11 tips for traveling alone

traveling alone
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Would you like to travel alone, but are you still undecided? Follow these useful tips. In recent years, traveling alone is spreading more and more.

Many people are attracted by the idea of trying, at least once in their life, the experience of spending time with themselves, far from their circle of friends and family. There are those who leave alone to discover new places, but also those who nurture the hope of making new acquaintances. Paradoxically, in fact, it is just traveling alone that you have the opportunity to expand your friendships and to establish relationships with the locals: if you start in a couple or in a group, this, however, happens more rarely.

The journey is a continuous inner growth, a series of experiences that makes us more aware: facing it alone makes it possible to live this moment in the round. However, if you are on your first trip alone, you may have some doubt or fear.

traveling alone

Below are some good tips to face this new experience with greater confidence and go out for a few days from your comfort zone …

1) Plan your trip well, but try to be flexible. What makes the difference compared to holidays in the company, it is precisely traveling in complete freedom and spontaneity. Avoid, therefore, to plan the trips well in advance and let yourself go more to the discovery of the place, also based on the advice of those who live there;

2) Avoid overly tourist destinations. Choosing an overly crowded destination could be a disappointment and you would not have the chance to meet the locals, if not the tourists like you. The beauty of traveling alone is precisely that of researching local traditions and completely immersing oneself;

3) Prepare a light suitcase. Just some garments, it is not necessary to overfill your luggage. Having to carry a large suitcase, even simply from the airport to the hotel is quite challenging. You would risk getting tired too much;

4) Try to learn some local language terms. It is not necessary to learn how to elaborate great speeches. Just a little ‘words: at least the most typical formulas of courtesy as “thank you”, “good morning”, “please”, should be included in your dictionary;

5) Talk to the locals, do not rely exclusively on tour guides. Getting lost at least once and relying on people’s information and advice cannot help but make the experience of traveling alone more exciting and adventurous;

6) Taste the local dishes. Some, not knowing exactly what can be in the food of certain places, do not go further and prefer to eat in tourist restaurants. However, learning to let yourself go even from this point of view can only make your holiday unique on your own. Venture into the street markets, try certain specialties and do not let yourself be influenced by the rumors of other tourists. Ask local people, as in point five, it is fundamental;

7) If you want to save money and want to know more about the locals, try couch surfing. It is, literally, to do “surfing on the sofas” and this, for those traveling alone, is a truly unique experience, as it allows, in addition to not spending a euro, also to know more closely people and habits local. This is definitely one of the best and most trendy ways to travel alone;

8) Download applications that can serve you. There are many, from those for instant translations to those in which you will find the emergency numbers. Just take a look at the stores of Android and iOS and choose the most appropriate;

9) Get insurance. Even if you have great security in everything, it is always useful to get insured. The unforeseen events always catch unprepared, starting from the company that goes bankrupt, to possible accidents on the holiday place;

10) Duplicate the documents and get a local sim. For greater security, it would be useful to have multiple copies of documents, send them via e-mail to their friends or relatives and send them to themselves. It is also advisable to buy a sim of the local telephone company, so you have internet available at any time or you can use maps, such as Google, to find your way home;

11) Although the journey alone is a time to disconnect from everything and everyone, it is very useful to keep in touch with your friends and relatives by updating them your movements, always for the factor of safety.

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