Countries Traveling with Children

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Many young couples before the advent of children are trying, as much as possible in time – trying to make a career, sharpen the house, plenty of travel around the world. We want to assure that life with the advent of the child is just beginning, the main thing is to give organizational moments a little more time. For example, in advance to buy air tickets, book a hotel, find out about the availability of a game zone and other moments of settling, etc. Did you know that not all countries are suitable for traveling with children? But today we will consider those that will please you in terms of family vacation.

Traveling with Children: DenmarkChildren

This European country with an extremely high standard of living adequately takes the first position for traveling with children. At the same time, Copenhagen is just a fairy tale for children! Small gingerbread houses, beautiful narrow streets, various monuments to fairy-tale heroes – mermaids, elves, and many sweets, what could be better for children’s perception of reality? In the historical homeland of the storyteller – Hans Christian Andersen – the atmosphere of magic and magic still reigns. Here you can even walk along the route of Baby and Carlson on the roofs. Read more: 5 Best Ideas for Autumn Weekend in Ukraine


No less interesting for children and this country, especially Paris! Although any city in France is designed for travel. Here you will find interesting adventures in the magic museum, where you can see different tricks and see illusions, you can visit the zoo with rare animals, visit the contact zoo, look into the unusual Museum in the grass, “Aquabulvar”, etc. And, of course, go to the famous Disneyland for the whole day. Read more: Best hotels with a water park in Crete, Greece

Great BritainChildren

If you have a budget, you can rent an entire castle for a family holiday. If you were not in London, we advise you to start the journey from here – from the homeland of Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. Be sure to go and see your mum in a mummy in the British Museum, full-length dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum, and the magical Harry Potter museum. You may also like

The  NetherlandsChildren

All conditions for a family holiday are in Amsterdam! A small and cozy town is struck by a huge number of small bridges, water channels, streets, which are very pleasant to make walks. It is customary to move around on bicycles, which helps maintain ecological cleanness. With children, we recommend visiting the children’s science museum, the big zoo Artis, as well as the exhibits of the Tropical Museum, where all the curiosities of the world are collected.

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