Dubai: 10 incredible things to do without spending a cent

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Who said that a holiday in Dubai must necessarily be expensive? Flight and hotel apart (on which you can still save money, choosing the best solutions), once you arrive in the Emirate you can visit the city, see incredible places and experience sensational – for which Dubai is famous – without spending even a penny.

Here are our tips, 10 things to do in Dubai that are completely free …

1) Attending the show of dancing fountains under the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, is very exciting: every day from 18.00 to 23.00 every 30 minutes the wonderful water show of The Dubai Fountain with musical background fascinates the thousands of tourists gathering around the gigantic pool to witness the world’s largest choreographic fountain (another Dubai record). Even the skyscraper is illuminated with giant laser projections on the whole height (828 meters).

2) Visit Bur Dubai, the historic district of the city, often considered the real center. Completely redeveloped, this district still keeps its atmosphere intact. This is where it all began, when Dubai was just a small fishing village. You can admire numerous mosques including the Great Mosque, for which the tallest minaret of the city was built, and the Iranian Mosque, with its beautiful blue tiles. In this area there is also the only Hindu temple in the country.


3) Going to the beach in Dubai costs nothing. There are some private establishments, but the beach is open to everyone. There are several areas of the city to go to the beach. The new area of La Mer is somewhat reminiscent of Miami Beach. Big beach, colorful cabins, surf schools and lots of bars, clubs and shops, including street food vans.

4) Another area of beaches – perhaps the most frequented by tourists and expats – is Jumeirah, where there is JBR The Beach. Closed by a long line of skyscrapers that house hotels and apartments, this beach is reminiscent of the Larvotto di Montecarlo. There are some establishments with gazebos and large poufs, lounge bars and many restaurants. The bathrooms with showers are free.

5) Another beach to go to is Mamzar Park Beach, a very exotic corner of the city, lined with rows of palm trees and white sand.

6) Unable to come to Dubai and not visit its souks. There is that of spices, that of perfumes, that of fabrics and that of gold. They are located in historic buildings, with imposing entrances and are developed along avenues from which dozens of alleys and alleyways branch off, all full of shops. You do not need to buy anything, the fun is just snooping and haggling, coming away even with empty hands, but with nostrils saturated with aromas like the oud – called the wood of the gods – and cinnamon.


7) Always on the subject of shopping, every Saturday morning in the Business Bay business district there is a nice Sunrise Market, the dawn market. Many local crafts stalls put objects and you can stop to have breakfast among the many vans that offer all sorts of international cuisine. Another market, this time of organic products, is held on Friday morning in Zabeel Park, a large city park at the foot of the Dubai Frame, the last attraction opened in 2018. Expats also come here to shop and it will be fun to mix to them in an atmosphere that is so reminiscent of the West Village in New York.

8) For those who enjoy physical activity, free yoga and fitness classes are held in Dubai in different areas of the city. At Marasi Business Bay you can participate in a yoga session at sunrise or sunset at the Marasi Yoga Hub without being a member, while at the Mall of the Emirates, the biggest shopping center in the world (another record!), From Sunday to Wednesday Free FlyWheel classes, spinning and other physical activities are held.

9) Inside the Mall there is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo whose entrance fee is payable. However, one wall of the mall coincides with that of the theme park and is in fact a huge aquarium where you can admire hundreds of fish including sharks and swordfish. It will be a little like entering it.

10) The camel race is a true tradition in Dubai and tourists can attend competitions at the Dubai Racing Club, where access to certain areas of the circuit is free. There are many places for visitors, all with a beautiful view of the track from which to admire the animals and their riders who challenge each other.

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