The best tips for finding cheap international flights

cheap international flights
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Cheap international flights-One of the best options when it comes to finding deals on flights , is when we do not set a specific date. That is, we all know that the high season is related to the month of August and the festivities nationwide. So, if you are lucky enough to be able to get away from them, then you are sure to save much more than you think of your plane ticket.

  • Separate tickets: Sometimes, booking a ticket that is round trip is not the best solution. The savings will be found when we reserve tickets separately. Of course, first of all you’ll have to pay attention, because not all companies have this trick.
  • The scales: Although the scales in the trips can be a great annoyance, in this case, perhaps they are even our salvation. This is because its price is reduced considerably.
  • The hours: Without a doubt, also the hours can affect our pocket. If you are not in a hurry for a specific day, surely the time will not be an impediment either. So, you can book your low cost cheap international flights if you choose at the very first hour of the morning or, at night. Sometimes it happens that the prices are a little lower. You just need to check it!

January, February and November become the cheapest months to travel . So, you can always go looking at your days and make a reservation at that time. Of course, if you have free days, you can always alter a little the holiday you have in mind.

How to book an online flight

best cheap international flights

Booking a flight online , is one of the tasks that everyone can do, even without having much idea of ​​the Internet. In addition, you can save intermediaries, waiting and other procedures. Do not you think it’s worth it ?.

  • First, the best we can do is opt for a flight search engine like the ones we left at the beginning of this article. There we can choose both the date and the place we want to visit and we will leave a series of options, ordered with their prices and flight companies. A very simple task that we will have before us in a matter of seconds.
  • As search engines you can use Skyscanner as well as Rumbo or Destinia, among others. All of them will provide you with the best prices of the best-known companies . You’re in good hands!.
  • Once we have the selection, the simple exercise of knowing when we have to reserve begins . As we are planning a vacation, we can not arrive and embark. No, because we need to adjust the price a little. For this, what you need to know is that, as a rule, about seven weeks before the price of the ticket will be almost 10% cheaper. Of course if we go in a hurry, you have to know that a ticket on the same day of your departure may have gone up in price up to 30% more.
  • Once you have already taken the main steps to search, choose and select destination. Now it only remains to make the reservation itself. Once done, they will send you a confirmation email to the email you have provided. There you will see your ticket number and the reservation code.

What are the advantages of booking an online

cheap international flights?

the cheap international flights

We know that there are many advantages to being able to book an online flight . Without a doubt, comfort is something that will always accompany us. It is not the same to have to go to an agency and spend a whole morning in it, to be comfortably on the sofa in our house. Of course, in addition to that, we have others that must be mentioned.

Information : Of course, the information is much wider. This is because thanks to the search engines you can compare with different companies , as well as enjoy more destinations and everything you need to know.

No schedules : Do not worry if you spend all day working and when you arrive, the travel agency is closed. Breathe, relax a bit and turn on the computer. There you will find everything you are looking for. You can copy it or check it the next day if you want to take a new look.

Prices : As we have been commenting, something that always worries us are the prices. In this case, there will be no intermediaries and we can always find these offers more than beneficial . Of course, remember that you always have to make sure of the final price, once all the corresponding fees have been added. Still, surely it will be cheaper via online.

Main destinations

finding cheap international flights

Cheap international flights to London

If you want to travel to London , then you have to know that to get some cheap flights, you will have to make your reservation about seven weeks before the trip. With this, you can be saving about 20% of the price. Of course, for this, we always advise you to start looking as soon as possible and above all, to compare. The best cheaper air travel departures are in May and September.

Cheap flights to Paris

If you have opted for romanticism, then maybe Paris is your best destination . A destination where you can discover places with a lot of charm. So that you remember them always and not, because it was an expensive flight, then you can start making your reservation around 10 weeks before your trip. The best months to see Paris are the months of September and October.

Cheap international flights to Rome

If you want to visit Rome , you will also have to book your plane ticket a month and a half in advance. This way you will find more affordable prices. Also, remember that May and June are perfect months, low demand.

Cheap international flights to Madrid

Finding a flight to Madrid is something very common and simple. All airports are connected to it. So, I’m sure you’ll be able to discover several and at very different times. The best thing to do is to get away from the main hours and days like Friday or Monday because prices will surely shoot up.

Low cost flights to Barcelona

tips for finding cheap international flights

The city ​​of Barcelona is also very well connected. Both have domestic and cheap international flights. So traveling to her is not a problem. Sometimes you will find some trips and their stopovers, but it is always good to take advantage to see if we can save some euros. Choose an hour that has little influx and you’ll see how you get cheaper than you think.

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