The 10 best hotels in Las Vegas

hotels in Las Vegas
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Best hotels in Las Vegas– If you plan to travel to Las Vegas, a city built in the desert of Nevada (USA) to satisfy all the world of leisure, you must think big and choose a custom accommodation.

For this, we give you ten good ideas, ten hotels that you would never imagine what they can offer.

Before our Top Ten, it is important to know some of the most curious data of the ‘City of Sin’:

Best hotels in Las Vegas

top hotels in Las Vegas

  • Did you know that there are currently around 500,000 people living in Las Vegas? The population growth has been 83% since 1990. On the other hand, it receives about 37 million visitors per year.
  • It is said that the city of Las Vegas is the brightest point on Earth seen from space, perhaps its 15,000 kilometers of neon lights have something to do with it.
  • Counting on all the hotels, the city has a total of 124,270 rooms to stay.
  • In Las Vegas, an average of 315 weddings a day is celebrated.
  • The casinos of Las Vegas have a profit of more than 7,000 million dollars a year. And oddly enough, these casinos are possibly the best place to suffer a heart attack, since their medical teams are always prepared for any type of response. Read more: 25 Things To See and Do In New York
  • A visitor to the city spends an average of four hours a day playing in their casinos. On the other hand, the player who won more money was the Australian tycoon Rupert Murdoch (25 million dollars in a single weekend).

Hotel MGM Grand

the hotels in Las Vegas

Until 2006, the MGM Grand was the largest hotel in the world. Its theme is that of Hollywood. It is known especially for hosting the most important boxing shows worldwide. On the other hand, it is famous for the shows and events that it organizes, in collaboration with the Circe led Sol. Its disco Studio 54 is one of the most important in the city. Read more: What to see in Montenegro: the best places

Its construction was completed in 1993. It has 6,582 rooms, divided into four different buildings. Its outdoor area consists of five pools, three hot tubs, and even an artificial river in the style of a water park. As a curiosity, we can add that in the MGM Grand 15,000 pillowcases are washed daily. Keep reading

Hotel The Venetian

As its name suggests, The Venetian has the purpose of imitating the style of the famous Italian city of Venice. Recreate places like the Grand Canal, the Rial to Bridge, the Campanile or St. Mark’s Square. The size of the complex makes gondola rides possible, trying to represent every detail of Venice.

The hotel’s shops and restaurants area have an artificial roof, working 24 hours a day to offer the impression of a sunny atmosphere. It has a total capacity of 8,000 seats available, between suites and normal rooms. On the other hand, highlights its large casino of 11,000 m² and his musical The Phantom of the Opera.

Hotel Belladonna

The 10 best hotels in Las Vegas

Although not part of the select group of thematic hotels in Las Vegas, the Belladonna is one of the most popular in the city, often used in Hollywood movies. So far, it can boast of being the most expensive hotel in the place, its construction inaugurated in 1998 supposed a total cost of 1,600 million dollars.

On the other hand, it is listed as one of the most romantic hotels in Las Vegas. Its impressive courtyards and gardens, always animated by artificial spectacles, are a real attraction for couples seeking a dream accommodation.

The spectacle of water and color that lives in the Belladonna fountain in front of the artificial lake and the permanent aquatic show of the Circus of the Sun “O” end up turning this hotel into one of the best proposals to visit.

Hotel Lu xor

The theme of the Lu xor is clearly that of Egypt, recreating a pyramid and an edge on a real scale. It is an authentic symbol of the city, on the great light bulb that illuminates the sky when night falls. When its construction was completed in 1993, the pyramid was the tallest building in Las Vegas, with a height of 30 floors.

The hotel consists of 4,408 rooms, both in the pyramid and in the adjacent towers. Like most neighboring hotels, it has a large casino and numerous swimming pools.

Hotel Caesars Palace

Its privileged location in the center of the Strip makes the Caesars Palace one of the most demanded by tourists. Since 1996, it has undergone numerous renovations to maintain and improve luxury. Its theme is the Roman Empire.

It offers a total of 3,348 rooms, spread over its five towers: Forum, Roman, Centurion, Palace, and Augustus. The main attraction is the Colosseum, a theater with capacity for 4,000 spectators, where important shows are held.

Excalibur Hotel

It’s time to talk about the Medieval Castle in Las Vegas. Opened in 1990 and remodeled later in the year 2000, it has 3,991 accommodations. It is often frequented by couples who want to celebrate their wedding in the hotel’s own Chapel. From $ 199 you can easily organize a ‘different’ wedding in Excalibur

Hotel Paris

Since 1999, all the romanticism and European glamour of Paris is concentrated in this hotel. Recreate monuments as important as the Eiffel Tower (140 m high) or the Arc DE Triumph. The interior streets of the complex are also set with buildings, bakeries and patisseries, and restaurants typical of the French capital.

It is one of the hotels with fewer rooms, it can accommodate a total of 2,916 visitors. How could it be otherwise, the ‘Eiffel Tower New York’ is the claim of the Paris Hotel, with a viewpoint that offers the best views at a reasonable price, and a restaurant located on the eleventh floor.

Flamingo Hotel

best hotels in Las Vegas

It was the first hotel that was built in the Nevada desert, in 1946. Its main attraction is the Wildlife Habitat, a natural space where you can freely enjoy wild animals in freedom. It is the home of a great variety of species, such as Chilean flamingos, swans, ducks or oi fish, which, apart from living free, are cared for by hotel experts.

On the other hand, Flamingo stands out for its numerous shopping areas and golf courses. It contributes 3,626 free with own casinos and swimming pools, like most hotels in the city.

Hotel New York, New York

I could not miss a little recreation of New York. The resort includes the most representative buildings of the American city, such as the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty itself. Roller Coaster Roller Coaster whose route surrounds the hotel attracts the youngest.

Its 7,800 m² casino is one of the most prestigious in Las Vegas. New York New York has 2,023 rooms. The most important show is the ‘Humanity’, considered as the most sensual side of The Circus of the Sun.

Hotel Wynn

The Wynn Hotel is placed among the most luxurious complexes in the city, just by observing the facade and we can get an idea. Its construction was completed in 2005 and cost 2,700 million dollars.

It offers 2,716 rooms, spread over the 50 floors that make up the large building. Regarding the world of entertainment, the main attraction is La Rove, the work that is represented in the Aqua Theater. In addition, the Wynn is frequently visited by its prestigious shopping area, with the best fashion stores.

As a curiosity, we can add that the hotel Wynn, next to the Rio hotel, does not have a fourth floor because in Chinese culture the number 4 brings bad luck.

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