Feel Like In The Caribbean With The 5 Best Beaches In Menorah

beaches in Menorah
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Beaches In Menorah– Many people think of traveling to the Caribbean to enjoy its paradisiacal beaches, but the truth is that it is not necessary to go so far, in fact, you do not even need to leave Spain to enjoy real film beaches that do not have to envy or to those of the Caribbean or to those you see on television. Menorah has some simply spectacular beaches that will make you feel as if you were living a dream, and in which the fine golden sand, the turquoise, and calm waters, as well as the natural landscapes, our protagonists.

A dream destination that is ideal to enjoy the summer, although we recommend that you book soon since it is also one of the most demanded. There are so many beaches to choose from that you may not even know where to start, so we wanted to make things easier for you with this post, in which we tell you what the 5 best beaches in Menorah are for us. Take note!

Beaches of  Menorah and Calamari

best beaches in Menorah

As it could not be otherwise, the coves of Calamari and Metacarpal are the ones that open our TOP of the beaches of Menorah. They are our favorite and most of both tourists and Menorah’s, and they are so spectacular that they can not be described with words. Read more: Essential care for children on the beach

Located just 15 kilometers from Citadel, the main one is Marcella, which is made up of a large U-shaped sandy beach where nature and turquoise waters will leave you speechless. And right next to it, something more hidden is Metacarpal beach, which is beautiful but due to its size, it is possible that it is too crowded. Even so, you should not miss it.

Calla Propaganda

one of the best beaches in Menorah

From the paradisaical beaches of Calamari and Metacarpal, we go to a much wilder beach located in the north of Menorah. This is Calla Propaganda, and we guarantee that as soon as you see it, it will not leave you indifferent. Read more: 5 Best Ideas for Autumn Weekend in Ukraine

It has a striking contrast in which the reddish sands, steep rocks, and turquoise blue waters will be a real pleasure for your eyes. Of course, to enjoy it you will have to previously walk a path of about 30 minutes on foot, but that is definitely worth it since along the way you will find simply spectacular landscapes.

Calla Tannin and Minnesotan

With the Tannin and Minnesotan coves, something similar to the beaches of Calamari and Metacarpal occurs. Besides being a classic and one of the most popular options, they are separated from each other by a small path, being the largest and the main one Tannin.

No waste, in them you will enjoy the charms that Menorah offers, with beaches in which the transparent and calm waters, the white sand and the natural landscapes will conquer you from the first moment. Visit them, it will be the icing on your trip. Keep reading http://clickmyemails.com/tips-and-ideas/time-out-from-an-expo-finding-the-real-dublin/

Calla Torques

one of the best beaches in Menorah

The Torques creek will leave you with your mouth open, and the turquoise color of its waters, which even seems unreal, will make you just want to get a dip in them as soon as you look at it. A completely virgin beach and located in a natural environment, in which a large pine forest puts the contrast to the image, how could it not seem like one of the best beaches in Menorah with this description ?!

The only one is that due to its reputation, it is too crowded and it is common for you to have complications even to put the towel in the sand. It is understandable that it is one of the most popular beaches of the Menorah island because it is also one of the most beautiful and emblematic, so get up early and to arrive early and enjoy it, it will be worth it!

Calla Galvani

one of the best beaches in Menorah


If you like tranquility and the calm sea, you can not leave this island without visiting Calla Galvani. It could go through a huge pool of natural sea, where there is hardly any waves and the water always remains clean and transparent, which has led to this list of the best beaches in Menorah.

With more than 300 meters long, it is usually very busy, mainly because there is a huge hotel right on the shore, but it is still worth it because thanks to its large size it will not be too difficult to find a place.

It is in the south of the island, near the Tannin cove, so you can easily access it without any problem. We recommend that you go to the spectacular views of SA Punts, a few meters from Calla Galvani, as well as rent a water scooter, boat or water scooter that allows you to explore the cove in its entirety.

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