The 7 best places to visit in Iceland

visit in Iceland
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Unlike other countries, what you have to see in Iceland does not focus so much on cities, cathedrals or museums. This small country in the north of the world is so natural and so unique that the recommended sites are related to nature, mostly. Of course, there can be other attractions within nature, such as these Iceland runes that can be scattered about throughout the country. These runes can hold a lot of history and significance to the locals, meaning they are also heavily visited by tourists too. So, today I show you what are, for me, the best places to visit in Iceland.

Iceland is an island located on the borders of America and Europe, that is, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This island despite being on the edge of the world, is one of the most desired tourist sites to visit by thousands of travelers.

Among the reasons to visit Iceland is the fact that it is possible to appreciate an unrivaled nature, a combination of solitude and harmony, of calm and passion. In other words, it is a place where only peace exists. If you want to know some places to visit in Iceland, here are some tips.

You must bear in mind that Iceland is not for any tourist. We will mention some tours that you should explore and discover for yourself, but of course with the help of other tourists. In this island you can enjoy a pure air, free of pollution and with many climatic changes.

What to do, where to go, places to visit in Iceland there are many. But we have compiled a list of 7 of the best places to discover the burning heart and the ice-covered soul of this beautiful island. So that in a week you can travel to Iceland in its majority.

Note that the list will not be listed obeying any order, so you can take the tour as you prefer. Of course, try to visit them all since the truth deserves it and surely you will enjoy it.

7 Best places to visit in Iceland

1. Reynisfjara Beach

visit in Iceland

180 km southeast of Reykjavik Reynisfjara is located. This is a black sand beach surrounded by hexagonal basalt columns of the mountain and roaring waves.

There are three titanic rocks that are haunted by the storms of the North Atlantic. The legend says, they are petrified remains of careless trolls that were hit by sunlight.

Near this point, is Dyrhólaey, a pillar of great size formed of dark lava that arches 120 meters towards the sea? This pillar forms a peninsula from where travelers can appreciate the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and visualize the entire south coast of Iceland.

If Reynisfjara Beach is among your selection of places to visit in Iceland, you will like to know that regular visits are offered in the city of Vik. On the other hand, if you plan to travel just be very careful, as the sea is very dangerous due to the cold water temperatures. Swimming is completely forbidden, and it is best to be 30 meters away from the waves at all times.

2. Geothermal area of Lake Mývatn

visit in Iceland

This site is located 90 km east of Akureyri. It is one of the largest lakes on the island and was formed by a volcanic eruption 2,300 years ago. The area is still active volcanically, since Krafla volcano is very close to the place, but in addition to this its last eruption was in 1984.

In the lake you can see many birds. In addition, its surroundings boast many unique natural wonders in Iceland.

Iceland is a place full of mystical legends that you will not know anywhere else.

The unique and unusual lava formations make up the mystical Dimmuborgir or Dark Cities. The legend says that it was in this place that Satan fell after being thrown out of heaven, and then banned by the local light elves who made their Catacombs of Hell their own capital city.

It is likely that you will encounter cracks and caves filled with water that escalate naturally in the surrounding lava fields. In these places you can bathe without problems. But you must be careful, since earthquakes have caused some natural baths to be too hot and dangerous.

If you want to make an excursion to the Krafla volcano you can do it from Mývatn. On this tour you can marvel at fantastic attractions. One of them is Dettifoss, considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

3. Thingvellir National Park

visit in Iceland

This national park is located southwest of Iceland, is part of the Golden Circle or Golden Circle and is 45 minutes from Reykjavik. This is a place with great historical, cultural and of course geological significance.

The reason why you should include this place in one of your places to visit in Iceland is that it is a valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

It is said that the Silfra Fault has the most crystalline and pure waters in the world, but that it is also the best kept secret in Iceland.

It is also the home of the largest natural lake in Iceland, which is Thingvallavatn and the Silfra Fault, a place to dive. And it is located specifically in the upper part of the gap that divides America from Europe.

4. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

visit in Iceland

This reserve was populated until the first decades of the 20th century. The northernmost part of the Western Friodos of Iceland is called Hornstrandir. It is a large cliff that reaches its peak at a height of 534 m above sea level. In addition, it is the habitat of one of the largest seabird colonies in the world.

Due to general poverty, geological isolation and lack of technology, communications with the outside world were almost impossible. So the old inhabitants left the place.

The farms and villages were evacuated, so today the area is visited by travelers wanting to enjoy the scenery and solitude of place. How to get? It is very easy, you can do it on ferries from Ísafjördur and the district of Strandir.

5. The blue lagoon

visit in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa of sea water, and is also believed to have natural healing powers. This water is rich in silica and minerals, so it works very well to cure all types of eczema and skin-related problems such as psoriasis. In fact, Laguna Azul has a specialized clinic for the treatment of the skin.

But not only that, you can also take luxury spa treatments or dine at the Lava restaurant located on the lagoon. The experience of the Blue Lagoon is unparalleled. Its water is milky blue and is surrounded by lava. Making this place mysterious and above all charming.

Because the landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula is rough and rocky, many visitors compare it to the moon.

For years, this has been one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. It is located on the Reykjanes peninsula, near Keflavik International Airport and you can get there from the capital in 40 minutes by car.

6. The Hekla Volcano

visit in Iceland

It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and rises 1500 meters south of the Icelandic sky. His first documented eruption was in 1104, since that time there have been between 20 and 30 eruptions of great importance.

By staying active for most of a decade, medieval legend says that the gates of hell are located at its center.

Hekla and the landscapes he has caused with his eruptions have served as inspiration for many artists and filmmakers. An example of this is the director Ridley Scott, who filmed part of Prometheus in this place.

7. Hüsey east of Iceland

visit in Iceland

This place is located between two glacial rivers and is surrounded by the eastern mountains. If you want to make a real excursion Húsey is the best place, since you can describe more than 175 different species of plants growing in the place. Being also the perfect place for the nesting of the 30 species of birds that arrive in each spring.

It does not matter when you visit in Iceland. But keep in mind that if you decide to do it in the middle of summer, you can ride horses and pass by the grazing reindeer. Also magnify yourself with the beautiful obsidian sand on the banks of the river, where hundreds of seals laze in the midnight sun.

If you decide to dismount where the two rivers cross to the sea, you will see how the sky turns crimson red.

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