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Mothers’ Day is one of the most celebrated family celebrations worldwide, and how not? if everything a mother represents will always be worthy of recognition, that is why it is necessary even once a year … to travel with mom.

However, remember that dates are just a pretext, so do not limit yourself to just spending a day with your mom or giving her a conventional gift.

I invite you to come out of the ordinary and plan a trip to one of these 5 destinations, where I assure you that both will have a great time.


#1. Mermaid. The “white city” is ideal for quiet walks in a warm environment, both for its climate and its people. One of the main attractions of the capital of Yucatan is the Passe Monte, the largest avenue in the city where beautiful mansions of the colonial and Porfirio times are located, which are now equipped as museums or restaurants. Locate the tourist information points, from Monday to Friday offers free tours to know the most representative places of the center. Read more: Travel by plane with babies (under 2 years old) and small children

Listening to outdoor music is a beautiful tradition in the center of Mermaid, the Marque DE leis Americas is an excellent option to spend a Sunday afternoon, where there are also dance events, selling crafts and food stalls in a very familiar atmosphere.

And if your mom is a bit more adventurous, take her on a tour of the stunning Cuzco denotes, a place where they can swim in crystal clear waters at an approximate cost of $ 300 Mexican pesos per person. Read more: Essential care for children on the beach

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#2. Oaxaca.  This city combines the Hispanic with the colonial, so the options are very diverse. What would you like to have a coffee or a hot chocolate in Los Portales or maybe, taste a delicious mezcal, the typical drink of the state? To eat authentic Oaxacan food, visit E Biche Pore, this restaurant has a traditional food menu as seven different varieties of mole, tasagoemleasayudas and much more, at very affordable prices.

And if you want to travel with your mother to get out of the city, the archaeological zone of Monte Albán is the perfect plan to admire these majestic constructions and learn a little more about the Zapotec culture.

#3. Aguascalientes. I love this city for its rich cultural and architectural heritage and also the people are very hospitable. To visit the most representative places in the city, I recommend getting on the tram, the tour includes a visit to the cathedral, the Regional History Museum, the Tempo DE la Mercer and the Barrio DE San Marcos.

In this city was born the creator of the famous Katrina, Jose Guadalupe Postdate and here is a museum in his honor, which is a must.

But without a doubt, one of the best plans is to travel to the San Marcos Fair, one of the country’s most traditional festivals, which is celebrated between April and May of each year.

They have a wide variety of activities to suit everyone, highlights the area of gastronomic proposals to try typical dishes, the mechanical and dexterity games, bullfights and musical shows that hold up to 20 thousand spectators and filled with music and good atmosphere to the whole city. Long live Aguascalientes!

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#4. Guantanamo. One of my favorite colonial cities is this one. Its wide variety of museums and theater allows you to find something to do every day. The Juarez Theater, the Diego Rivera Museum, the interior tour of E Papilla or the Museum of the Mummies are just some of the options.

For the night, I highly recommend joining an alley, which consists of a tour through the alleys of the city accompanied by a student, who through songs explain a little more about the culture and curious aspects of the city.

They can not travel with mom to Guantanamo and leave without visiting the famous Callable led Bose, where according to legend, whoever kisses on the third step with their lover, will have the lifelong love and whoever does not do so, will have seven years of bad luck, so you decide, here.

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#5 palatal. They already said “Only Veracruz is beautiful” and it goes that the capital jarocha is it. This city has a wide cultural background that you can not miss. Being built between rivers and forests, the supply of parks is very wide, but I reccommendltepetl Ecological Park, a protected natural area located in the highest part of the city, where along a walk you can see a wide variety of plants and birds, which makes it a very peaceful destination to travel with mom.

To eat, I suggest visiting the Athletes Walk, where at very affordable prices they will eat delicious typical food such as Poole, tamales or churls. Also, in this place, there is an extensive variety of crafts. Keep reading http://spottingit.com/travel/bristol-the-colourful-conference-city/

And if you want to know a little more about the cultural aspects of the city, do not hesitate to visit the Cathedral in front of the Government Palace; the Juarez Park, where they will meet several street artists; and the State Theater, there are almost always exhibitions or art shows here.

I know it is not always easy to travel with the whole family, but in my experience, our moms are the perfect reason for the whole family to agree and do everything together with a trip. Now, I recommend you to raise flight alerts and hosting online platforms, it is a good method to find good prices or you can also take advantage of some of the online discounts festivals like Hot Sale 2018 that will be from May 28 to June 1 and buy among all a package that suits them.

I hope that these destinations to travel with mom will serve to give you the opportunity to discover new places, remember that unlike a material gift, a trip will keep it in his memory forever and why not, could even turn it into a tradition that is repeated every year.

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