5 tips for saving on a honeymoon abroad!

saving on a honeymoon abroad
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If you are visited by the idea of organizing your honeymoon abroad, the wedding organizers have prepared for you a few tips and recommendations. In this article, we have focused on those organizational nuances that will not only help you save money during the honeymoon, but also make it unforgettable.

Previous booking for saving on a honeymoon abroad

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“Think in advance about the direction, the country, as well as the season. It will be bad enough if arriving at the Maldives, you will have all day to sit in the room due to the fact that the rainy season will be “, –  says wedding Alexander Kutuzov. Read more: 8 unique places to visit the traveler!

Unexpected solution

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And what if you choose a country that you know practically nothing about, but which in the future will pleasantly surprise you? How many of your friends were in New Zealand? And this, by the way, is a country with a beautiful infrastructure that will become for you an unexpected, but a wonderful discovery. The climate of New Zealand varies from warm subtropical in the north of the North Island to a cool moderate in the south and in the central regions of the South Island; in mountainous areas, the severe Alpine climate prevails. The chain of the high Southern Alps divides the country in half and, blocking the way to preferential western winds, divides it into two different climatic zones. The west coast of the South Island is the wettest part of the country; The eastern part, located just 100 kilometers from it, is the driest. Read more: Tourism in West Africa

Promotions and discounts

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The representative of the wedding agency  Mas Valet  Maria Slake recommends first to decide what exactly you want. “If you dream of a beautiful ceremony on the shore of the ocean and a quiet romantic rest, then under the given conditions you better consider such countries as Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Mauritius. But, if you are attracted to beautiful castles, villas, picturesque gardens and you like active recreation, then, in this case, it is better to choose one of the European countries. ” Also it is worth remembering that with an early booking the price can be significantly lower, also, it is possible to find “burning” tours.

Profitable proposition

According to statistics, most weddings take place in the summer, therefore, the newlyweds go on a honeymoon abroad in the warm season. And what if you move the honeymoon for the winter season? There is nothing wrong with traveling on a honeymoon with a short break, in this case, there are advantages: first, the most obvious is saving, and secondly, you will have much more time to think about the route and all tourist nuances.

Travel off-season

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Also, the representative of the  wedding agency  Marry Me emphasizes that “the majority of couples planning a wedding in late October, most often make their choice not in favor of Europe, as in the autumn in many European countries there is a sharp cooling, and photo shoots on the street in beautiful dresses will be problematic. ” If you are not afraid of the rainy weather, then you can safely choose this direction, since tourists will not be much less during the season, and prices in hotels are more affordable.

“Do not be afraid to come up with your honeymoon abroad format. It’s your time, and therefore you need to organize it so that you smile, remembering this period!

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