Camp by the sea because of 10 great reasons

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Apparently no Brit lives more than 80 miles from the coast, so it’s no wonder that seaside camping is so popular. So, grab your camping goods and enjoy 10 great reasons to pitch a tent along the coast.

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Bring on the nostalgia

No child can resist seaside funfairs. The same goes for the other “oldies but goodies”, like the amusement arcades and other traditional attractions, such as the piers.

Dive in

Welsh Coast Campers will acknowledge that the water might be a tad chilly, but they’ll also tell you that you can’t beat an early morning dip in the water before racing back to a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Junk food galore

Nothing hits the spot like fish and chips followed by ice cream after an afternoon on the beach.

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Eat freshly caught seafood

No, you don’t have to catch it yourself. You can enjoy a selection of seaside restaurants, and eating local is the best way to eat when you are next to the sea.

Enjoy a seaside picnic

Pack a basket of goodies and bring along your picnic blanket. If you are at a local campsite, but want to explore other sites along the coast,, you can make a day of it without spending money at a restaurant.
Keep Track

You can even leave your vehicle parked and go on walks for miles without worrying.  Just look at your Vehicle Tracking system that you sourced from companies like Vehicle Accessories and it will tell you exactly where your car is so you can find your way back to it.  It also allows you to track vehicle performance.


From kitsch souvenir shops to beach boutiques, don’t forget to go “old school” and send a postcard to your family. The kids will love this old fashioned, nostalgic way of communicating.

Go fossil hunting

Who knows what you might find while digging in the sand with the kids. Let their imaginations run wild with the idea that they have discovered the fossilised remains of something that roamed around millions of years ago.

Enjoy the wildlife

The British coastline is filled with amazing marine life. You don’t have to do much more than look out over the sea to see amazing birds.

Explore the rock pools

To find smaller creatures, grab a net and head for the rock pools. Kids can spend hours exploring, while trying to get closer to little crabs and fish.

Experience magical sunsets

Even if you do nothing else, end your day staring into the sunset. Very little can beat how it looks when the sun sinks into the sea.

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