Hand luggage measurements before travel airlines

Hand luggage
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Hand luggage measurements – The airlines have become too rigid in terms of luggage and exceeding in size and weight can cost you dearly. If you are thinking of buying a small suitcase or a backpack to carry on your trips, the ideal thing is to check well what are the measures of hand luggage that are allowed in each company to avoid surcharges that affect the budget of your vacation.

The market of bags and bags is very large and you will surely find your ideal option and solve your needs without overpaying.

Cabin bag: measures and weight

Hand luggage measurements

Before traveling you should bear in mind that not all airlines allow the same weight and that each one accepts different sizes of suitcases. To avoid surcharges it is better to prevent. Here is a list of weights and measures allowed by some airlines.


Latham allows you to transport a suitcase and a personal item at no cost. The maximum weight of hand luggage allowed is 8 kilos in Economy and 16 kilos in Premium Economy or Premium Business. If you fly in Economy on a route with origin and / or destination Brazil, the maximum weight is 10 kilos. The maximum dimensions should be 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (height, length and width), including the pockets, the wheels and the handle.


the hand luggage

This airline provides that hand luggage must comply with the following measures: Length 55cm, width 35cm, height 25cm. The sum of the three dimensions combined together, should not exceed 115cm, including wheels, handles and side pockets. With respect to the weight, it establishes that in cabotage flights in Tourist class the piece must not exceed 8 kg. In sabotage flights in Club Economy class and in international flights, it must not be greater than 10 kg.

In addition, each passenger can transport in cabin, under his custody and without additional charge a personal item, of 3 kg. of maximum weight, whose dimensions do not exceed 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm and which can be located under the front seat (except in emergency exit seats and first rows), such as:

  • A case for laptop
  • A case for a camera.
  • handbags travel


The low cost have very special conditions and each one has its own regulations when defining what is allowed. In particular, Norwegian specifies that, in the cabin, you can always carry a free handbag of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. You can also take on board a small personal item of no more than 25 x 33 x 20 cm.

The type of passage will determine the allowed weight. If LowFare, LowFare + or Premium the maximum allowed weight of the two handheld items combined can not exceed 10 kg. If the passage is Flex or Premium Flex you can extend the combined maximum weight up to 15 kg.

And beware of the suitcase that you dispatch. If your bag or handbag exceeds the limits according to your type of ticket, you will have to check it in the plane and pay an additional cost. Checked baggage is charged per item per trip. It is essential to know in advance that  baggage check-in is one of the most important business routes for low cost airlines  and that it is even beginning to be a variable of rate adjustment in all airlines that try to compete with low prices.

Travel handbags

top Hand luggage

When it comes to luggage to take with us on the flight, we can choose between small suitcases and backpacks or handbags. Each one has its own characteristics that, depending on who uses them, will be more comfortable and effective.


If you prefer a backpack, check that the shoulder straps are padded. Many hours carrying them becomes annoying with rigid straps. It is also advisable to have straps on the chest and waist to fasten, as they help to divide the weight throughout the torso and relieve stress on the shoulders and neck.

Try to get one that is waterproof and made with resistant materials and with good seams. Another recommendation is to have outside pockets. They are very useful when going through security control. You can place your liquids or electronic devices in these pockets and take them out quickly in the airport control.

Small bag

Something that allows us to gain in comfort are the small suitcases that come with wheels and handle. This means that we can carry the backpack at the airport without problems. But we have to take into account that these elements add weight to the backpack and, although in many of them the wheels can hide, when they are not being used they can generate discomfort in the back when we load them.

Measurements of suitcases for aircraft

a Hand luggage

In addition to what we carry on board, in each trip we can dispatch a suitcase in the hold of the plane, at the time of check-in. In this case there is a general acceptance of the weight and the standard dimensions in the airlines. It is usual for companies to accept bags whose weight does not exceed 23 kilograms and the measures are within a maximum of 158cm adding all three sides.

When choosing the type of bag we can choose between a flexible or a rigid. And in this case also the differences are many and divide waters between fans and detractors of each other.

Rigid or hard cases

They are more resistant to water and breakage, and also to possible cuts when handled at airports. Among them, fragile objects (such as electronic devices) are more protected. It has the advantage of lasting longer, especially if we travel often by plane. They usually have better closures and security systems than soft ones. If they are not of good quality they can crack or split in some areas.

Flexible or soft suitcases

Because of its flexibility, the fabric conforms to the content and that allows us to put more things. They have external pockets, something very useful in some moments of the trip. They tend to be lighter than rigid, something important to not overload the weight.

Scale for weighing suitcases

When assembling it usually happens that we want to carry many things and we begin to doubt whether we load something or not depending on not exceeding the allowed weight. Consider that if you spend in the weight of what you carry in your hand you will have to dispatch it by warehouse with the extra cost that implies. And if your suitcase weighs more than allowed, you should probably pay a penalty for excess.

To avoid this kind of surprises and unnecessary expenses, it is best to have a scale to weigh suitcases. These devices are very effective and give very good results when carrying all your bags without exceeding the stipulated weight. They have a compact design, so you can take it without problem, and its use is very simple.

What is prohibited in hand luggage for plane

discover Hand luggage

There are restrictions that have been applied for years with respect to items that can be carried in travel handbags. Airlines do not allow the transport of items such as scissors, cutters, pliers, knives, files, knitting needles, punch, screwdrivers, cutting elements or punches in general.

Keep in mind that some airlines are going to check your belongings and keep the things that are prohibited: there is no right to kick. That’s why it’s best not to include things like gun-shaped toys, hiking sticks or lighters in your suitcase.

Finally, carrying carry-on hand luggage is the fastest and most comfortable option, but each airline puts its limitations and missing the measurement can cost dearly. Billing the hand luggage when traveling by plane is very lazy. First, because it makes us arrive at the airport well in advance, and second, because once in our destination we will have to wait in the corresponding tape until our suitcase appears. Also, of course, when we check in there is always the possibility that something will fail and our luggage ends up lost.


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