Top 5 Best Beaches of Barbados

beaches of Barbados
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Barbados is called the pearl of the Caribbean islands. Exotic nature, bright sunshine, warm sea, undoubtedly, attract tourists from all over the world. Especially I want to note the endless beaches of Barbados, which cover most of the island with their golden-white and outlandish pink sand. The beaches on the coasts of Barbados are completely different and they are all open and accessible for visiting.

Top 5 Best Beaches of Barbados

Crane beachbeaches of Barbados

The first place in our five is occupied by the beach Crane – the most visited beach in Barbados, marked in the top ten beaches of the world. Crain Beach is located on the south-east of the island. Attracts tourists with playful waves, safe descents to the pool, a chic beach with silvery white sand. Those who like can do windsurfing, scuba diving, relax outdoors in the shade of a coconut grove or sunbathe in the bright sun. Read more: Top 5 best beaches of the island of Corfu- Greece

Fitts Villagebeaches of Barbados

The next line is located Fitts Village beach, which is located in the southernmost part of the island. It is an ideal place for beach and outdoor activities. For tourists, water sports are available, surfing and diving are popular. The local beach recreation infrastructure has no equal. Picturesque corners, warm sea, gentle sun and cozy atmosphere – all this is Fitts Village beach! Read more: Best hotels for honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

Heywoods beachbeaches of Barbados

The top five beaches of Barbados include Heywoods beach. First of all, the places are intended for tourists who stayed in large hotel complexes located near the beach. If you consider that the massive influx of tourists is rare, the beach is ready to accept all comers. Affordable prices, water skiing, snorkeling and even golfing on a private field will be offered to you if you visit Heywoods beach.

Sandy Lanebeaches of Barbados

Spend the summer by the sea on Sandy Lane Beach, which is in fourth place, the dream of any traveler. The beach is located in the quiet harbor of the island of Barbados, in spite of the restless winds on the other side. Here, the transparent turquoise water, in which you can observe the exotic inhabitants of the sea. The greenish tone of water gives a huge amount of vegetation. High trees are located along the entire coast of the beach, creating freshness and coolness on the hottest tropical days.

Accra Beachbeaches of Barbados

And finishes the top five beaches of Barbados beach Accra, which is one of the island’s attractions. Accra is the most attractive and safe place for rest with children, as the depth of the coastal zone increases smoothly. Airy white sand, playground for games, walks on catamarans and boats with a glassy bottom, diving, water skiing – what else can you wish for a comfortable and varied holiday. All this will provide you with Accra beach!

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