The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World

Beautiful Swimming Pools
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When summer comes everyone dreams of being able to get rid of heavy winter clothes and we cannot wait to wear swimsuits and flip-flops. We close our eyes and try to imagine ourselves diving into beautiful swimming pools elegant and unique as one of those we present. And now that we are going to go on vacation, why not think of destinations where you can find a dream place like this? If a holiday always and only on the beach is not for you but you like being soaked in the water, discover in our blog what are the perfect destinations to find incredible, unique and beautiful swimming pools to visit. Additionally, safe pools, too! Know that the best pools are those that have been through pool barrier checks to ensure your safety as you enjoy swimming in the beautiful locations.

Who is ready to leave? Prepare your towel because today we will show you the most beautiful swimming pools in cities all over the world, some in luxury hotels, and others around the city and in the middle of nature. Some of these pools are public and others will remain a dream or a luxury to be enjoyed once in a lifetime.

Hotel The Joule, Dallas, Texas, United States

Classified as one of the most incredible pools in the world, Hotel The Joule pool is unique both for the structure and for the view it offers. The pool has Plexiglas walls that allow guests to admire the Dallas skies while they swim.

Bondi Baths, Sydney, Australia

Ocean waves crash against this spectacular 50-meter-long Olympic-size pool. It is public and from its edges overlooking the ocean you will see dolphins and, if you are lucky, even some whales!

Blue Lagoon, Greendavik, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a man-made pool around a geo-thermal spa discovered in 1980 when the thermal water benefits of this area have been recognized. Rich in minerals, the Blue Lagoon is renowned for its healing characteristics capable of healing some skin problems. The temperature of the water is around 37-40 C thanks to the heat given off by the lava that passes nearby and which is also used to generate electricity.

Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

This is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Europe. The Badeschiff, which literally means “floating ship” is a huge barge located in the waters of the Spree River. It’s a very popular attraction during the summer because it allows you to cool off but also because parties are organized around the bar, at ping-pong tables and with a DJ that plays until midnight.

Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver, Canada

Created to resemble a beach, the “Kits” pool in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district offers beautiful views of the sea and surrounding beaches as well as the mountains and city skyline. It is open to the public by paying a ticket at an affordable price.

Hearst Castle, California, United States

This beautiful pool is called the Roman Pool and is located in Hearst Castle. The style is reminiscent of that of ancient Rome and the structure was built in 1934. Here is the Neptune Pool, decorated with seventeenth-century Italian bas-reliefs.

Swimming pool of the Olympic Dips, Barcelona, Spain

In the upper part of Barcelona, on Mount Montjuic, you will find the swimming pools built for the 1992 Summer Olympics. The swimming pools are open to the public and still used for sports competitions such as the World Swimming Championship which was held in the Spanish city in 2013. The view of the city from the water, but especially from the dive platform, it is so particular that even Kylie Minogue chose this place to shoot the video of the song “Slow”.

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Nemo 33, Uccle, Belgium

The Nemo 33 is one of the deepest pools in the world. With 2,500,000 liters of water, the maximum depth of the pool is 34.5 meters. The water used comes from a source and is filtered and the pool is heated by the sun. One of the most incredible curiosities of this pool is that in it are simulated underwater quarries perfect for those who love to dive and want to explore them.

Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest, Hungary

Built in 1913, Széchenyi’s spa and medicinal baths are the most popular in Budapest and throughout Europe. You can visit them in any season but go there in winter when the outdoor temperature reaches the sub-zero lows and you are in a 37-degree pool is an unmissable experience. If you like playing chess, do not hesitate to challenge the men that you will find in the pools intent on facing games soaking in the water.

Viceroy Hotel, Miami, Florida, United States

With a length of 300 meters the Viceroy Hotel boasts the largest pool in Florida and one of the most luxurious. The night view from here is spectacular: you can admire the lights of the city and the skyscrapers. This place is the perfect place to relax and have a drink.

Floating Pool, New York City, New York, United States

Take a dip in the pool overlooking New York city center if you visit the Floating Pool at the Baretto Point Park. Located on the East River’s long river in the Bronx, this pool is perfect for discovering a new view of the Big Apple.

Hotel Eurostars Tower, Madrid, Spain

At the Hotel Eurostar Tower, 120 meters above sea level, lies the Anssora Spa. Here you can escape the chaos of the Spanish capital without losing the spectacular panoramic view of the city. The spa is open to hotel guests but also to anyone else who wants to visit, for a fee, of course.

The Hilton, Auckland, New Zealand

The Hilton Hotel’s pool in Auckland is suspended and jammed between two buildings making it a perfect oasis in the city. The glass at one end allows an original view both for those who swim in it and for passersby who see it from the outside.

Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong, China

If you are afraid of heights you may not want to swim in this pool located on the 24th floor and includes a transparent floor that makes your stomach tighten. The daring swimmers will realize their dream of “taking a bath in the air” at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong.

Have you ever been in beautiful swimming pools like this or do you know others? Leave us your experience in the comments!

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