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BEACHES OF RHODES- “Sunny Rhodes, in singing verses I want your beaches …” No, this is not a quote from ancient poetry. But the speech itself is tuned to a magnificent hexameter: can it be in simple words to describe the coast of the island, which, according to myths, was created by the sun god Helios? From June to October on the beaches of Rhodes reclining hundreds of thousands of tourists enjoying the summer heat.

Fortunately, the beaches of the beaches of Rhodes stretch for 220 km, so there is enough space for everyone. Someone likes tiny bays far from the noise, and someone chooses a spacious and comfortable beach close to the hotels and entertainment. One likes the sandy beach and the other – pebbly. Someone is glad to be lazy to lie on the sand, while others are in love with active recreation. All this is in Rhodes: which beaches do you prefer? Our review is devoted to the best places for recreation with children – choose what you like.

Best beaches of Rhodes

top beaches of Rhodes

To start with – a fact: more than 400 beaches in Greece receive the “blue flag” every year for the cleanliness of the coast and the safety of recreation. Among them are the best beaches of the beaches of Rhodes. However, simply “good” beaches are usually as clean and comfortable, as well as deserved a high reward.

The coast of Rhodes is managed by the municipality, so the entrance to all beaches is free. But for using the infrastructure – umbrellas and sun loungers – you need to pay. Often, the beach landscaped hotels, creating a comfortable stay for their guests. Read more: Countries Traveling with Children

Note that the infrastructure of beaches on the beaches of Rhodes includes not only sun loungers and umbrellas. On the spacious stretches of the shore, there are often sports and children’s playgrounds, water activities are offered almost everywhere. Large beaches are equipped with showers and toilets. On all the beaches marked by the “blue flag”, the rescue and medical service work. Read more: Top 5 Best Beaches of Barbados

The beaches of the Mediterranean coast are better equipped – simply because it is there that most tourists come to Rhodes for a relaxing holiday. Windsurfers who prefer the coast of the Aegean Sea are least likely to care about sunbeds: they are interested in having surf stations and the possibility to rent professional equipment. And yet on the Aegean Sea, there are well-arranged beaches. You can comfortably sit on the beach to watch the brave conquerors of the waves.

Sand or pebbles

Best beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes is so hospitable to tourists that it offers beaches for every taste. On the Mediterranean coast, and alternates with pebbles – these are the most comfortable beaches for rest with children. The shore of the Aegean Sea is covered mainly by large pebbles, although there are also sandy areas. There are also stony beaches, unsuitable for rest, but serving as a spectacular backdrop for photo sessions.

In fact, to answer the question, where the best beaches of Rhodes, it is very difficult. The difficulty is that there are no perfect beaches on the island. Some are covered with soft sand and well equipped, but in high season are overcrowded. Others are picturesque and not crowded, but they are far from the places of rest. Still, others would be a wonderful place to relax with children, but they need to go down a rocky path. Fourth are all good, but the depth that starts at the shore prevents swimming with the baby. However, the disadvantages need to be considered, but do not concentrate on them: the dignity of the beaches play a more important role. In our review, we described in detail all the beaches of Rhodes – you will easily decide where you want to relax.

The best beaches of Rhodes for children

Best idea  beaches of Rhodes

You probably already looked closely at the most popular resorts of Rhodes, studying sights and hotels. But what kind of beach will be nearby is equally important for recreation with children.

The sand-and-shingle beaches of Fakir and Ontario are also good for recreation with children. The coast of Fakir, despite the congestion, may well claim to be the best beaches of Rhodes for children. Firstly, the sea does not have to go by car and go down the cliffs. Secondly, next to the beach is a luxurious water park.

If you prefer a pebble beach, then take a closer look at the beaches for children in Kali and in the city of Rhodes. On the Rhodes beach there is always a revival, but among the bays of Lifelike, it is easy to find a quiet place even in the high season. Very large pebbles on these beaches there, but still it is worth taking care of protective footwear.

Mediterranean Sea

Best beaches of Rhodes

When you start looking for the beaches of Rhodes on the map, you will immediately notice that almost all of them are on the east coast. The Mediterranean Sea, which is washed by the island from the east, is very calm and warm – in contrast to the Aegean, whose vicious nature is valued by windsurfers.

The beaches of the Mediterranean have several advantages:

  • warm water – in the summer months, the temperature of the sea is + 24-26 ° C, and in shallow water, it rises to + 28 ° C;
  • calm sea – the storm rises rarely, and to the beaches located in the bays, the waves do not reach at all;
  • flat bottom – if a child likes to get water only to the ankles or to the knees, then on many beaches of Rhodes it will be just right;
  • transparent water – through the thickness of the water you can consider pebbles on the bottom (and on those beaches where the bottom is stony in places, it is easy to choose a convenient place for bathing);
  • a lot of entertainment – water sports, attractions, and on the beaches next to family hotels also playgrounds;
  • a variety of beaches – sandy and pebble, spacious and tiny, noisy and secluded.

At the same time, not every part of the beach is suitable for rest with young children. We suggest exploring the best beaches of Rhodes in the Mediterranean, from the northern tip to the southern tip of the island, and at the same time get acquainted with the collection of the best family hotels of this amazing island.

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