Top 5 Countries for Traveling Alone

traveling alone
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Dear Tourists, good news! Now you do not need to look for a company for traveling, to compromise with your loved one because of the mismatch in the vacation schedule and torn between wanting to walk through the best shows or sitting all night in a pub, quarrel with a girlfriend who does not share your passion for photography and spontaneous outings. A list of the best countries for traveling alone is made!

Experts from the consulting company BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania presented a list of the countries most coveted for travelers. Read more: Best hotels with a water park in Crete, Greece

The rating was compiled on the basis of several criteria – the cultural component of recreation, the friendliness of local, entertainment, climate, security, picturesqueness, and uniqueness. In total, experts interviewed 16 thousand people around the world.

Traveling Alone in Spaintraveling alone

According to the researchers, Spain was the best country for single trips. Interviewed tourists noted the rich culture, the diversity of nature and the cuisine of the country. “When it comes to solo tourism, many people consider Spain to be the best choice. read more: Top 5 Beaches of La Digue

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“You do not need a partner to walk to the Alhambra late at night. Flamenco can be enjoyed at the table for one person. And tapas has the same taste if you eat it alone, “the report says.

Italytraveling alone

In second place in Italy, which scored the highest scores for cultural and social heritage.

Australiatraveling alone

Australia was in third place. Together with Italy, she received the highest marks for the hospitality of the population.

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New Zealandtraveling alone

On the 4th place New Zealand, which received the maximum 10 points for the beauty of landscapes. The respondents also noted the uniqueness of the country and the proximity of the sea coast.

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traveling alone

Closes the top five Brazil. The country received 10 points for the richness of the cultural life, 9 points for the climate, 8 for the picturesqueness and friendliness of the local residents.

Experts note that the respondents did not attach importance to the situation in the economy: thus, experiencing economic difficulties, Greece and Portugal have outperformed the ranking of more successful countries.

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