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Travel insurance policy– Murphy knew what he was talking about and you have to take into account his if something can go wrong. It will go wrong although, luckily, it does not always come true when you travel. Now you can go with everything well kept and not go anywhere that you should not, that nothing will free you from an indigestion, an ankle sprain or a friend of the alien … If we know it well. Our advice: always travel with insurance. To help you, we tell you how to choose the best international travel insurance policy. Of course, we want you never to know how good or bad it works. Because you did not have to use it.

How to choose the best travel insurance before hiring it? What do you have to cover and how much money is adequate? What is the franchise? If my plans change, how do cancellation. Or cancellation insurance work? Is it worth to me with the travel insurance policy of the credit card, with the European health card, the PayPal one? How much do they cost? Although it may seem a lie, is less important than coverage?

We are very happy with the service has given us until now. We hired him for our one-year trip through South America and unfortunately. We used it several times – and also for shorter trips. You will get a 5% discount on the insurance price hiring from here. But before doing so, take a look at what you have to keep in mind to find your best travel insurance policy. Because it changes according to the person, the destination, the duration.


Travel insurance policy

The first thing you have to look for when you buy travel insurance policy is in the amounts of money. And we do not talk about the amount of money you have to pay yourself. what it costs. But what the company will pay for – what it covers -, that is, the coverage. That is the key to travel insurance policy: the amount of money they cover in all the possible problems that may occur on a trip. And there are many things that can go wrong … so that none escape.-Or we hope it has not escaped us.

One more thing to keep in mind: in some international travel insurance the maximum coverage refers to each loss you have on your trip. Not the maximum that covers you in the total duration of the trip. That is, if you have an accident and break your leg. The maximum accident coverage will cover the entire recovery process: medical tests, hospitalization, surgery if necessary, rehabilitation. Yes, once you have been discharged due to this problem. It happens to you Something else. Bad luck can be primed with you. The amount will start from zero to the maximum again. Be careful, we said that some work like because. We sot is one of those that do it. But not all of them. Check that the coverage is per claim and not for the full duration of travel insurance policy.


the Travel insurance policy

Depending on the country you are traveling to, this amount will be essential. Do not think that by going to a first world country you will not need to cover much. Unlike. In the US, for example, healthcare is completely private and expensive. Breaking an arm can mean a few thousand dollars of spending, so you better cover your insurance as much as possible.

In others of the third world, although you think that health will be cheap in comparison. We must bear in mind that the highest quality hospitals are almost luxury and, in many cases, only for tourists with prices for tourists.

Although it may seem a lot, for a good international travel insurance, a minimum of 100,000 dollars is a very appropriate amount. Always depending on the destination … one should not exaggerate either.


That you are discreet and that you do not go for unwise places does not free you from being robbed. We say that the first time we were robbed was in Girona where, according to everyone. They do not steal from anyone. We’ve returned twice, a bad experience does not mean.

The normal thing is that the jewels, the money in cash, the documentation or the computer equipment are not covered by the insurances of trip . Things like photo cameras only up to 50% of their value. In the best case – another reason for us to choose at the time. But less gives a stone and does more damage. When the camera was stolen, which was in Argentina. We have to say that we bought the new one with the money that had paid us as compensation for the theft. In these cases, speed is an added advantage.

If in your luggage you carry an electronic or computer equipment that is very valuable. It may be worthwhile to hire an additional specific insurance to protect it. Another option is the backpacker insurance that covers up to 50% of the value of electronic, And photographic equipment, jewelry and watches or other valuables, up to a maximum amount of $ 1,500.


Theft is not the same as theft. While in the first there is, or may be, violence. The second is careless. Keep in mind that thefts are not covered by any travel insurance. So, do not leave your belongings unattended at any time.


top Travel insurance policy

Arriving in a country where it is cold, from yours in the middle of summer. And that the one that does not arrive is your suitcase with all the warm clothes, can suppose a serious problem. In reality, that your luggage does not arrive is always a problem. Although sometimes it is less expensive. Knowing that part of the money you will spend to buy what you need covers your travel insurance always helps.


Do not forget that, even if you have a travel insurance that covers problems that may arise with luggage. You have the right to claim the airline and receive two compensation.


discover Travel insurance policy

If something happens, nowhere like at home. The repatriation of the hospitalized insured or the corpse. What a bad feeling and his companion are covered by practically all travel insurance. Another thing is the expenses for a relative of the insured to go to the country where he is and accompany him while he is hospitalized.

Not to mention the derivatives of the end of the trip ahead of time if a relative who stayed at home needs to be hospitalized or your home suffers a serious loss. Sorry, bad things can continue to happen in your home even if you are thousands of miles away.


Breaking something down the street or in a museum is something that we certainly do not intend to do. But you never know what can happen. Civil liability is a concept that only a lawyer could properly explain, so I’m not going to try it. Of course, better pay another if in the end it is your responsibility. The same in case you have an accident or end up needing a lawyer. For example, travel insurance can help cover your medical costs if you are injured in a motoring accident however it will more than likely not cover liability, for which you would need to find a las vegas auto accident attorney or similar depending on where you’re traveling to help you with any liability. Luckily it is, at least in our case, a travel insurance policy coverage that we have never had to use.


Even if you are not an adventurer and do not intend to jump off a bridge, descend ravines, do rafting. It is better to look at the insurance conditions. Depending on your destination, there will be trips where you do not get off that altitude or when you are sleeping. Twisting an ankle walking through the streets of Cuzco will run on your own unless you expand your travel insurance policy with an extra adventure.

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