gastronomy, of good quality, healthy. And with a predominance of fresh fish and local livestock, mainly cow and steers. Some of its most popular dishes are the cracas (a crustacean similar to barnacles) the limpets, the octopus, the fish stock , the cod empanadas and the caldeirada.

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