Celebrities’ the best hotels in the world

best hotels in the world
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The best hotels in the world– It is not usual to go to a hotel and cross in the lobby or in the elevator with a famous one. But actors, politicians and businessmen stay in hotels like any of us. What are these favorite the best hotels in the world? What places do Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Aniston like to get away from? Read, because at some point you may be able to cross them in new York  or Lonndon.

What are celebrities’ the best hotels in the world?

The Wakaya Club & Spa – Fiji Islands

best hotels in the world

What the Fiji Islands are a piece of paradise we all imagine. Even celebrities are aware of this and more than one escapes there to disconnect from their daily lives. Actors, singers and even a businessman have discovered the fantastic The Wakaya Club & Spa . A luxurious resort that we would all like to go to. But to which few have access due to their high rates. In their rooms located in cottages along the beach they have stayed among others Pierce Brosnan, Russell Crowe, Bill Gates or Nicole Kidman. The resort is on a private island, far from the goals of the paparazzi. Undoubtedly an exclusive place where you can enjoy the turquoise waters, good food, relax or perhaps a game of golf in the shade of coconut trees.

Chateau de Mirambeau – France

the best hotels in the world

Between the French cities of Cognac and Bordeaux is this castle converted into the Château de Mirambeau hotel . Actresses Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson have passed through their rooms. Staying at the Château de Mirambeau allows you to stroll through its well-tended gardens or sit down for a coffee in rooms with Baroque decoration. However, its facilities are modern offering comfort and luxury surrounded by nature. All this makes us understand why it is one of the best hotels in the world of celebrities. A place to go in search of a well-deserved rest.

The Bowery Hotel – New York

top best hotels in the world

This may not be one of the celebrities’ favorite sleeping best hotels in the world. But it certainly is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The prices of your restaurant are not excessively high. Therefore, if you travel to New York and you want to treat yourself to brunch surrounded by celebrities, you have to go to The Bowery Hotel . You can cross with Jared Letto or have Rihanna sitting at the next table . If you also decide to stay at this boutique hotel in the East Village you will enjoy views of the city, wooden floors and an industrial design.

Favorite the best hotels in the world in New York

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It is one of the London best hotels in the world preferred by celebrities. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have already stayed there . Models  Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer posed on him for a photo shoot. And you can cross with  Mila Jovovich going to a party. And is that this five-star hotel is one of the most history in the British capital. It offers fantastic views of Hyde Park and is located within walking distance of the shops and theaters of the West End. If you are traveling to London and your budget allows, do not hesitate to spend some night at The Dorchester , the most chic hotel in London.

Hotel Hassler – Rome

the best hotels in the world

From Audrey Hepburn to Tom Cruise there are many celebrities who have chosen this Roman hotel to rest in the eternal city. Its location at the top of the steps of Santa Tinità dei Monti allows the large terraces of its suites to have magnificent views of Rome . It has 95 rooms and suites decorated each with its own style but without missing antiques, luxurious lamps and mirrors in any of the rooms. Definitely a great hotel where to spend a vacation in Rome .

The House of the Rector – Almagro

discover best hotels in the world

No need to go far from home to stay at a good price in one of the celebrities’ best hotels in the world. You just have to go to Ciudad Real , and in the town of Almagro, stay overnight in La Casa del Rector. This singular lodging is chosen by Pedro Almodovar when he rolls in his land. For his stays he has not only passed. Also in one of the modern suites of the hotel, Penélope Cruz has slept . And is that this hotel that mixes traditional style with the most modern elements is a perfect place to rest, enjoy a city full of art … and who knows whether to sit down to breakfast next to any of the Almodovar girls.

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