7 fashion trends for the honeymoon in 2018

honeymoon in 2018
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A honeymoon in 2018 trip is a special trip that you will never forget. Therefore, you need to prepare for it properly! We propose to consider seven popular destinations this year. The choice is yours!

Organization of the wedding is both an exciting and exhausting process. A honeymoon is a great opportunity to reward yourself with rest, where you always dreamed to visit.

Before you go to the agency search, you need to remember some aspects related to the organization of your honeymoon in 2018. Given these aspects, you can organize an ideal trip:

  • Analyze the intended place of rest and the time of year when you are planning a trip
  • Remember partner preferences
  • Entrust the organization of the trip to professionals
  • Do not forget about insurance
  • Assess your budget correctly

Honeymoon in 2018 in Thailand

the honeymoon in 2018

In recent years, Thailand has become particularly relevant, and in 2018 interest in it will continue. This exotic country is a concentration of culture, different from ours, and a very active tourist destination, where you will have an unlimited number of ways to have a great time. Read more: Honeymoon in Africa: an amazing and unforgettable world

We recommend exploring the great city of Bangkok and boldly succumb to the charm of its landscapes, temples, and wildlife. Be sure to take time to beach rest: you will definitely like the beautiful beaches of Thailand and its warm clear waters.

Fashion trends for the honeymoon in 2018 in Australia

best honeymoon in 2018

If you want to forget about everyday life and everything you’ve seen before, go to Australia. This is not only the most distant of the possible countries but also a real paradise of a million possibilities, as well as the habitat of unique animal species. Read more: 5 tips for saving on a honeymoon abroad!

Sydney and Melbourne are definitely worth a visit. The first mandatory stops will be the famous Opera House and the beaches of Manly and Bondi. In the second, you will simply have to visit the Fitzroy Gardens, Federation Square, Victoria National Gallery, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. A familiarity with the Australian fauna is best set on the island of Kangaroo.


Even if you already know something about this country, it always remains full of surprises for foreigners. Its cities are governed by chaos, which is easy to get lost, but it is Japan that will help you accomplish an emotional reset.

If you are one of those who does not want to go to the “monotonous” country, then Japan will be an excellent option for you, where ancient traditions perfectly blend with the latest trends, and calm and vanity go hand in hand. Japan can offer couples the best choice of leisure that you can imagine.

New Zealand

The state is located in the North and South, as well as a small group of islands. It covers an area of 166,940 square kilometers and 1600 kilometers in length.

A distant country is located in the South Pacific, about 10,400 km southwest of North America, 8,350 km west of South America, 2,250 km southeast of Australia and 2,500 km north of Antarctica.

San Francisco

honeymoon in 2018

The city was founded by a Spanish monk in 1776 and was actively populated during the gold rush. Today, San Francisco, home to over 850,000 residents, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the United States. The city is famous for the grandiose bridge Golden Gate, the island of Alcatraz, the hills of Twin Peaks and it’s cable cars that ride along the steep city streets.

The unique nature of the city has developed due to a combination of traditions of indigenous people, Spanish colonizers and a large number of immigrants from Asia. While in San Francisco, it’s worth visiting such neighborhoods as Chinatown, Japan town, Mission, where the Hispanic population lives, Union Square is the financial heart of the city, the rich district of Castro-district and the district of Height-Ash bury, which is considered the cradle of the hippy movement.


An ideal place for exotic lovers! A huge part of the world will give you the impressions that will remain with you forever – safaris, magnificent beach holidays, meetings with unusual animals for Europeans. Explore Botswana, Namibia and South Africa – in these countries you will find all the best that the continent has to offer.

The Maldives

top honeymoon in 2018

It’s trite, but we can not exclude the Maldives from this list. “The Kingdom of a Thousand Islands”, located in the Indian Ocean, pleases the body and eye of every tourist who came to this paradise on Earth.

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