Monteriggioni: There are endless reasons to visit!

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Monteriggioni is one of the most fascinating villages in Tuscany. Seen from above it must not be very different from what it appeared in the Middle Ages: solitary on a hill and completely surrounded by walls. The circular shape of the walls was built following the equally circular one of the hill overlooking it.

Monteriggioni began as a fortification around the beginning of the 1200s to protect the nearby Colle Val d’Elsa thanks to the wide view of the surrounding hills and the Via Cassia.

The walls had 14 watchtowers and two gates to the fortress, one called Porta Romea, or Franca, which faces Rome and the other Porta Fiorentina, which faces Florence. The structure of the country has remained intact over the centuries as if time had not passed here. The only changes concern three of the fourteen towers that were lowered to the level of the walls.

How To Visit Monteriggioni?

At the base of the Monteriggioni hill, there is a parking lot where you can easily leave the car to continue on foot. The village is very small and turns pleasantly on foot.

All periods of the year are good for visiting Monteriggioni. If you are passionate about the Middle Ages and historical revisitations, you should definitely not miss the medieval festival at the beginning of June. During the Medieval Monteriggioni the village is transformed. The knights invade the streets together with artisans, jugglers and storytellers and inhabitants in medieval costumes. The taverns serve the food and wine of that period in an experience of historical and gastronomic experimentation. In the castle, you can also exchange euros for medieval coins to buy just as you used to.

What To See In Monteriggioni?

Entering Monteriggioni from Porta Romea or Porta Firenze head towards the large central square. During the Middle Ages it was a vegetable garden cultivated by the inhabitants and a very important resource in the event of a siege. Today it is not difficult to imagine how it must have been then.

Monteriggioni is a very small village and it turns in a few minutes. But after having visited it, it’s nice to breathe the atmosphere and the magic by living it a little. There are taverns, bars and artisan shops. Despite visiting about 70,000 tourists a year, it maintains its authentic and relaxed atmosphere.

Monteriggioni has been famous for its proverbial beauty for centuries and to make it famous in the beginning it was …

Walls of Monteriggioni

The walls of Monteriggioni, 570 meters long, are the best preserved example of medieval fortification in the world. The mighty fortification, wanted by the Sienese to defend the territory from the Florentines, was never conquered, if not in 1500 when a Sienese garrison secretly agreed with the Florentines by opening the doors of the fortress to the invaders.

Walk on the walls

The walkway on the walls is open to the public and allows you to admire a wonderful view of the surrounding hills. Access is from Piazza Roma and a ticket of 1.50 is paid. Times vary depending on the time of year.

Armor Museum

In Monteriggioni there could be no museum other than this one. The Armor Museum has an entrance fee of 3 euros, 3.50 if you pay the cumulative ticket to visit the museum and the walkway along the walls.

Piazza Roma

Piazza Roma is the main square of the town, on which overlooks the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, a small church in Gothic style, which preserves two precious tabernacles of the fifteenth century.

Via Francigena

The Via Francigena that reaches Rome from Aosta passes through Monteriggioni and other beautiful stops in the province of Siena. Visiting Monteriggioni on foot or by bike along the Via Francigena is one of the best ways to do it.

Surroundings Of Monteriggioni

In the surroundings of Monteriggioni there are some of the most beautiful places to see in Tuscany …

  • Siena
  • Bagno Vignoni
  • Saint Gimignano
  • Montalcino
  • Montepulciano
  • San Galgano
  • San Casciano dei Bagni

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