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MAKE AN OFFER- Fall in love, make sure of reciprocity, choose the engagement ring of her dreams … And this is not a complete list of what the future groom will have to face before hearing the sacred “Yes!”. If you have already dealt with these questions, it remains only to choose the right time and place for the proposal. Determine the latter, we just help today!

The best place to make an offer

Alone with nature

make an offer

The leading place in the list of the most romantic locations for the offer is undoubtedly occupied by untouched corners of nature – a forest, an endless field of flowers or, in extreme cases, a park. At the same time, worthy competition to them will be the coast of the azure sea or ocean. And, of course, how not to remember the top of the mountain! Hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and the environment of wildlife will add to your passionate offer of nebulousness. Read more: Top 5 Countries for Traveling Alone

Playing snowballs

place to make an offer

You did not manage to confess in the hidden for the New Year? It’s okay because you have at least another month ahead to make an offer against the background of a fairy-tale winter nature and surrounded by snow-white snow! Read more: 5 PLACES THAT CAN DISAPPEAR SOON

All on board!best place to make an offer

If you become on one knee while walking on a lake on a boat, not only the boat will be unsteady, but, of course, the head of your chosen one will spin! Well, making an offer aboard a yacht is not only an elegant classic but one of the worthy examples for imitating an old school of romance and courtship. Another great option for modern young lovers is to make an offer right at the airport before boarding a flight and spontaneously turn an ordinary trip into a wedding rehearsal. Keep reading http://how2dream.com/benefits-of-business-travel/

Whimsical capacities

Are you against pretentiousness? But remember, where did you first see each other? Where did you walk on your first date? We are sure that even without leaving your hometown, you will have enough memory for you two and ideal places to offer where the atmosphere of love and romance reigns. Well, in search of magic, visit the amusement park with fabulous merry-go-rounds!

Amazing seriesbest make an offer

The list of special sites for offering hands and hearts is essentially endless! Amazing places to hear “yes” can be even in your own home. After all, for the ideal proposal, the most important is that there are a loved one and an environment that makes life so wonderful!

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