Let’s go! 5 win-win ideas for a holiday in Kiev, if you are a daredevil

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Holiday- How many emotions we would not have been given romantic summer nights, going to the cinema and relaxing on the beach, still will not be enough. We propose to open new activities for ourselves, which will make the summer brighter, and the body – smart. For example, this weekend you can arrange a small sports marathon: play volleyball, go to an extreme park, master awake. And for the bravest, there is a special offer – a jump with a parachute!

Holiday: Beach volleyballholiday

Volleyball is a holiday that combines fun with pleasure. The exciting game will not only stay in great shape and have fun but also get an even tan. If you want to try your hand at beach volleyball, come to the capital championships for amateurs. One of the locations where you can watch the battles and practice yourself – Venice beach at Hydropark. Also, competitions among men’s and women’s teams with the support of the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation are held in the extreme park X-park. And if you want to relax “without fanaticism,” Truhanov Island is always ready to provide a place and equipment for activity. Read more: Cosmetologists on the rules of summer sunburn: top 5 tips


Wakeboarding came to us from the West relatively recently but is already popular with fans of active entertainment. This is a great summer alternative to skis and board. During the skiing on the board, all the muscle groups work, so a nice bonus will be a smart figure.

In Kiev, to join the sports trend is very simple. If you want to take lessons from professionals, go to the school Sporteventxtrem (1080 UAH / session). Also, beginners with open arms will meet in TryWake. One lesson (skating, working on bugs, theory) will cost 980 UAH. You can stand awake and in SKY Family Park. For 30 minutes of skating you need to put out 150 UAH., But impressions and instruction – as a gift! Read more: 7 Hotels with a fireplace for winter getaways

Rope and trolley parksholiday

People who are not accustomed to physical stress, rope-rope adventures can seem difficult. But you can not miss the chance to feel like a hero in an adventure film. What a barrier you can not overcome in a wave of excitement!

Kiev pleases with a variety of rope parks: for children and adults, extreme, of varying complexity and height. You can climb, for example, in the Holosiivskyi forest (rope park “Aktivna Ukraine”). Trails cannot be called extreme, but for training they are good, and the price is acceptable: 30 – 150 UAH. Ride along the rope (900 meters long!) And go on a rope tour in Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts, where the parks of Trolland operate. For the weekend you can get out of the capital and go to Bucha. Here in the forest, there is an extreme park “Shalena Bilka”, where, in addition to the cable car (from 45 to 150 UAH per track), quest programs and other entertainments were prepared for guests. After active rest, the brutal appetite will definitely wake up, so take with you picnic food and rent a pergola.


Do you want to get more endorphins and adrenaline? A parachute jump will give a whole bunch of explosive emotions. It is worth remembering that before the jump you need to be trained (take a few hours) and issues the documents. The preliminary record is required.

The most popular and accessible place for those wishing to join the parachute is the airfield “Chaika” with 80 years of history. Independent jump from a height of 900 meters can be done for 900 UAH., And to descend on a parachute from the mark of 4200 meters in the instructor’s company, ask 3600 UAH. Another location where you can climb into the air is the Borodyanka airfield 40 km from the capital. The club offers to jump with a round parachute for 3500 UAH. (with an instructor) and for 900 UAH. (single jump).


One of the most original and fun ways to fill the positive – zorbing. If you decide on such an adventure, you will be placed in a large inflatable ball with a diameter of 3 by 2 meters and will be brought down from the hill. Be ready to shake yourself and to feel the avalanche of emotions!

There are several types of zorbing, which provide for a certain number of descents, the trajectory of movement and the height of jumping off the ball, even placing the body in an inflatable pillow. For example, there is a “water” zorbing, when water is poured into the bowl and you roll along the pond.

You can master unusual entertainment in the capital in Protasov Yar, where seven slopes are equipped. Descent “Adrenaline” worth 250 UAH. – this is a 200-meter long track on which the ball makes 18 turns, bounces and has time to accelerate to 35 km / h. To try “dry” or “wet” zorbing, you need to pay from 120 to 600 UAH.

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