7 Natural Attractions To See In Sicily

Natural Attractions
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One of the most popular Italian destinations (and not only) during the summer is certainly the wonderful Sicily. The best ways to reach this island are essentially 2: either by plane or by ferry.

The plane is certainly the fastest way to get to the major Sicilian cities, but if you prefer to enjoy the natural attractions, or simply want to be autonomous with your car then the ferry is the solution for you.

But since there are many possibilities to reach Sicily by ferry, our advice is to compare the cost of the ferry to Sicily so as to have the clearest ideas at the time of booking.

Once arrived in Sicily, however, there are not only the splendid cities to admire, but also various unique and exciting natural attractions.

Today, in fact, we talk about the 7 natural attractions not to be missed in Sicily

1 – Etna

Natural Attractions

If we talk about Sicily, the association with Etna is almost automatic.

Etna is, after all, the most impressive and tallest volcano in Europe, with its 3323 meters, and to better appreciate it, it is worthwhile to book one of the many excursions that start at altitudes of 1800 and 1900 meters. In this way you can observe the crater of Etna closely and remain open-mouthed.

2 – Lakes of Cavagrande of the Cassibile

Natural Attractions

Another great Sicilian natural beauty is represented by the lakes of Cavagrande del Cassibile, located inside the homonymous Natural Reserve, in the province of Syracuse.

These are ponds with blue and crystalline water, dotted with small waterfalls that make the landscape almost fairytale.

The paths to reach them are slightly inaccessible and long, but for lovers of hiking and trekking it is really good.

3 – Trapani Salt Pans

Natural Attractions

Even the famous salt pans of Trapani are among the 7 places not to be missed in Sicily. By parking the car, you can start a walk through the tanks.

Here you can admire snow-white piles of salt, deposited inside the salt pans, but also the historic windmills.

4 – Stromboli eruption

Natural Attractions

Etna is not the only volcano worthy of an excursion in Sicily. In fact, Stromboli is also present, located on the island of the same name.

The best show of all is obviously to admire the eruptions of the volcano that follow one another every hour. A spectacle nothing short of fantastic and unique, which can be observed both from land and sea.

5 – Favignana tuff quarries

Natural Attractions

Go to Favignana, a small island in Sicily, to enjoy the inimitable scenery of the tuff quarries.

Quarries that were once exploited every day to extract just the tuff, but which unfortunately have been abandoned over time due to the change in the market.

Today these tuff quarries have been partly recovered and almost transformed into botanical gardens, where luxuriant plants and vegetables grow among the various quarries. Impossible not to see this Sicilian “natural greenhouse”.

6 – Gole dell’Alcantara

Natural Attractions

Within the Alcantara River Park, located halfway between the provinces of Catania and Messina, there is another fabulous scenario, which is rightly part of the 7 natural places not to be missed in Sicily.

We are talking about the Alcantara gorges, gorges created by the lava flow derived from Etna and not by a stream, as is commonly imagined.

You can walk the path inside the gorges, only with special boots, and it is absolutely worth it. It is not every day that you wander among bizarre geological conformations and lush vegetation.

7 – Scala dei Turchi

Natural Attractions

Finally, among the 7 natural places not to be missed in Sicily, could not miss a symbolic beach of the island: Scala dei Turchi.

This famous beach is located 20 minutes from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and its biggest peculiarity is in the imposing white limestone cliff overlooking the beach, which seems to be formed by natural steps.

Add to this a turquoise-colored sea and the result is one of the most famous and well-known beaches on the island, especially at sunset, when a truly romantic atmosphere is created.

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