Economic the best beach wedding: ideas to plan and save money

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The best beach wedding is an original choice and with different style. When you think about your wedding on the beach, images of wonderful sunset and sunset are sure to come to your mind. Here you will find some recommendations for your wedding on the beach to be a success. The pleasant breeze and the warm climate sometimes is not, for that reason many aspects have to be considered.

Do not miss the opportunity to give your wedding an interactive and younger look at the fun challenge of making a wedding at the best beach economic. Getting married in the sand is an unmissable project and more if the couple has flexible dates. That it is on the beach will be a key to reduce expenses but without ceasing to be elegant.

Simple the best beach wedding: How to choose the place?

Economic the best beach

Depending on the place where the couple lives, it is easier or not to access the best beach. You can have in mind a location that also serves as a destination for the honeymoon. Choose a tourist spot that guests can use as a vacation getaway as well.

The time of day is important to enjoy the sunset on the beach. Solid planning makes wedding at the best beach economic something wonderful. That is not in high season, so the costs are lowered.

The place must be suitable for parking. Make a bus available for guests to arrive without a car. Think if there is a friend with a house on the best beach and a view of the sea that your garden can lend us. To rent the free day of some hostel from the beach is a good idea. Inform us if it is necessary to request permits to municipalities or not.

How to calculate the number of guests?

best beach wedding

Begin by preparing a tentative list. Define if the marriage is intimate or with many friends. Make sure your guests know that the event will take place on the best beach and in the sand. Ask yourself where your guests will come from Send the invitations in time so they can plan it. Calculate the cost by number of guests traveling, if there is a discount for groups.

When you get married on the beach you should be inspired by the natural colors of the sand, the blue sky decorate them with starfish. Include snails, messages and sea drawings. Something in keeping with the best beach environment. Invitations with message bottles are a good idea to do it yourself and be original.

The tendency is that couples look for natural settings to celebrate and do not want a more formal marriage.

Economic beach wedding, get married on the beach with your ideal look

The dresses, shoes and hairstyle should be adapted for when we perform a wedding on the beach. It is the perfect opportunity to let yourself be carried away by a more casual look that accompanies the wind and the beach environment.

How to choose the dress?

Economic the best beach wedding

The wedding dress can be casual and does not need to be very expensive design. Another option is that it can be for rent too. Give the dress a minimalist approach, since the important thing is the place. That is not long so that it does not drag and get dirty quickly. The salt water will hurt the garment making it not look flawless all night.

Select a dress not so long so it does not drag and get dirty with the sand. The shorter dress allows you to choose low shoes or sandals that look good.

Choose the correct fabric.  For a cheap beach wedding choose fabrics that have glamour in the wind like silk and organza but breathe like cotton for hot days.

Remember the season . Depending on the weather there may be temperature variation and refresh at night. Add a shawl, jacket or poncho.

Simple but with glamour can be the best. The landscape is what also surprises the guests.

Wedding dress with short casual style. A youthful look for the best beach is in the choice of short dresses and openwork. The boho chic styles are ideal for summer and to look like a modern and renewed bride of that traditional boring look.

You can prepare a dress that is at home renewing the outfit with some details. All garments to feel very comfortable on the best beach.

The hairstyle of the bride at the beach wedding

the beach wedding

We recommend considering the wind and the sea breeze blowing through the delicate hair of the bride. See also trends in hairstyles . The hair can be worn naturally or with curls so that the moisture of the gentle waves that run to the shore does not help the look of the bride.

Give a more relaxed and fresh style according to the movements of the seashore. Make it easy and comfortable for you. That makes you look perfect your reflections or the shine of hair.

The shoes for a cheap wedding on the best beach

The footwear can be elegant but at the same time comfortable to walk in the sand. Tacos lower or without touch directly. Some brides have preference to have bare feet. The footwear must be chosen with great care to make it a memorable wedding until the last moment.

You can add glitter or crystals to a comfortable shoe to look flashy but beautiful and delicate. For the guests, “shoes valet” can be offered for those who want to wet their feet on the shore.

The suit of the groom for the wedding on the economic beach

The suit of the groom for the wedding on the economic beach

Choose cool fabrics such as linen or cotton with a more casual style white jacket for the groom suit . Wear only shirt if the temperature is very warm and the wedding casual. The colors used are those that harmonize with a beach climate.

The moments of a simple and economical beach wedding

The ceremony can be on public or private beaches where you have to apply for permits. The low season makes it easier to ask for guests and family. Good organizational skills can minimize fears and emotions of the couple.

The ceremony can be interactive. The priest will give opportunity by passing the microphone to the guests so that some of them can contribute words and anecdotes from the couple. To give you some ideas about speeches, we invite you to visit our post:  Fun speeches for weddings.

The brothers of the couple can have special roles. Make allusive readings or organize games with the guests.

Ideal decoration for your wedding on the beach

Take advantage of summer elements to create an adequate environment. Devise the setting to reduce expenses looking for simple solutions but without losing the role of marriage. Inspire yourself with starfish, seashells, beach stones and corals.

Find a style that identifies with your tastes. Select for your decoration strong colors such as yellow and orange to decorate the wedding and take advantage of the same environment to create an attractive altar on the best beach.

On the beach you can use many decorative elements such as baskets and metal structures forming arches.

Decoration with sea stars and tulle colors seawater. Petals of flowers on the way to the altar. If it is at sunset place a phosphorescent garland on the altar. Fruits and a green style to acclimate along with a more stripped and natural style. The rental of awnings to avoid the sun and be more prepared for inclement weather.

Give a cool and chic atmosphere. Ask friends for the contribution of decorative details such as flowers and chairs. This marriage proposal is best suited for the warmer months. Floral arrangements with a romantic style and torches.

Flowers with romantic style

Flowers with romantic style

If your dream was to celebrate at the edge of the sea it is possible to have a wonderful decoration also on the altar and party area with colorful flowers or just one tone, with white being the preferred one.

  • Achieve a warm and relaxed atmosphere considering that it should be suitable for the elderly. Check that the chairs are stable on the sand.
  • It is also polite to ask your guests to help leave the beach clean after the event.
  • Refreshing and simple catering for your wedding on the best beach

For your wedding on the best beach you can opt for a simple catering with wines and cheeses, finger food style. That the guests feel inside the natural environment and privileged to be able to attend an outdoor event.

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