Top 5 best beaches of the island of Corfu- Greece 

island of Corfu
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The Greek island of Corfu (also known as Corfu) has the glory of one of the most “green” islands of the country. But, perhaps, its main highlight is the amazing beaches! The coastal line of Kerkyra is rather rugged, and if you travel along the coast on your own, literally behind every turn you can find another cozy bay with a secluded beach. Most beaches in Corfu have a convenient approach to the water, which is why tours to the island are often bought by families with children.

On the major beaches, you will find all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable rest. And those that are in the distance from the tourist centers, will enjoy the stunning nature and a smaller number of holidaymakers.

The best beaches are about the island of Corfu

The beauty of local landscapes cannot be described in words, as, indeed, choose the best beaches of Corfu, because each of them has its own unique flavor. But all the same, let’s try! Read more: Top 5 Beaches of La Digue

 Sidari Beach (Corfu, Greece)island of Corfu

The beach of Sidari is known not only as the most beautiful beach in Corfu, but also as one of the best in all of Greece! And all because here is the famous “Canal of Lovers”. The tourist area of Sidari has located 35 km from the city of Corfu (the capital of the island). Its wide sandy coastline is rugged by a large number of bays. “The channel of lovers” is famous for its high sandy capes, and with it is connected the legend of two lovers who once decided together to swim the entire canal to never part. Naturally, today these rituals are repeated every year by thousands of happy couples. If after the water procedures you want to rest and gain strength – in Sidari you can find everything you need. Read more: The best places in Kiev for rest with children

Right next to the coast are open dozens of cafes and taverns with delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Sidari is also known as one of the most “tusovochnyh” beaches – in the evening’s local clubs are filled with youth and tourists.

Paleokastritsa Beach (Corfu, Greece)island of Corfu

Paleokastritsa – another stunning corner of nature in Corfu, located in the homonymous village, 24 km from Corfu. In this place it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight – so picturesque landscape opens before your eyes! Similar not to the Greek, but rather to the Vietnamese or Thai coast, the beach of Paleokastritsa is surrounded by majestic, green rocks, at the foot of which the turquoise sea is washed by velvety soft sand. High cliffs protect the coast from the wind, so it’s nice to swim in any weather.

The beach of Paleokastritsa has about 20 natural bays, and only a small part of them can be reached by car. Many areas of land are accessible only for boats, so anyone who takes a boat or a motorboat can find a secluded corner of the shore. By the way, in Paleokastritsa, you can also do active rest – diving or snorkeling. You may also like

If your hotel is located at a distance from this resort, you can book a sightseeing tour of the island. In 8 hours you will see all the important places, including the coves and beaches of Paleokastritsa, and most importantly – the unique place of mixing of the Ionian and Adriatic seas.

Beach of Agios Gordios (Corfu, Greece)island of Corfu

The beach of Agios Gordios is located in a picturesque bay on the west coast of the island, 14 km from its capital. Here, between the overgrown cliffs, stretches for 1.5 km a delightful sandy beach, one of the most popular corners on the island. Directly behind the beach is an extensive tourist area with cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs, hotels and shops. The beach of Agios Gordios is known as an excellent place for water sports – all the necessary equipment can be rented here. Well, if you move away from the coast and take a walk in the surrounding area, you can admire the amazing olive groves and vineyards, for which Corfu was nicknamed the resort-garden. In the coastal zone is also a small church of Agios Gordios, which gave the name to the resort.

For those who rest on the island of Corfu attracted mostly beach-friendly beaches, Agios Gordios will be an ideal place for accommodation. The entrance to the sea here is gentle and suitable even for the smallest children, plus the water on the coast quickly heats up. Umbrellas and sun loungers are available at any time of the day. A successful location of the resort allows each evening to admire the magic sunset, sitting at a table in one of the coastal taverns.

Barbati Beach (Corfu, Greece)island of Corfu

Beach Barbati has located 16 km from the city of Corfu, in the north-east of the island. Its peculiarity is that the coastal strip is stretched right at the foot of the highest mountain Pandokrator on the island, on the slopes of which there are many unique Mediterranean plants. The water on the beach is crystal clear (this place is marked by the “Blue Flag”) and is saturated with iodine, so rest on the island of Corfu can also have a curative effect! The coastal strip on Barbati is strewn with small pebbles, in the central part of the beach you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

Rest here is preferred not only by tourists but also by the inhabitants of the capital of the island of Corfu, as it is the closest to the city clean beach. There is something to do for families with young children, and fans of active sports (boats and catamarans are waiting for everyone to rent). But for those who prefer a more secluded rest, it will be enough to move away from the center of the resort zone – to the coastal rocks, where you can dive with a tube and mask, simultaneously viewing the unique underwater life of the Ionian Sea.

Halik Beach (Corfu, Greece)island of Corfu

The beach of Halikun is a long sandy strip between the sea and the Korission lake. Lake Korission is noteworthy because the water in it is salty, and on its coast there live more than 100 species of birds! This deserted beach is sure to appeal to romantics and lovers because it offers stunning views of the sea and the nearest points of the island. Infrastructure in Khalikun is very modest – sun loungers and umbrellas can be seen only occasionally, but while strolling along the shore, you will find many locations for impressive photos! By the way, it is desirable to grab the snack and water for a walk with you – a cafe on the shore, unfortunately, no.

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