My 5 reasons to travel United States

travel United States
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The United States is immense. That is not a novelty and everybody knows it, but what it costs us to assimilate is sometimes where to go with so much interesting destination in the northern country and what to value to opt for one or the other city.

I’m not sure if it’s due to cultural influence through film and television or if we’re only attracted to everything we hear from him, but traveling to the United States seems to always be a magnet.

There is a kind of force in that country that draws us to the point of knowing, with a certain precision, what is in each of its most important states.

The drawback appears when the number of options is higher than our time, our money or our patience to take a trip. This usually happens with all the big countries like Brazil, Argentina, etc.

That’s why today I wanted to talk about the most interesting destinations to travel to the United States and that can be useful both on a first trip and in a second when you already have a little more knowledge of the place.

I will not talk here with an exhaustive detail, nor will I go deep with cities and states counting point by point each of the places you have to see. No, this post is about telling you why I think you should visit those places.

So let’s go to it.

New York, always active

travel United States

If someone were to face you right now and tell you “New York,” I am sure that at least five iconic sites in the city come to mind. And this is because you saw this city even in the soup, or in dozens of series and movies.

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Yankees Stadium, the yellow taxis, the Brooklyn Bridge, the skyscrapers, the hectic city … could go on with an almost endless list.

When you travel to New York you feel like you are traveling to a movie. Everything looks familiar, everything is as you had imagined, but much more real.

If you are going to make your first trip to the United States, it may be a good alternative to start with the Big Apple because everything there will be representative of the first image of the country.

Los Angeles, another world

travel United States

The image that comes to me when I think of Los Angeles is a place where it is always summer. This is not true but it is a good way to start thinking about this location.

There are many things that you can do including renting a Yacht from Onboat to sail around the Pacific Ocean on. I just love it when travel itself is the activity! I mean, imagine renting a car in Los Angeles and touring the coast whilst the sun goes down – sounds dreamy!

But there is so much more than that. If you are one of the people who like to drive and rent a vehicle in the city, then you can drive to Las Vegas. It is not a short trip since it can take you more than 4 hours, but the landscape and the destination are well worth it!

Going for a swim in Malibu, touring the houses of famous actors or visiting Universal Studios to see everything about your favorite movies are other great options of activities to do.

Buffalo, the least tourist

travel United States

A while ago I was in Buffalo, a small city in the state of New York with a picture so poor and depressing that it attracted me in an almost silly way.

Bathed by Lake Erie and one step from Canada, this city is an almost obligatory step for those who go by land to see the Niagara Falls. But in Buffalo nobody stays, nobody sleeps, nobody consumes and nobody is interested.

Americans have a reputation for making a stone a business and selling anything. Niagara Falls are no exception and around you have set up hotels, restaurants and resorts that do not need to go to Buffalo at all.

This is, in fact, an attraction for the traveler who is looking for something different, the least touristy and very authentic place in the United States.

If you are going to travel to Buffalo you must be prepared not to see great monuments or impressive attractions. You will run into some museums without great luxuries, a zoo, a naval park and little else.

If you go to Buffalo is to get on an urban bus and explore its neighborhoods. See their faded houses, their lonely streets, their people and that image that nobody shows you from the United States.

Washington, the center of politics

travel United States

In a desperate voice, Forest screams “Jenny” and goes running into the immense pool in front of the Capitol. Jenny responds and goes in without knowing that years later she (Robin Wright) would be President Underwood in that same city.

Those images, those moments and those memories of cinema and television are what come to your mind when you walk through the streets of Washington. Later he will appear in our memory on August 63 with Martin Luther King giving his famous speech or the crowd acclaiming Obama like never before with a president.

You can travel to Washington from New York and return in the day to live each of these moments, to remember what you learned in school or what you saw on television and in the movies.

What I think you cannot stop doing is visiting this impressive city of wide streets, mammoth buildings and symbols of the democratic history of a country.

The blues live in the south

travel United States

Ma Rainey was, perhaps, my first connection to the blues. I had already met others like Etta James, Muddy Waters or BB King, but nobody impressed me as much as Ma.

She, at age thirteen, made me connect with the image of the cotton fields of Georgia and Alabama. It caused my imagination to fly and make me sit next to it with a guitar in hand and think about how it had been to move from slavery to racial discrimination, finding in music the only way to escape.

Today I think his native Georgia with Alabama and Mississippi embody that image of the purest blues , African-American history and a United States that is seen in movies or heard in old music but is not so touristy for the international traveler.

To travel to the South of the United States is to meet history, to embrace the blues, to feel the black and deep soul, to trip over Charley Patton; Robert Johnson; Bessie Smith and so many others that there is neither space nor time to cover them.

I could go on. Of course I could continue touring states, characters and reasons for visiting the United States, but at some point I have to stop and let each one rummage through his memory, in his childhood and in his life experience because he would travel to the northern country.

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