Top 10 places for an inexpensive and unforgettable honeymoon

unforgettable honeymoon
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Today, the tourism industry offers a wide range of different offers for unforgettable honeymooners in any part of the globe and with a set of the most unexpected services. As they say, any whim for your… And what if after the wedding celebration the budget has suffered a little, and I want to rest. But these circumstances are not a hindrance for a wedding weekend.

TOP 10 places for an unforgettable honeymoonunforgettable honeymoon

#1. The most popular destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon trip have always been considered foreign. Most often the newlyweds are chosen by the Maldives, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Maldives, Rome, Paris, spend a  honeymoon on the island. Read more: Top 5 Countries for Traveling Alone

Excellent savings can be if you find a burning tour at an attractive price. The main thing is not to be afraid to risk and wait for the offer.

#2. If there is no burning offer or the price does not suit, then you can organize your own vacation without the services of a travel agency: book a hotel and tickets for airplanes. It will come out at times cheaper.unforgettable honeymoon

#3. You can also go on tour, where the rest is more budget. Say, choose the Philippines or Tunisia instead of the Maldives or Paris.

#4. Unforgettable holidays will be presented to the resorts of Krasnodar Region. Hotels of the coast today offer a variety of recreation, from premium to economy. Read more: 5 BEST IDEAS FOR A ROMANTIC DATE

#5. Many interesting excursion routes can be visited in the Crimea. Currently, the peninsula is rapidly developing, and every holidaymaker will certainly find something for spend a honeymoon in the Crimeaunforgettable honeymoon

#6. What about rest on the boat? Just the idea of whether you can stay in a comfortable cabin without any eyes or be on the deck in the arms of a loved one, I admire the coastal landscapes, excites the heart.

how to spend a honeymoon in a tourist center7. Rest on the camp site. At the hostel you can not only celebrate the wedding celebration, but also spend the first days of family life.

The benefit now is the choice of both the price category and the level of comfort, they are quite large: there you have a swimming pool, a sauna, and restaurant complexes and much more. And you can relax there no worse than on the Black Sea coast or abroad.unforgettable honeymoon

#8. Go to an eco-tour. A more active alternative to the hostel can be an eco-tour, where the newlyweds will receive an excellent romance exclusively alone with nature. This direction of tourism is gaining popularity in Russia. During the trip, it is proposed to go not only along the tourist routes, but also stay for longer periods in tourist complexes and private boarding houses. Eco wedding on horseback

#9. Visit one of the cities of Russia? Why not. By the way, this trip can become much more informative than rest at the resort. To plunge into the cultural world of St. Petersburg, stroll through the renovated streets of Moscow, enrich your knowledge from traveling along the Golden Ring of Russia. There are many options for Russia.

#10. No matter how trite it may sound, but you can get an unforgettable vacation at your dacha. This option does not require any expenses.

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