The 10 cheap destinations in winter 2018

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Do you want to travel, but can not save? What if we tell you that there are cheap destinations in winter to fly for less than 90 dollars ?

France, United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco or Malta are more affordable than ever with flights that do not reach 100 dollars. These 10 cheap destinations in the low season have so much to offer that it will cost you to decide just for one. Museums, music, beaches , shopping, gastronomy , wineries … Whatever your choice, go preparing your suitcase.

Top 10 cheap destinations in winter 2018

Toulouse, France

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Located in the south of France , Toulouse is the first of the cheap destinations in winter. With an exceptional heritage, the so-called ‘Pink City’ by the color of many of its buildings boasts more than 2,000 years of history. The Convent of the Jacobins , the Saint-Sernin Basilica , a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or Saint-Étienne Cathedral are architectural gems that you can not miss. And what can we say about the gastronomic richness of this Gallic area … Bring the tooth to the famous Toulouse sausage , a cassoulet or a Toulouse stew, with beef, bacon and pork feet, onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic, wine and vinegar.

Fez, Morocco

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Morocco always ensures sun and good weather , but, if it is also one of the cheap destinations of winter , much better. This outdoor museum is a journey into the past through its medinas, the Al Karaouine Mosque , built in 859 under the command of Fatima al Fihriya, the Royal Palace of the 14th century or Seffarine Square , the heart of the city. The Chouwara tannery is the largest and best known of the four that remain active, a show as smelly as representative of Fez. Find some of the shops with a terrace from which to contemplate the hard work of artisans and try to hold your breath …

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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World famous thanks to the legend of Robin Hood , Nottingham has much to do and is one of the cheap destinations in low season . The streets of this British metropolis stand out for their variety of architectural styles, a mixture of modern buildings with others from the 12th century. The Lace Market Center , hundreds of ancient caves that are still preserved, its imposing castle or the Galleries of the Museum of Justice are four essential points for any traveler. Walk to the edge of the canals while you contemplate the barges and then visit ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’ , the oldest inn in England , dating from 1189.

Pisa, Italy

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Its leaning tower is the biggest tourist attraction that one can imagine. And it is that to go to one of the cheap destinations of the winter and not to be photographed with this attraction is almost sin. Do not forget to immortalize the monumental complex formed by the same tower, cathedral, cemetery and baptistery, one of the most beautiful in Italy. This lively university city , full of young people, brims with life and entertainment, along with bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques of all kinds. Gastronomy, in addition to the popular pasta and pizza , is notable for the use of fish (freshwater and sea), as well as meats of all kinds, including game.

Glasgow , United Kingdom

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How many times have you heard that Glasgow is an ugly city? And how many times do we have to repeat to you that it is NOT true? Imposing Victorian buildings go hand in hand with avant-garde buildings designed by architects like Zaha Hadid . More than 20 museums and art galleries, 4 universities, restaurants, bars and attractive shops … And for music lovers , another of the cheap destinations of autumn is ideal. Its melodic culture is reflected in hundreds of corners, with concert halls where many renowned bands made their first steps, and in which large groups continue to play throughout the year.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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With more than 140 monuments, Eindhoven is presented as a modern and dynamic city , where the past is barely recognizable, and in which religious heritage is an important part of its history. The churches of San Gerardo or Santa Catalina and the convent of Mariënhage are some of its tourist spots, as well as other chapels and monasteries. In contrast, some of the new skyscrapers built in the last decade, such as De Admirant , with 105 meters high, Porthos or De Regent . At the end of October, his Dutch Design Week , the largest design event in the Netherlands, has turned 25 years old.

Liverpool , United Kingdom

The 10 cheap destinations in winter 2018

Located northwest of England , where the Mersey River joins the Irish Sea, Liverpool is one of the cheap destinations in the off-season that will delight any tourist, especially if you’re a fan of ‘The Beatles’ or live football passionately. With 7 museums of free admission , it is also worth paying a few pounds to watch live a game at the stadiums of Liverpool FC or Everton FC , full of sports anecdotes. Do not miss the seafront , with its perfectly preserved 19th century shipyards, or the two imposing cathedrals that guard the city.

Newcastle , United Kingdom

The 10 cheap destinations in winter

Contemplating contemporary art at Baltic Center , navigating the River Tyne or having fun as a child at the Discovery Museum are some of the best things to do in Newcastle. Voted often as one of the best places in the world to party , one of the cheap winter destinations is famous because its inhabitants know how to have fun. Known as the ‘geordies’, they frequent bars, pubs and clubs on ‘The Diamond Strip’ after dining at ‘Blackfriars’ , in the center, lunch hall since 1239 , and which hosted King Henry III when he was visiting. His ‘Sunday roast’ is one of the most famous in Britain.


top cheap destinations in winter 2018

This little gem of the Mediterranean , with an area of ​​just 316 square kilometers, is one of the smallest countries in the world and one of the cheap destinations for this winter . Formed by Malta, its main island, Gozo and Comino , has enough attractions to become a very interesting trip. A good climate and excellent beaches adds the friendliness of the Maltese and affordability in flights as hotels and restaurants. As a good maritime municipality, activities such as diving, snorkeling or scuba diving are more than usual. And, if you feel like going, the party is more than guaranteed in Valletta .

Porto, Portugal

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One of the most beautiful places in Portugal has not stopped growing in number of tourists in recent years. Its proximity to Spain, a short trip by plane, an extensive cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer , hotels full of charm, Michelin-starred restaurants and wineries where tasting some of its world-famous wines make Oporto one of the irresistible destinations Cheap winter . Order a serving of freshly grilled sardines in the Ribeira district while enjoying the views of the Douro River, look for a place to hear fados live and fall in love with a city that every day has more to offer the traveler.

10 cheap holiday shopping destinations for bargain hunters

The 10 cheap destinations in winter 2018


The shopaholics find your personal paradise in Dubai. In the bustling and excessive capital of one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates that surprises us with its overwhelming architecture, the time of sales does not pass unnoticed , with discounts that usually exceed 70% in electronics and clothing .

In the city is Dubai Mall , the world’s largest shopping center in total area, a tourist attraction in itself, which in 2012 surpassed the city of New York in number of visitors, with more than 65 million, compared to 52 of that. The complex hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival every year (until February 1, 2016), where in addition to discounts, you can enjoy fashion shows, live performances and concerts, and choose to win important cash prizes to spend in the middle.


Everyone who visits Istanbul is impressed by the atmosphere and aesthetics of its beautiful Grand Bazaar , the largest in the city and one of the largest in the world . With its more than 4,000 stores , it is an essential visit to acquire handicrafts, jewelry and goldsmith’s items at a good price , and although you could spend a whole day touring it, be sure to reserve time to visit Kanyon Shopping Mall .

In a city ​​full of bustling passages, markets and commercial streets , this center opened in 2006 stands out for its unique architecture that recalls the silhouette of a canyon, it is a prominent destination during winter sales. In Turkey the period of sales is not officially regulated, but its boutiques and stores offer special sales throughout the month of January .


A habitual destination for purchases for decades , due to the variety and originality of articles that could not be found in other cheap destinations, London has successfully overcome the loss of originality that globalization implies, thanks to a number of alternatives beyond the most obvious, type the Harrods department store or the international brands stores.

In recent years the British capital has such attractive markets as Old Spitalfields Market , perfect for handicrafts, or Portobello Road Market , a paradise for those looking for antiques, which add their shopping to the more tourist areas of Carnaby Street and Covent Garden , and at least known food market, Borough Market , despite being one of the oldest markets in the city. Until mid-January, stores, markets and department stores offer significant discounts.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong frequently leads the top of best shopping destinations in Asia , and rightly so, since it is difficult to find an area of ​​the city that is not literally full of stores that are attractive to the shopping traveler.

From department stores , like Lane Crawford- packed with items from big international brands to treat yourself-to the little shops full of charm on Square Street- a good place to buy original items from small designers, like shoes or sunglasses. , the city offers the search engine of discounted articles an unlimited number of possibilities with the beginning of the new year.


The dynamic German city is buzzing with trends and fashion, which makes it a perfect shopping destination when the January sales begin , which last until the beginning of February. Lovers of buying unique items will find a good number of vintage stores , to purchase them at equally unique prices.

The huge and central shopping center Alexi has one hundred and eighty small shops with prices for all budgets , and the famous Kurfürstendamm avenue is full of shopping malls – such as KaDeWe and Peek and Cloppenburg – and, thinking of a younger audience, you have to return by areas how Hackescher Markt .

New York

Few cities in the world have the New York shopping offer . From the exquisite shops of the Upper East Side – large warehouses included (such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman ) -, to the most popular chain stores – which alternate with exclusive large labels in the streets of SoHo -, not forgetting how Rare showrooms Vintage , the city is a hive of discounts – up to 70% – after the Christmas holidays (plus you can always check sites like Raise to see if there are any further discounts to be had).

The diversity in style and fashion of New York is not limited to Manhattan, so do not forget to cross to neighboring Brooklyn, to shop around Brooklyn Flea , full of vintage clothing stalls and original craft items.


Saldi, saldi , is the sign displayed by the shop windows of the Roman shops after Christmas, to announce the arrival of winter sales , traditionally from January 5 . An era in which the city is particularly attractive to the seeker of bargains, as there are and interesting, if we take into account the usual quality and variety of Italian fashion.

You have to go through the central street shops, such as Via Nazionale or Via del Corso , but without forgetting the commercial centers of the city that are close to the center of the eternal capital such as Galleria Porta di Roma – with more than two hundred and twenty stores national and international brands- or the Euroma2 center , with more than two hundred and thirty establishments.


The passion for shopping that every Asian carries in their veins can be felt in the vibrant streets of Thai capital. Bangkok offers visitors not only a unique cultural and gastronomic experience, it also offers the shopping enthusiast some of the most rewarding shopping experiences that he could wish for.

You have to go through its markets, like the famous flower market Pak Khlong Talad – open 24 hours a day -, full of delicious fragrances, even if you do not buy anything to take the pulse of the city and its inhabitants, and visit its magnificent centers commercials – Siam Paragon and Siam Center , are two of the classic and essential, of a long list that should not miss either Central World or MBK -, full of shops for all budgets and with the most varied items.


In addition to great beaches, the warm and welcoming city of Miami is a paradise for the traveler of purchases , and is that if something is not lacking it is of options for all tastes and pockets. From international designers to satisfy the most exquisite customer – how the Bal Harbor Shops agglutinate , which also includes separate premises of the exceptional department stores of the country, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue – to the best outlets – you just have to a tour of Dolphin Mall to discover that we are in the Mecca of this type of shopping proposal so usual in North America – in Miami you will find what you are looking for.

And back in the center of the city, you have to visit Bayside Marketplace , a Miami classic, and CocoWalk , in the Coconut Grave area. To top off the ecstasy of shopping , The Falls and Aventura Mall are two mega shopping centers that offer equally mega discounts during the sales.


The capital of fashion could not miss this list. We started with Galeries Lafayette , the department stores, symbol of the French lifestyle, offer in their emblematic three buildings distributed by the Boulevard Haussmann the best proposals of the French fashion , with interesting discounts from the beginning of January to the middle of February under the sign of Soldes .

But our Parisian shopping journey also takes us to the small boutiques of the charming and cosmopolitan district of Le Marais , where brand-name small shops follow one another, the small shops of Ile Saint-Louis – full of original proposals – and the more commercial street, rue de Rivoli, which in its nearly three kilometers offers a succession of shops of all brands imaginable.

Finally, are you one of those who love to travel? Do you save money and the first thing you think is a new destination to meet? Do not you get tired of discovering new places? A time of the year is approaching when traveling can be much cheaper than during the summer, and it is a good time to organize a trip to many cheap destinations in winter where it is better to go at this time, than in our high summer. That’s why we want to give you some destinations to travel to in the winter. Surely you save a lot of money! Winter is characterized by having much shorter days and, logically, much lower temperatures. This pack does not usually like travelers. However, there are many cheap destinations in winter where has a special charm and there are also destinations where our winter is your summer, so they position themselves as the perfect time to travel.

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