Cruise for a honeymoon trip, why is it the best option?

honeymoon trip
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If you are thinking about the destination of your honeymoon trip and do not want to do the same as your friends and family, keep reading. I know the importance of that first trip after giving the ” I DO WANT ” and that’s why for me there is no doubt that a cruise is an infallible plan for a honeymoon trip. The preparations will be minimal (everything will be in the hands of professionals) and the possibilities are innumerable. Today I would like to share some reasons why choosing a cruise itinerary on your honeymoon trip is a great idea and some recommendations to get it right. You will be totally convinced, let’s go there!


Cruise for a honeymoon trip

The honeymoon trips are usually several days, and even weeks, so the planning usually becomes somewhat cumbersome and can even lead to moments of stress and small discussions with our partner (we started well then). There are those who love to plan and others who, just the opposite. In this sense, cruise companies work hard so you do not have to worry about anything. Choose destination, dates, and ports of departure and arrival, the rest will not be a concern. A cruise guarantees all kinds of comforts while organizing the entire trip with transportation, stops in destinations, activities and all details. Read more: 7 fashion trends for the honeymoon in 2018


best honeymoon trip

A cruise ship will provide you with an ideal place to rest while enjoying endless activities on board. If you prefer to rest you will have hundreds of options, from a delicious meal (almost 24 hours a day), to take a dip, watch a movie or nap. If you feel like moving then you will have an agenda full of activities both inside and outside the boat. The stopovers at destination will be a perfect time to visit charming cities and when you are on the ship you will find sports, leisure activities, dances and much more. Read more: Honeymoon in Africa: an amazing and unforgettable world


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Imagine yourself watching the waves with your partner aboard a ship, as when Leonardo DiCaprio takes Kate Wins let in his arms in Titanic (this time with a happy ending more than certain). During a honeymoon cruise, this type of scenario will be repeated as many times as you wish and in different parts of the planet. And not only the ship and the sea will be the background of your images, but there will be hundreds of destinations waiting for you to land. Keep reading


Cruise for a honeymoon trip

Cruises have itineraries around the world. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean passing through Northern Europe, among other areas. If you have in mind to travel to different destinations during your honeymoon, a cruise is a more interesting choice with which you will also only have to unpack once in the entire trip. Once the ship arrives at any of the ports in your itinerary, you will only have to worry about enjoying it. In addition, guided tours are also organized from the cruise.


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The newlyweds usually opt for long trips by plane, with their respective transfers, and with a frantic pace from here to there with their suitcases difficult to prolong. This is very good in the photos, but in the end, you end up tired of going back and forth. Remembering your honeymoon trip cruise will have “that what I know” that will differentiate it from the rest of the experiences that may reach your ears. Discuss it with your friends and you will see how they also want to join the party.

Tips if you are looking for a Cruise for your honeymoon :

 Reservation: To ensure that everything will be perfect you should reserve it in advance in order to guarantee the date and to be able to make a better choice of the cabin.

Honeymoon Packages: Almost all cruise companies offer special packages for newlyweds. These “romantic pack” can include different services such as flowers, wine or champagne, romantic breakfasts in the cabin, massages, special decoration of the cabin, spa treatments, photographs and other souvenirs such as bathrobes, caps, T-shirts… All cruises include these special packs and prices may vary from one shipping company to another and are usually included in the special price for a Honeymoon trip. It is very important to let your travel agency know that you want these special packages so that this, in turn, communicates it to the shipping company in order to make all the necessary preparations. Test documents:

To prove that you really are a couple of newlyweds some shipping companies ask you to present the registration document of the marriage to be able to access the special benefits for newly married. Check with your travel agency or the shipping company what documents are necessary and are proof for the shipping company that we have married.

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