4 best cars for traveling in Europe

cars for traveling
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Cars for traveling- Any journey is a small life, therefore it is necessary to prepare for it very carefully. Especially if you are going to travel by car. The car for travel has a number of certain increased requirements compared to a car for travel around the city. The car should not let you down in the middle of the road, have comfortable seats, a large trunk, be comfortable in control and powerfully gain speed for overtaking.

What kind of cars for traveling proved to be good at long tours in Europe?cars for traveling

Mitsubishi L200

Released in 2005, the 5th generation L200 marked the beginning of the concept of off-road cars for traveling with a sporting character. Quiet and spacious salon, on convenience even superior cars, gigantic payload and excellent maneuverability for this class make the pickup from Mitsubishi a reliable companion in travel. And with such remarkable dimensions, the average fuel consumption is about 7-8 liters per 100 km. Read more: The 5 best trips that can be made from London for 1 day

With Mitsubishi L200 you can go to meet any adventure, taking with you an ATV, snowmobile or camping equipment.

Chevrolet Tahoecars for traveling

Another car for adventurers. With this all-wheel-drive SUV, you can safely go to conquer not only the civilized part of Europe but also mountain ranges, bumpy gorges, and national parks. Impressive dimensions and spacious, functional interior will allow you to spend the night right in the car without experiencing the slightest discomfort. Read more: The 9 most romantic places in Paris, for those who love the city very much

Toyota Land Cruiser 200cars for traveling

The history of the Land Cruiser 200 began about 65 years ago. Today, this car is one of the five best-selling cars for traveling in Russia. For all the characteristics, it fits perfectly into the idea of a car for travel. Here, and a reliable suspension, and four-wheel drive, and intelligent off-road motion systems, and a reinforced body structure. In addition, the car includes a built-in navigation system with a complete set of cards.

MINI Countrymancars for traveling

For those who travel is an adventure and a story, you will definitely love the four-door MINI Countryman. Stylish appearance with sports manners makes him the best friend in confident fast movement on the European autobahns. And in the bulk trunk, the dimensions of which can be increased by slightly pushing forward the rear seats will accommodate all the luggage and souvenirs. You can not only feel great during the night driving through the northern countries thanks to the xenon headlights, but also enjoy the night sky or the northern lights in Sweden or Norway through a panoramic roof. By the way, stopping in Holland, do not forget to find a suitable hotel in Amsterdam.

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