All about the Sphynx cat

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Cats are one of the most popular pets alongside dogs and although most people will find that their beloved feline friend is a standard moggy of no specific breed, there are some incredible pure breed cats and if you have a favourite why not ask for one of the many Cat Lap trays that you can find at for Christmas. One of the options for those looking for a more unusual animal or perhaps those who dislike pet fur hanging around all day is the Sphynx cat.

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The hairless cat was actually created by pure chance. A genetic anomaly meant that one of the females’ kittens was born hairless. The owner was so intrigued that she set about trying to breed these animals and thus more and more of them have appeared. They are named after the Egyptian Sphynx cat statutes that have become smooth to the touch following years and years of the effects of natural weather induced erosion.

Sphynx cats are classed as a medium breed and weigh anywhere between 6lbs – 12 lbs. They are attention loving cats and enjoy nothing more than being in the presence of their owners. They are very placid and love a good cuddle which is why there are increasingly being used as therapy cats both by individuals and organisations helping people with a variety of conditions. As well as enjoying some love and affection the Sphynx cats love nothing more than a bit of play and exploring. You will often find them batting a toy around the floor or climbing up your furniture and toys that hide treat are particular loved by this cat breed.

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They are also incredibly good with children and will spend a lot of time interacting with them and you may even find them cuddled up under your child’s duvet at night, keen to be near their loved one and also snuggled up nice and warm sharing their body heat.

In order to keep the cat’s skin nice and healthy it is important that you embark on a grooming regime much as you would do any other cat, just with a difference. Instead of brushing their fur (because they don’t have any) you should moisturise their skin with a fragrance-free lotion or oil and should also bath them once a week using a shampoo designed for their skin. Once you get them out of the bath wrap them up in a nice warm towel and watch them slowly doze off whilst purring with approval.

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