Tourism in West Africa

tourism in West Africa
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Tourism in West Africa– The main thing is what the North and South Africa are losing, shaken by political cataclysms, to the West of the continent – by the fact that the West of Africa is surprisingly quiet and calm. It would seem, what is there to get distracted by? Yes, at least to Senegal. This republic, still ranked among the poorest countries in the world, nevertheless, is among the first ten most dynamically developing countries.

And if the majority of the non-natural territories of the African continent are making a bet on tourism in West Africa today, Senegal’s economic policy can not but attract the attention of a businessman who is interested in business in West Africa.

The political stability of Senegal is its main trump, which distinguishes the republic from the constantly shaken by revolutions and coups of neighbors. In addition, the government of Mali Calla, the incumbent president, last year launched a broad-based reform, the main goal of which is to simplify the regulation of business as soon as possible.

The market of Senegal is gluttonous and omnivorous, this is West Africa. It offers excellent prospects for both international trade and opening up local businesses of any direction. All the main processes related to the administrative design and further conduct of business are fully translated into the online mode.

Tourism in West Africa online business from scratch

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Without getting up from the table, you can create your business in Senegal “from scratch.” The State Service of Senegal “PIX” will register your enterprise. All stages of registration are conducted through the Internet, in addition, the entrepreneur is provided with full information about all the necessary documents. That is if you started registering your own company in the morning, after lunch you will arrive for the finished documents already as the owner of a registered and working business. Read more: Countries Traveling with Children

If such a cardinal decision, like investing in a business in a faraway African country, frightens you, then undoubtedly, you will be interested in Senegalese innovations in international trade. The price for the transportation of containers in the port of Dakar has decreased by a quarter, the maximum time for registration of import-export transactions is now nine days. At the same time, neither you nor your representative is again obliged to spend time listening to officials – the entire procedure is formalized by the electronic platform “ORBS”, which itself composes and analyzes the documents of customs clearance and sends them to the appropriate state bodies. This computer system was awarded the UN prize in the year before last. Read more: 5 PLACES THAT CAN DISAPPEAR SOON

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Very attractive, in terms of investment, and a simplified scheme of connection to electricity, water, sewage and telephone line. All payments are made online, and if your company produces export goods, the tax benefits will not exceed 15 percent instead of the standard 30.

African countries are invariably among the fastest growing economies in the world, so it’s time to dismiss the generally accepted view that tourism in West Africa- the main state-forming business of African countries. There are opportunities, they are innumerable, use them.

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