Where to go from Barcelona by car: 5 ideas for traveling for one day

Barcelona by car
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Auto travel to Barcelona by car from Moscow, if you pave it through Belarus, Poland, Germany, and France, takes an average of 38 hours on the road (the distance is almost 3800 km), taking into account the time at the crossing of the Belorussian-Polish border. Approximate cost of gasoline for a car all the way to Barcelona – 300 euros. And they will be added to the costs of paid high-speed routes of transit countries.

Barcelona by car: Port Adventure

Barcelona by car

The distance is 109 km. The journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes at one end without stopping. On the route, there will be a toll highway C-32. Read more: Honeymoon in New Zealand: fantasy, embodied in reality!

Port Adventure is a major theme park, one of the most visited in Europe. It is divided into 6 regions – the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, the Wild West and Sesame Street. Here you are waiting for both extreme attractions (for example, free fall from a height of 100 meters) and for the smallest, as well as a variety of shows and performances. In each area, there are restaurants with kitchens of the respective countries.

Also part of the resort is the Carib Aquatic Park and the Ferrari Land park. At the ticket offices, you can buy combined tickets in several parks. However, we advise you not to hurry and spend the whole day in Port Adventure. In the evening, be sure to stay at the beautiful salute in honor of closing the park. Read more: Countries Traveling with Children

The cost of an adult ticket is 47 dollar, children’s (4-10 years) – 40 dollar. Current prices can be found on the website.

Barcelona by car: Monastery of Montserrat

Barcelona by car

The distance is 61 km. Travel time is about 1 hour one way without stops.

Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery located high in the mountains and attracting pilgrims from all over the world. From its territory, there is a panoramic view of the mountain valleys.

By car you can drive to the monastery itself, its walls have free parking. An alternative option to climb the mountain is the cable car, the trip will take about 5 minutes. In this case, the car will have to be left in the parking lot at the foot of the mountain (also free of charge). The round-trip ticket costs 10.30 dollar. The hours of operation of the cable car vary depending on the season, detailed information can be found on this site.

The monastery is accessible for visits daily from 07:00 to 20:30, (from December to June – from 07:00 to 19:30).

Barcelona by car: “Triangle Dali” – Figueroa, Pool, Macaques

Barcelona by car

The distance is 197 km. Travel time is about 3 hours one way without stops. On the route, there will be a toll highway AP-7 (about 10 dollars).

The famous “triangle of Dali” includes three cities, inextricably linked with the life and work of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali.

The first stop on your way will be a small town called Pool. Here is the castle, which Dali gave his wife Gala. Now it is turned into a museum, and the interior remained the same as in the old days. The admission ticket costs 8 dollars. There are discounts for students and pensioners. Opening hours vary depending on the season, the current information can be found on this page.

The next stop on your way is Figures. It was in this city that Dali was born, and the main attraction here is his theater-museum. The museum exposition is the largest collection of paintings by the artist. Here, in the crypt, the artist himself is buried.

The admission ticket costs 14 dollars, the system of discounts operates. Opening hours vary depending on the season, the current information can be found on this page.

The final point of the route will be Macaques. The city is famous, first of all, by the stay of Salvador Dali here. Once there, you will understand why the great artist was so fond of and inspired by this place – the town is surprisingly beautiful. Almost all the houses in the city are snow-white.

The most visited landmark is the Salvador Dale Museum. The entrance ticket costs 11 dollars. We advise you to book an excursion – they are keen on their business here and are really interesting. The museum’s working hours vary depending on the season. The latest information can be found on this site.

Barcelona by car: Andorra

a Barcelona by car

The distance is 199 km. The journey takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes at one end without stopping. Roads are free.

An excellent idea for a one-day trip is to visit the small mountain principality of Andorra, located on the border of Spain and France.

The capital – Andorra la Vela – is a fairly compact city, which is easy to get around on foot. The main attractions, which is convenient, are concentrated in the Old Quarter.

If you managed to walk along the narrow medieval streets of the capital and consider ancient mansions, we advise you to go to the largest mountain thermal center in Europe – Chaldea. The entrance ticket costs from 30 dollars, the detailed information on tariffs can be looked at on this site.

The whole state is a zone of duty-free trade, so it is profitable to make purchases.

For more information on how to spend your time in Andorra, you can find on this page.

Barcelona by car: Scarceness

Barcelona by car

The distance is 303 km. Travel time is about 3 hours one way without stops. The route will be toll roads AP-7 and A-9 (total cost 40.60 dollars).

In the small French city of Scarceness, there are two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

First and foremost, Scarceness is famous for its ancient fortress, which is unique not only because it is perfectly preserved, but also by its size (it is rather a whole fortified city). You can lay it all day for inspection.

The best views of Scarceness itself open from the west (for example, from the old bridge over the Auden River or the A motorway). Keep in mind that directly at the fortress walls all parking is paid.

Entrance to the territory is free. You can take an audio guide (the cost is 4.50 dollars). Also for the castle, you can order an excursion (3.50 dollars – 1 hour, 4 dollars – 1.5 hours).

Opening hours vary depending on the season: from October 1 to March 31 – daily from 09:30 to 17:00, from April 1 to September 30 – daily from 10:00 to 18:30.

The second UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city is the Canal de Midi, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Currently, mainly tourist ships are moving on it, so if you want, you can go for a ride.

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