The interesting town of Bedford.

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Situated in the East of England the town of Bedford is the capital of Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire is one of the oldest Kingdoms of Britain tracing its history back to the Angles. It was always a town and area highly sought after and fought over, as it has great access to water courses and is very fertile. Bedford is the resting place of the great King Offa of Mercia and the town was also the site of a great castle built by order of King Henry the first, although all that remains now is a mound.

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Bedford takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon Chief Beda. The reason it was chosen is that it is a perfect spot next to the river Ouse. The town has always been the subject of conflict and debate. It was on the border of the Kingdom of Wessex and the Danelaw, an agreed part of Britain that was controlled by the Danish invaders. In 899 King Edward the Elder built a fortress to try and maintain control but the Danes destroyed it.

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In the medieval period Wool became more important to the town as it became a hub for the many rural industrious around it. After the wool trade declined the town was able to remodel itself as an engineering centre. It was also famous for its brewing industry utilising the water from the Ouse. It is a fine town as anyone who has one of the wonderful Bedfordshire Park Homes will testify.

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