How to find cheap flights in the world

cheap flights
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Finding cheap flights is not mission impossible and can even become an easy task for travelers. With these  tips to find cheap flights will end the moments of bad mood to know that your friends always travel cheaper than you.

Getting cheap flights is something that every traveler dreams of. Escape thanks to a low cost trip to anywhere in the world for much less than you had always thought. Planting in any city in USA or on the other side of the world is the ultimate goal of all those who are looking for last minute trips . Do you think it is not possible? Well you’re wrong and we’ll tell you the best tips to get cheap flights.

Best tips cheap flights in the world

Sky scanner

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Without a doubt it is the best web where to consult the best prices of the flights, since they do not apply any type of commission and compares the prices of all the airlines in a format very comprehensible and comfortable for the user. Finding cheap flights will be easier with Sky scanner.


As a general rule, being flexible is essential to get cheap trips . If you want to travel on specific dates, in high season, and to a precise destination it is very possible that you will not find the cheap trip you want. But if you’re open to changing dates or discovering a new destination, then the chances of you finding it multiply. It’s about you adapting to the flight, not that it adapts to you. And for that flexibility is key. Being flexible has its reward when you are looking for low cost , economic or last minute tips.

Create a price alert

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The prices of the flights change rapidly with time and the ideal is to be constant in the search to find cheap flights . But if you do not have enough time or desire (because you end up running out looking for the same thing every day), you can create a price alert. You will receive a notification as soon as the price rises or falls within what you are willing to pay . Sky scanner offers a very useful free alert service .

Fly with low cost companies

Although many people do not dare to board a plane of these companies, they are as or more secure than the others . Of course, inside the plane there are no luxuries , but for short trips can be a good ally, especially for the pockets. Sometimes, traveling with these companies is the most effective trick to find  cheap flights .

Avoid checking in luggage

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The best deals are with low cost companies, but this means that the check-in of the suitcases is not included in the price . If you need to check in, depending on the case, you can go out more on account and look for a more expensive ticket that includes this option, since each suitcase costs around € 50 each way . You have to be very careful with the measures and weight of the hand luggage that each company allows to avoid last minute surprises.

Be flexible

This aspect is very important when it comes to finding cheap flights. Leaving or returning a day before or after can considerably change the final price of the flight. We not only talk about flexibility with dates, but with the route. If you have several airports relatively close, you should look at all possible combinations. Some flight may be significantly cheaper if you make the effort to move a little further.

Avoid weekends and holidays

Exit on Friday and return on Sunday is the most expensive, since at this time there is a lot of demand for tickets as it is a non-working day for the majority. The same goes for holidays, bridges or vacations. Then, the price of flights can be tripled on these dates . This is  especially noticeable in cheap destinations , which are the most frequent for weekend getaways.

Look at flights on Tuesdays, never on weekends

According to several studies, Tuesdays are the best day to buy tickets . So do not watch the flights over the weekend, since most people have a party and when they are most interested in buying tickets. Airlines take advantage of this, and prices rise considerably.

Price alerts

Do you know that you can keep track of that flight that interests you so much? It is as easy as registering in the price alerts of the best search engines and you will receive a notification in your email every time the flights for your cheap trips change. So you can decide what is the best time to get those cheap tickets that you want so much.

Nearby airports

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Perhaps you had never raised, but sometimes fly from any side or near the main airport is the key to finding trips low cost of truth . Dare to get on a plane at that small airport you had never thought of. The key, as in everything, is to compare and compare. Take into account nearby airports and find out how much you can save if you are willing to move a few more kilometers.


It does not always happen, but sometimes a stopover of several hours in some other destination can become a significant savings on your cheap trips . You will discover that on this economic trip to New York it may be worth making a long stop in Paris or Dublin. And that money that you will have saved can be spent in the destination.

No bills

Forget about taking the house on your back and carrying a thousand outfits or “just in case”. Most low cost airlines will charge you for checking in a suitcase , so be smart and travel light. Your checking account will thank you and you will make your cheap trips even more so.

Subscribe to newsletters

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In addition to signing up for price alerts for the best search engines, it is always a good idea to subscribe to newsletters. So every week you will receive in your email an email with ideas, inspiration and cheap flight prices for your cheap trips. The goal is to discover that you have the world at your fingertips, and without spending a fortune. With these simple tricks we guarantee that flying during the weekend will not be as expensive as you have always believed. The key lies in managing the right information and knowing how to use it for your own benefit. We also recommend a loyalty plan with your favorite airline to get better prices.

Choose the payment method well

This factor is very important, since many pages charge a special supplement depending on the payment method used . If you pay for the supplement with your card, look for other alternatives. The best option, and the safest one, is to pay by PayPal.

Finally, forget about low cost airlines . No, it is not about printing your boarding pass at home, flying without billing, eating your sandwich just take off, holding the lottery on board and landing at an airport 100 kilometers from your destination to save you a few bucks. It’s about being skillful when looking for cheap flights, get the best rates and fly like a marquise knowing that, probably, your row mates have paid more for their tickets.

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