11 Wonderful Christmas Trips To Travel with Children

Christmas Trips
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Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are already thinking about decoration, shopping or leisure activities to do with the kids at this time. One of the plans chosen by more and more people is to take a family to the Christmas trips outside the country, to learn how they celebrate Christmas in other parts of the world.

If it is your case and you are in full search of destinations, we propose you these 11 wonderful Christmas trips to travel with children that you will never forget.

Disneyland Paris: The magic of Christmas comes to life

Christmas Trips

If already traveling to Disneyland Paris is a dream come true for many children, doing so at Christmas will be much more. The magic and festive atmosphere floods all the streets of the park with its Christmas decoration, its horseback riding and its nightly shows. If you are staying at a Disney resort hotel, remember to request a suite decorated especially for these parties.

And your Christmas trips will be complete if you also take advantage of it to go around Paris, just half an hour by car from the park. The French capital dresses up to celebrate Christmas; from its mythical Eiffel Tower, to the windows of the traditional Galeries Lafayette or the Champs Elysees, where you can also enjoy its traditional Christmas market.

Zurich: Board the train of Santa Claus

Christmas Trips

The Swiss city of Zurich is a wonderful destination for Christmas trips to travel with children, because here the youngest have many possibilities for fun.

Christmas carols sung on a giant Christmas tree (Singing Christmas Tree), ice rinks and street markets are the main hallmarks of the city at this time of year. But we cannot forget chocolate and Swiss cheese, two typical delicacies that can be found in the traditional wooden stalls of the markets.

Zurich also has a railroad called Marlitram, which takes a big role at Christmas because on board travels the very Santa Claus, responsible for entertaining the trip of the little ones. Another great attraction for children is to visit the city of Elves (Elfendorfli), where they can go into their cabins to play.

Rome: The eternal city is adorned at Christmas

Christmas Trips

The so-called “eternal city” is one of the mandatory destinations at Christmas trips at least once in a lifetime, because if there is a place where this religious festival is lived with intensity and devotion, it is in Rome.

There we can visit with the children the Plaza de San Pedro, in the Vatican, and admire its impressive Christmas tree and its portal of Bethlehem (although really, the nativity scenes are something that we can find in the multiple squares of the city).

In Piazza Navona we can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere walking through its amazing market, with more than a century old, or having fun with the kids in the carousels, attractions and artisan toy stalls.

Vienna: An incredible Christmas card

Christmas Trips

In Vienna we can find a dozen picturesque markets to visit with the children, although one of the most famous and emblematic is the market of the Child Jesus (Christkindlmarkt), located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and more than seven centuries old. This market houses a giant Christmas tree and more than 140 wooden huts where we will find, from decorative items, to typical food of the area.

The snow, the attractions, the emblematic and majestic decorated buildings and the colored lights, put the perfect brooch to a fairy tale decoration.

Berlin: The city of the Christmas markets

Christmas Trips

Germany is the paradise par excellence of the Christmas markets, and specifically in Berlin we can get to find more than fifty. Among all of them, the one of Gendarmenplatz is surely the one that monopolizes the biggest attention of the children, because there they will be able to see Santa Claus or buy precious handmade toys.

After visiting the markets, we offer you to rent skates and enjoy the experience of ice skating on the Potsdamer Platz, where you can also sled through a huge ice slide.

Enjoy a walk through picturesque illuminated streets, taste typical Christmas sweets, or photograph ourselves in front of the immense Christmas tree of the Brandenburg Gate, are other of the multiple family plans that we can make in this city.

Amsterdam: Amazing shows of light and ice

Christmas Trips

If you have the opportunity for Christmas trips to travel with your kids to Amsterdam, do not think twice, as well as visiting one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, you can enjoy the many Christmas activities organized by the city each year.

Among its many plans are skating on ice, surfing the canals, getting lost in its huge Christmas markets, or enjoying both on foot and by boat the impressive Festival de la Luz, which fills the city with color and interactive projections.

And just over an hour from Amsterdam you have the city of Zwolle, where every year the Dutch Festival of Ice Sculptures is celebrated. In this event, which will last from December 15 to March 3, 2019, ice, light, sound and special effects are mixed to achieve an almost magical effect on the sculpted images. Children will be fascinated!

London: The perfect Christmas getaway

Christmas Trips

The Christmas trips atmosphere in London starts at the beginning of November and lasts until January 5, so we still have a lot of time to plan our family getaway to this wonderful city.

Among the many plans to do with children if we travel to London, is to witness the lighting of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree (which will take place on December 6), visit the Winter Wonderland site in Hyde Park (with Christmas markets), attractions, circus, ice rinks and Santa Land park where you’ll find Santa’s cabin), or get lost in the immense and fun Hamleys toy store.

Must visit if you go to the city and are fans of the Harry Potter universe, are the studios of Warner Bros, where you can know all the secrets of the famous saga, contemplate the sets, costumes and objects that have been used in movies.

Copenhagen: Magic, romanticism and Christmas flavor

Christmas Trips

As with Vienna, strolling through the city of Copenhagen at Christmas is like entering a fantastical fairy tale, with flavors of gingerbread cookies and cinnamon buns, two of the typical Danish sweets.

Among our tourist destinations when walking through the city should not miss the visit to the Tivoli Gardens. There we will enjoy a spectacular Christmas market, a large lake turned into a skating rink, and the attractions of the oldest park in Europe. Also in Tivoli we can enjoy our children watching the traditional ballet of the Nutcracker, an unforgettable show that will put the perfect finishing touch to our trip.

Rovaniemi: Where Santa lives

Christmas Trips

The small town of Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland, is the most fascinating Christmas trips any child can take, since Santa Claus lives in this place. There, the kids will be able to visit this endearing personage and deliver their cards in hand, ride in sleighs pulled by reindeer, enjoy the Santa Park theme park or sleep in cabins after watching the aurora borealis show that nature gives us.

Undoubtedly a unique destination that will remain forever engraved in the hearts of the little ones.

New York: To live a movie Christmas

Christmas Trips

And if we want to live a Christmas trips as film there is nothing better than traveling to New York, where its streets, squares and stages will be immensely known thanks to the film industry.

Contemplating the huge Christmas tree next to the ice rink of the Rockfeller Center, is one of the obligatory stops in the city, although not the only one. Visiting the spectacular Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s or Tiffany’s stores, admiring the Christmas decorations of the houses in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, or visiting the Christmas markets are some of the city’s traditions at this time of year.

Bahamas Islands: Where Carnival and Christmas come together

Christmas Trips

But if you are looking for an exotic destination, different and where you can also enjoy the sun, high temperatures and bathing in the sea, then we recommend you travel to the Bahamas, where the celebration of the Christmas season will not leave you indifferent.

There, Christmas is mixed with the Carnival, and the lights, the costumes, the colors, the compress and the many festive shades, flood the streets of the islands. The kids will enjoy the Christmas carols, sweet canes and the typical Christmas gift exchange. But they will also be amazed by the parade of floats, costumes with colorful feathers and dances to the rhythm of cowbells, drums and whistles.

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