Christmas on the beach
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Christmas on the beach-Have you ever spent the Christmas holidays on the beach? Plant face to the cold and change the Christmas tree for a palm tree and spend a Christmas at the seaside in the destination you prefer.

Christmas on the beach

the Christmas on the beach

The White Christmas are the most typical, but if there is something delicious and original to break up the monotony of traditional festivals, is to spend Christmas in a bikini enjoying the weather and giving envy to all your friends who are staying home comes coats and sweaters.

 So if you dare to face the cold, change the Christmas tree for a palm tree and make the New Year’s toast on the seashore, check out the destinations we propose and go packing for a Christmas of the most warm

Christmas in Gran Canaria

top Christmas on the beach


Apart from the wonderful weather that the island enjoys all year, going to Christmas in Gran Canaria is especially attractive for many things. One of them is to see the sand Bethlehem that is made every year at the Playa de las Canteras, a few steps from the marine reserve. This year, the Bethlehem was inaugurated on December 5 and will be open until January 7, 2014. Each year, the figures are different, and are also made by different artists from Italy, Denmark, Russia and of course, from Spain. The work began on November 18 and have worked until December 4. It can be visited every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except on January 24, 31 and 5, which will be open only until 8:00 p.m. In addition, on December 17, 19 and 26 there is a series of special Christmas concerts at the San Martín Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, with jazz, blues and swing.

Escape to some Paradise at Christmas

December is one of the best months to travel to Thailand. There the climate is not yet extremely hot, but it has a perfect temperature, in addition, there is no rain either. What you will need is an anti-mosquito to put it right out of the airport, because these insects do not forgive and can be overwhelming. Thai Airways has direct flights from several Spanish cities (you can check on their website) and the flight with them is very comfortable and enjoyable: movies in several languages, menus to choose from and the drinks you want during the flight. They usually travel to Bangkok (very interesting city to visit) and from there you can go to Paradise , that is, to the many islands of the South such as Phuket or Ko Phi Phi and enjoy a truly unforgettable Christmas.

On the other side of the pond

Rio de Janeiro , is another of the destinations in which the month of December is simultaneously hot and festive, an average temperature of 27 degrees. The city is put in celebratory mode , and will make you enjoy its traditions . The season begins with the lighting of a huge Christmas tree floating in the Laguna Rodrigo de Freitas accompanied by a great fireworks show .

Decorations spread throughout the city, street vendors offer their products dressed as Father Noel. Also, you can take a bath on the Copacabana beach on Christmas day accompanied by a capirinha in your hand. Another of the most requested destinations is Miami.

The city of Miami is one of the best beach destinations for this Christmas. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit the city enjoying the sun all year round and mild temperatures. During Christmas , its streets are filled with lights, stores and stores dress up and as every year returns Santa’s Enchanted Forest , a Christmas park full of light and colorful located in the Tropical Park of Miami-Dade , offering fun both children and adults.

In Miami there are many outlet stores where you can do Christmas shopping and surprise your family with beautiful gifts, and all this by the beach where you can spend hours lying on a lounger recharging forces for Christmas celebrations. The most famous beach in Miami South Beach with some of the most striking Art Deco buildings. An idyllic place to spend the Christmas holidays .

From the Caribbean sea to national destinations

Christmas on the beach

Now we will go to the shores of the Caribbean , specifically to Costa Rica. This paradisiac destination is perfect to disconnect and have a different Christmas. Costa Rica is a very familiar country and they celebrate Christmas in style. San José, the capital of the country, is a great example of this especially during its festival of light, a night parade full of music and food stalls to enjoy.

At Christmas they bring to the table some of their best dishes to enjoy with family and friends. One of its star dishes is the leg of roast lamb . The pork tamale will also be the protagonist of these parties in Costa Rica . Apart from enjoying a warm climate you can enjoy an exquisite tasting.

Undoubtedly the cheapest and closest option for those looking to spend Christmas on the beach are the Canary Islands , where you will have an average temperature of 20 degrees . They also offer a wide variety of plans, from lying on the beach to sunbathing and resting to explore the different islands that make up its archipelago such as the volcanic lands of Lanzarote, the dunes of Gran Canaria , the beaches of Fuerteventura, the forests from Tenerife, the minimalist nature of El Hierro, the natural parks of La Gomera or the strange beauty of Palma and all accompanied by a tasty gastronomy that will make you remember neither the nougat nor the cold.

There are a multitude of destinations to spend a different Christmas on the beach, accompanied by your most ayegados. If you are tired of family dinners, nougat and polvorones you can travel to these destinations to live those dates in a very attractive and different way that surely you will never forget.

Philippine Christmas

If you are wanting to escape from the cold and the Christmas commitments, but still enjoy celebrating Christmas, the Philippines is the right country for you. It has a high rate of Catholic population, so the holidays are celebrated in style. The Filipino people are very happy and love the holidays, so that both Christmas and the end of the year make it a great celebration. One of the best beaches in the Philippines (considered to be one of the best in the world), is White Beach, which, as the name suggests, has miles of white sand and turquoise waters. Another paradise is the island of Boracay, where you find the beach called Puka, which is the second largest on the island, and, incredible as it may seem, there is no hotel built on it. If you go, remember to take some of the puka shells (which give the beach its name), since it is believed that they bring good luck, and the more symmetrical, the more fortunate they carry.

The advantages of celebrating Christmas on the beach

Christmas on the beach

If you believe what the movies tell you, you’ll be looking for a snowy Christmas and shopping … but we have a better idea. How about a Christmas vacation in the sun? At the Sandos resorts, we always celebrate these dates here on the beach. Imagine parties in the sand, impeccable Christmas dinners prepared by professional chefs, spend the 25th under the shade of a palm tree … so we spent Christmas in Sandos. There are many advantages to celebrating Christmas on the beach, and we of the Sandos team are the experts.

Less clothes to pack

You will no longer have to feel the weight of bringing the coat, the scarf, the gloves, the sweater, and the worst … the boots. Free your feet to walk barefoot on the beaches of Mexico and feel the sand. Here on the beaches of Mexico, you do not need much more than your bathing suit, a shirt, shorts and your flip flops. Leave all your heavy winter clothes at home and bring the essentials for a sunny vacation. Sun glasses and sunscreen are also indispensable.

You do not have to cook

When you spend the holiday season at one of our all-inclusive resorts, we take care of all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners for you. This year, the chefs of each Sandos resort are also preparing beautiful Christmas dinners for guests so you do not miss the season without trying traditional Christmas dishes from Mexico, the United States and more.

The sea views are the best gift

discover Christmas on the beach

A beach vacation means a beautiful environment, something you’ll find in each of the Sandos resorts in Mexico this Christmas. Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort has some of the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea from its incredible location in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, the best way to wake up on December 25. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort offers fascinating ecosystems by the sea in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, as well as turquoise waters on its beach. Sandos Playacar Beach Resort is located on one of the most extensive and beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, and you will want to spend the 24th lying on the beach looking towards the stunning Caribbean Sea. Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos is an all-inclusive resort known for its unbeatable views of Cabo San Lucas; this property offers views of the sea or the bay from each room, as well as beautiful terraces on the cliff with views to take your breath away. For this Christmas or next, give yourself a view of the sea.

For many vacationers, the ideal is to leave the cold behind and come to the warm beaches of Mexico to celebrate Christmas, whether as a family, with your partner or with friends. At each Sandos resort, we celebrate Christmas with you with an extensive program of activities, dinners and fun in the sun.

Santa Claus arrives at the beaches of Mexico every year! Also for this Christmas 2015, will visit each of the Sandos resorts to celebrate this great season with guests. If you want to pamper yourself with sun, love and sand on the beaches of Mexico this Christmas or the one that follows, come and see us at Sandos Hotels & Resorts . We are waiting for you with great joy for happy holidays!

Finally, Christmas begins more and more soon but it is not something that comes as a surprise. Christmas on the beach is the perfect time to enjoy the family. Another factor that always accompanies us on these dates is the cold , our faithful companion every year at these parties, with icy roads and cold alerts. One of the alternatives that are increasingly present in the traditions at Christmas is to spend these dates in the hottest destinations leaving cold out for a while .

This time we will change the rituals of all life , we will break the rules of these holidays, pack and go to a destination of the most paradisaical to live and celebrate Christmas in a different way. One of the tips before traveling at Christmas is to make a very planned travel organization since the prices go up because of the dates they are.

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