Top 10 destinations for family travel around the world

family travel
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Family travel– Traveling as a family is always fun, but it can become stressful if you do not choose your destination correctly. Mobilizing on public transport in a big city with small children, for example, can be a problem because of the high level of attention that must be paid to avoid any family member getting lost. If the goal is to rest and recharge energy for the rest of the year, it is good to consider all possible options according to the style and tastes of each family group.

Top 10 destinations for family travel

destinations for family travel

#1. Orlando: the classic destination for boys, and not so much. It is a journey of much wear, many parks and attractions are visited, and the smallest can tire quickly. It is a recommended destination for children from about age 5, so they can make the most of theme parks such as SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Lego land and Disney World.

#2. Riviera Maya: the Caribbean coast of Mexico is ideal for families with children of all ages. Beyond the activities offered by the all inclusive hotels and paradisiacal beaches, where you can do activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, you can visit the impressive Mayan settlement of Chichén Itzá.

#3. London: Adults can revel in the classic charms of the city and children will be fascinated by the Harry Potter tour, which takes all the fans of JK Rowling’s history to visit several of the scenarios that were used for the movies of this famous magician. Platform 9 and ¾, the markets of London near the Leaky Cauldron, the British Museum where the chess pieces of the Chamber of Secrets game are some of the most interesting points to visit in the capital of England.

top family travel

#4. Brazil: has many all inclusive hotels that are ideal for the family. Activities are carried out especially aimed at the little ones, which entertain themselves in the pools, while the parents can be sure that they are cared for and supervised by adults. Many destinations in Brazil, such as Porto de Galinhas , have beaches where the sea is like a natural pool, where you can enjoy without any danger. These destinations also have water activities, which are usually very attractive for slightly larger children.

#5. Puerto Marin: for families who love nature and animals, Puerto Marin is ideal. The whale watching in El Doraville (from June to October), walking among penguins in Punta Tomboy (from September to March), seeing the sea lions of Punta Loma (all year round) and visiting the Isla de los Paxar’s are attractive activities. for children as for adults. It is also possible to do nautical walks, fishing, kayaking, trekking, and diving, from 8 years old. The holidays there will be unforgettable.

#6. New York: all children have seen a movie in New York, so the mere fact of seeing Central Park or Times Square, with its striking lights, is something convener. In addition, there are toy stores, which are paradise for any kid, like FAO Schwarz, the most famous of them for its giant floor piano. There are also special museums for children, such as the Children’s Art Museum, and others such as the Museum of Natural History, setting for the film Unna Niche en el Muse, starring Ben Stiller.

#7. Ecuador: for families with bigger children or teenagers, it is an ideal place to do something different and with an adventurous touch. Banes is the classic destination for those who plan to do activities such as rafting, cannoning (descents by waterfalls), climbing, zip line, hiking, cycling, trekking, kayaking, among others. In this way, that the biggest kids get bored in the holidays is practically impossible.

#8. Argentine Patagonia: visiting the Period Moreno Glacier and taking a ride on the End of the World Train are unique experiences, both for children and adults. To take advantage of all the possibilities, such as performing minitrekking on the glacier, it is necessary to have at least 10 years. Another curious visit is the Patagonian Ice Museum, where an ice bar works in the basement, with the walls, chairs and glasses made of ice. 1 km. from the commercial center, there is the 25th May Patagonian Ranch, where there are rural activities such as shearing sheep and tasting Patagonian delights.

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#9. Iguazu Falls: this World Heritage Site impacts not only the Garganta del Diablo, the most important waterfall and the one most photographed by tourists, but also the variety of birds, plant and animal species that are in danger of extinction . You can take walks in gomons, which pass near some waterfalls and make the passengers bathe under these waters, which is quite comforting during the summer season. To avoid the crowds and to be able to walk more quietly in family, it is convenient to travel on other dates outside of the long weekends.

#10. Sierras de Córdoba: ideal for traveling with babies, since the climate is friendlier than, for example, on the Atlantic Coast. In addition, you can be calmer without the crowds of people characteristic of the sites on the coast. Mina Clever, for example, is a tourist town located in a valley and surrounded by mountains, so the landscape helps to relax. There are also natural spas and beaches far from the center, where the municipal pool is located. Accommodation options range from camping to first class hostels. A basic principle for any family trip is to respect the schedules of meals and rest of the smallest, to avoid getting sick or feel bad during the holidays. Depending on the destination, it is also important to protect them from the sun with high-grade blockers, hats and avoid prolonged exposure between 11 and 16 h.

How to choose the best family travel insurance?

best family travel insurance

Are you going on a trip with your family? There is nothing like being with loved ones in a new environment, discovering places and landscapesthat always stay in the memory. Surely that trip will turn into idyllic days, but you can enjoy them much more if you have the peace of mind of having a travel insurance that covers any eventuality that you have at any given time.

Your grandparents already said that ‘it is better to prevent, than to cure’ , and the truth is that they did not lack reason. Start a vacation, or any other type of trip, with the peace of mind of having your back covered by good travel insurance is really priceless. But which is the most suitable for you?

If you need to take out travel insurance, it is important that you pay attention to certain elements that are key to determining the quality of a policy . Thanks to them, you will have the certainty of having achieved the greatest protection possible for you and yours.

The first factor to take into account are the coverage. Obviously, many people think that by reducing them they will have to pay less for the insurance contract, but they do not take into account that this will leave them unprotected in certain circumstances.

In this way, and depending on the destination you choose, it is more than advisable to hire a medical assistance coverage that takes care of the health expenses if you have any mishap outside the home. It is also worth considering the hiring of travel cancellation coverage , which will allow you to recover the amount if days before the departure is canceled.

Abroad and without luggage? One of the great advantages of travel insurance is that they offer you peace of mind and protection outside of Spain. For this reason, many times policies are offered with the main coverage that you may need outside the country and that can cover such habitual problems as the loss of luggage or the need to transfer in case of accident.

Keep in mind that any accident or problem that occurs during the trip can represent a significant economic cost and, even more, considerable chaos. The bureaucratic and health processes are different in each country, but with travel insurance you will not have to worry about anything. And the truth is that tranquility is priceless in these cases.

Are you traveling to America, Asia or Oceania? In these cases, it is advisable that you decide for a special health coverage , given the particular health systems of these continents. In addition, most travelers also opt for coverage that protect them from problems with flights and accommodation, as well as luggage. Travel insurance is the best guarantee that your holidays will be very calm.

Finally, destinations for family travel is  excellent opportunity to explore the fascinating world around us while enjoying quality time. Without a doubt it is an enriching occasion that offers learning experiences for the whole family group. If you want to travel with your family, and do not know what destination or type of trip to do, let us help you plan your trip with ideas and suggestions of itineraries that we have developed, designed so that you can enjoy a special vacation, a vacation with children that never You will forget.


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