Fly board practice on the beach of Miami

beach of Miami
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The beach of Miami is perfect to enjoy all kinds of sports related to the sea. One of the youngest and most fun is the fly board.

In Miami you can enjoy endless activities, and one of the most fun can be the fly board. Do you dare to live a most exciting experience? Then, join us in this always lively city of the United States.

What is and how does the fly board work?

the beach of Miami

The fly board is a nautical sport created just a few years ago, in 2012, by the French Franky Zapata. On a hover board and with the help of a water bike we can fly over the sea, immerse ourselves in it and do all kinds of pirouettes.

Regarding how it works, in the fly board that board is joined by a long hose to the jet ski. From this a pressure jet of water is forced to a nozzle attached to boots that hold the pilot to perform the moment of thrust.

The maximum height that can be reached in the air is 15 meters, while the variety of pirouettes will depend on the experience of the athlete.

The practice of fly beach of Miami

practice on the beach of Miami

To practice fly board of Miami we can go to Sea Isle Marina & Yachting. In the place we will put the vests and the rest of the material. In addition, the monitors of the center will give us the relevant explanations to enjoy the experience in a totally safe way.

Then it’s time to head for Biscayne Bay. Found the ideal point we can finally carry out the activity for 30 minutes. This is enough time to ascend, plan and make turns over the sea a few times. And, in short, to download adrenaline.

The experience is not cheap; it can cost more than 100 dollars per person. However, the sensation of flying over the water and in such fabulous surroundings as the beach of Miami is something worth experiencing.

On the other hand, before embarking on the adventure it is good to take into account a series of rules or recommendations. For example, participants must exceed 13 years of age and 45 kilograms in weight, cannot have a shoe size greater than the European number 46 or back problems.

In addition to informing us about the conditions, it is advisable to book the activity in advance to guarantee a place. The usual schedule in which it is usually performed is between 11 and 16 hours.

What else to do in Miami and its surroundings

discover the beach of Miami

Miami and its surroundings offer more experiences than practicing fly board. For example, the Everglades, a subtropical wetland of great ecological importance, can be explored in a hydrofoil. Alligators live there that you can see up close. Undoubtedly, a unique experience of exploration of wild nature.

From the Everglades National Park we move to Key West, where you can also practice water sports. You can go for snorkeling, scuba diving or sailing. But, if you fancy something more relaxed, nothing like enjoying its idyllic beaches and seeing from them the friendly bottlenose dolphins.

We return to Miami to know it more in depth, for example, by helicopter. You can fly over the best of the city, from its coast to the metropolitan area. The tour is about half an hour and carries a price of around 175 dollars.

Another option to discover Miami is by motorboat. In this case you will enjoy spectacular views of the sky line, see the multi-million dollar mansions of Star Island and also the stunning art decor architecture of South Beach.

As you may have seen, beach of  Miami is an ideal place to enjoy all kinds of activities and adventures: from fly boarding to a safari through a marsh to observe reptile species, passing through the marine fauna or the city in a different way and only. Do you dare to set course for this city?

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