Babymoon destinations 2019: Why the Caribbean is the best destination

Baby moon destination
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Babymoon destinations– Surely if you are pregnant you have already heard all kinds of advice. And notices most unsolicited  from those who warn you that your life will change completely when the baby arrives. We are going to leave the maternal advice and we are going to focus on the traveler. Because if before so much premonitory advice you have decided that the best thing that can come is to give you a break. Before the baby is born, here we can help you. We tell you why the Caribbean is the best destination of 2019 for your babymoon (as well as it will be when in a while you pose the holidays with children ).

Babymoon destinations 2019: Travel to the Caribbean before the baby arrives

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For those who do not know the term babymoon it is a small honeymoon that couples take before their baby is born. Normally the trip arises in the second quarter and usually leads to nearby destinations. But we believe that to make a babymoon destinations, the Caribbean is offered as a destination to consider. Some women wonder if it is safe to travel by plane pregnant ; the vast majority of companies do not pose any problem. If the pregnancy is normal and is flown before week 28 or even before 32. It is important to identify yourself as a pregnant woman before the companies. That way you can count on help in case it is necessary and to embark before the rest of passengers.

Bearing this in mind, considering a babymoon consisting of a trip to the all-inclusive Caribbean is a great option to rest. And let everything be perfect without the slightest concern.

Travel to Cuba: Beaches and hotels with charm to relax and disconnect

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When you think about disconnecting from the world it is very simple that in our imagination the image of a beach with fine sand, crystalline waters and enviable temperature appears immediately. So if you are looking for a destination to travel pregnant for your babymoon destinations  2019 , there is nothing better than decanting through the Caribbean.

If you want to get closer to the Cuban rhythms so that the baby comes with the son under your arm, nothing better than Varadero. This coastal strip located 130 kilometers from Havana has some of the most idyllic beaches in the Caribbean. From the Barcelo Solymar, located on the beachfront, you can forget everything thanks to the pleasure of an all-inclusive resort while with the Occidental Arenas Blancas you will enjoy a coquettish hotel within a large resort. Do you encourage this trip to Cuba ?

Punta Cana 2019, between trips to the Dominican Republic, the ideal destination for romantic getaways

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If in addition to the dream beaches, you want to take advantage of a second honeymoon with your partner while. You enjoy the unique relaxation of the best spas in the Caribbean. Your ideal choice is the Barcelo Bavaro Palace. This hotel combines an enviable environment, B-room rooms with views. Most of them with a hot tub inside, 11 restaurants and a sublime spa.

And the last option we propose is the so-called Island of Happiness, in which to prepare for an unforgettable experience. Aruba has it all, endless beaches, a constant temperature that will make you forget the cold. A cultural heritage worthy of knowing and an offer of leisure that nothing has to forget to other Caribbean destinations.

And is that Aruba not only has beautiful beaches, but it has the third best in the world according to TripAdvisor Traveler 2019. The chosen one is called Eagle Beach, also known as Palm Beach Aruba.  And it is right where the Barcelo Aruba. From the hotel you can enjoy this wild sand, white sand and turquoise waters. And where the sky is always blue. What corresponds to a true babymoon destinations.

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