The 9 Best Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka
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Defined by different levels, the ancient Ceylon is a paradise of height from which to capture the best panoramas. Do we lean out together to these best viewpoints in Sri Lanka?

1# Pidurangala Rock

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

Converted into a fortress by King Kasyapa in the fifth century AD, Sigiriya is a large rock that stands out in the middle of a jungle enchanted with Buddhist magic and peacock songs. A historical paradise whose panoramic view is visible from Pidurangala Rock, a rock located next to Sigiriya whose access between rocks and ancient caves of cave paintings leads to what is one of the best viewpoints in Sri Lanka. Delight in the sunset bathing the Great Lion Rock, take pictures and prepare to climb for the next day and get great views, since the top of Sigiriya also offers prospects of heart attack.

2# Bahirawakanda Temple

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

The spiritual heart of Sri Lanka is famous for hiding the famous tooth of Buddha but also offering a privileged location among hills that are asking for the best photograph from above. Especially if you decide to go up to Bahirawakanda, a small village just 2 kilometers from the center of Kandy whose great attraction is the Bahirawakanda Temple, a construction that revolves around a huge white Buddha conceived in a meditation pose. The best place from which to obtain unbeatable views of small lost temples among tropical hills or that great lake that embraces the no less famous Temple of the Buddha tooth. Without a doubt, one of the best viewpoints in Sri Lanka.

3# End of the World

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

The Highlands, or Highlands of Sri Lanka, make up one of the most exciting scenarios on the island: tea plantations, mountains shrouded in fog or spaces like the End of the World, a high point of the Horton Plains National Park 32 kilometers from the area of Nuwara Eliya. A mecca for trekking lovers they will be able to make a 9-kilometer route for about 3 hours ending in an exciting view of the “roof of Sri Lanka”. Once you have inspired the pure air of this summit, there is nothing better than approaching the so-called “Mini World’s End”, another set of peaks that you will find on the way, or Baker Falls, which reach 270 meters in height. Because the end of the world was never so idyllic.

4# Adam’s Peak

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

In the highland plateaus of Sri Lanka there is a conical mountain of up to 2243 meters that has for decades been dividing (and unifying) different religions alike. The reason is none other than the presence of a giant footprint that, according to the Muslims, was drawn by Adam himself after leaving the Garden of Eden. However, the Hindus think that the footprint belongs to Shiva, the Buddhists to Buddha and the Christians to St. Thomas. Division of opinions whose common objective is to ascend, during a 4-hour night route, to see the sunrise caressing the Sripada Temple , complex that unfolds on a summit from which to enjoy a sea of eternal clouds.

5# Bridge of the 9 Arches

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

3 kilometers from the bohemian town of Ella, there is an old bridge built by the British that was forgotten until being rescued by social networks in recent years. Famous for supporting the train that links Nuwara Eliya with Ella, the Bridge of the 9 Arches is a lavish monument trapped between tea plantations and palm groves whose snapshot, especially from the hill that descends to it from Ella’s journey, is simply spectacular.

6# Coconut Tree Hill

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

Another example of a corner of the world immortalized by social networks is Coconut Tree Hill, a scenario often used by Sri Lankan Tourism to promote the island paradise. Get in Mirissa and move along the road to Matara to divert to one of the most beautiful places in southern Sri Lanka. A hill full of different palm trees whose approach to the ocean allows some of the most beautiful viewpoints in Sri Lanka for sunsets. Ideal to relax at the end of the day while the sun goes away, the palm trees whisper and Mirissa is at your feet.

7# Flag Rock

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

When it comes to visiting a walled city next to the Indian Ocean, the possibilities of obtaining the best views multiply thanks to their different perspectives. However, when it comes to getting lost in Galle, its forts and Dutch houses, the best viewpoint is Flag Rock. A huge stone located between the famous Galle lighthouse and its famous mosque in the south corner, and the Clippenberg bastion in the northern part. This way, you will not only get to see the best sunsets, but also the transformation of a villa in Galle that at dusk he unfolds the candles of his Buddhist stupa, the lanterns of his restaurants or the magic of old Dutch mansions converted today into lavish art galleries.

8# The air …

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

Yes, not all viewpoints have to be linked to the earth. In fact, we can think of no better idea than to ascend a balloon before dawn, to the skies of the heart of Sri Lanka. A dreamy journey that flies over the wonders of the Cultural Triangle or scenarios like Lake Kandalama. A spectacle of mists, immense jungles and natural contrasts to contemplate in silence, only caressed by the wind and reserving time to toast with champagne in the middle of the jungle when landing. Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences you can experience if you decide to celebrate your honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

9# … Or a seaplane

Viewpoints in Sri Lanka

The complex trapped between the tea plantations of Tea Trails or the glamping that unfolds in the Yala National Park in the Wild Tented Coast are two of the best examples that confirm Replendent Ceylon as the great dream of luxury accommodation in Sri Lanka. A giant that goes further by presenting a route by seaplane with several possibilities: how about flying over the Highlands of Sri Lanka to empty into Yala? Or, perhaps traveling from Yala to the surfer Weligama Bay? Cross the skies of the southern half of Sri Lanka, bet on adrenaline and be surprised by the contrasts between tea and coconut trees, land and sea. The sky and the earth.

Would you like to discover all these viewpoints in Sri Lanka during your trip?

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