Bruges, the most romantic city in Flanders

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Walking through the narrow streets of Bruges it will seem like taking a dip in the past and reliving atmospheres of other times. There is no doubt that Bruges is an eternal discovery, one of the most romantic cities in the world and one of the mandatory stops on your trip to Belgium.

The city of Flanders built on the canals and characterized by bridges and brick houses, is easily reached from Brussels and can be easily visited in one or two days.

Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, should be explored strictly on foot or traveled along its canals; get lost along the cobblestone streets that lead to ancient squares, bridges and churches. We have made a useful guide to what to see in Bruges absolutely in one or more days.

What to see in Bruges?


Market Square

The visit to the city can only start from the Piazza del Mercato, where all the most beautiful buildings of the city overlook. It is dominated by the Belfort Tower:  climbing the 366 steps the view of the city is truly breathtaking. Do not miss a visit to the Historium Bruges which tells the life of the city in the fifteenth century. On the square you can see the beautiful buildings of the Provincial building, in Gothic style, and the Bruges Post Office building. Every Saturday this square hosts the local market.

Burg Square

Next to the Market Square, visit Burg, another symbol of the city: here you will find the fourteenth-century town hall which houses the spectacular Gothic Room where you can admire an interesting story of the history of the city.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

On Burg square, don’t miss a visit to the beautiful church of the Sacred Blood, a marvelous Romanesque church, characterized by stained glass windows. The church houses in a tabernacle what according to what we shall be is the fragment of the fabric used by Joseph of Arimathea to dry the blood of Christ after the Crucifixion.

Church of Our Lady

Don’t miss a visit to the beautiful Church of Our Lady which houses a wonderful work in Carrara marble made by Michelangelo in 1504. The church is located not too far from the Bridge of St. Boniface, one of the most enchanting places in Bruges.


Groeninge Museum

The Groninge is a treasure chest that cannot be missed in your visit to Bruges. In the museum, built around the 1930s, you will find an incredible collection of classical painters, Flemish Primitives and Renaissance artists. In the museum you will find works by artists such as Paul Delvaux and René Magritte.

Gruuthuse Museum

In a large medieval palace that once belonged to the Gruuthuse family, along the banks of the Dijver, there is an interesting museum that you absolutely must visit and that preserves an important collection of decorative arts and applied with tapestries, furniture, wood carvings, in addition to a section dedicated to curative medicine.


The Minnewater is definitely one of the most romantic places in the city. It is a lake in the heart of the city surrounded by lush nature, bodies of water and bridges. Here you will also find a swan colony.


Begijnhof is a sort of city within a city. A set of white houses that once housed the Beguines of Bruges, a semimonastic community of single, widowed women, often rich, dedicated to God.


Memling Museum

The Memling is a museum housed in an old hospital complex that preserves antique furniture, objects and medical instruments that tell the story of the hospital complex. It is worth stopping to visit the pharmacy.


The windmills have adorned the ramparts of Bruges since the construction of the outer walls at the end of the 13th century. Today only four are left. The Sint-Janshuis mill, built in 1770 is the only mill still in operation and is open to visitors.

Pier of the Rosary

From this point that Bruges is pure magic. From here the view of the Bruges canals is exciting. Don’t miss a walk at sunset, when the colors are reflected in the water.

Museum of French Fries

Before leaving the city you cannot miss a visit to the French fries museum, which tells the story of the famous Belgian fries. Along the way you can taste the potatoes combined with excellent Belgian beers.


What to see in Bruges in one or two days?

  • Market Square and Belfort Tower
  • Beer Museum
  • Burg
  • Basilica of the Holy Blood
  • Channel tour
  • Groeninge Museum
  • Begijnhof
  • Church of Our Lady
  • Mills of Bruges

How to reach Bruges from Brussels

You can reach Bruges from Brussels comfortably by train or bus. By train you can reach the Gare de Midi and Gare Central and Gare du Nord stations and from there take a train to Bruges.

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