7 restaurants where to eat cheap in Singapore

eat cheap in Singapore
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Where to eat cheap in Singapore– Eating cheap in Singapore is sucked. Although it is one of the most exclusive cities to live in, you will not have to worry about feeding yourself. As in any corner of Asia, you can eat for very little , especially thanks to the Hawker Centers. In this post we present you 7 restaurants where you can eat cheap in Singapore.

Here  are best seven restaurants eat cheap in Singapore

Portico Dishes

where to eat cheap in Singapore

And if we continue betting on non-Asian food, we find a Spanish restaurant. There you can eat decent tapas  of braves, croquettes or ham at a more than reasonable price. However, the place is known for its paella . Although you may find it worse than your city, it’s fine. Regarding the price, you can eat for just over $10 per person.

Ah Bong’s Italian

Whenever you travel, wherever you go, put an Italian in your itinerary. In general, if you dissociate yourself from Asian food, eating in Singapore will seem a bit expensive, as well as difficult. Do not expect a nice place or well decorated. It is a simple place where they serve some pasta dishes with good value for money. It is central, very close to Bugs. For you to have a price reference, some Mac ‘n’ Cheese will cost you around $ 5 . Undoubtedly, a good option where to eat cheap in Singapore.

Eat at a Hawker Center, a great option to eat cheap in Singapore

best eat cheap in Singapore

One of the best areas to eat in Singapore for very little is going to a Hawker Center . For us to understand, it is an open area where there are several parasites or restaurants and in the center tables to eat. That is to say, more or less like the food courts, although they are usually a little simpler and neglected. If you want a reference, you can eat dishes for between $ 2 and $ 5.

There are basically Hawker Centers in Malaysia and Singapore, although the concept is spread around the world by other names . For example, Latin America is known as Food Ducks. If you are not very refined with food, there you can eat very cheaply. We present some of the best known:

Maxwell Road

This is one of the most famous in the city. It is very close to Chinatown and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple . There you will find many food stalls with one factor in common: the low price. Look at them all, find what you like most and sit down at one of their tables with some locals. Even if you see many tourists, there are also many locals in the Hawker Centers. All the positions are Asian and are usually specialized in one or more dishes. Without a doubt, a great option where to eat cheap in Singapore.

Lau Pa Sat

the eat cheap in Singapore

Another of the most frequented. Basically for its great location, in the heart of Downtown. You will have about 40 restaurants to choose from, mostly Asian food. Although it may seem a little sloppy, do not worry about cleanliness. In each restaurant you will see a sign that shows the level of cleanliness they have obtained in the last inspection by the government. Regarding prices, do not worry, cheap almost everything. The hardest part will be choosing which one you stay with.

is teaks Diner

top eat cheap in Singapore

A good option where to eat in Singapore if you like meat . They serve a bit of everything: pasta, steaks, salads, although it is famous for its good burgers. It was born as a shy walking stop and now has two locations in Singapore, although somewhat removed from the city center. If you want to eat one of their complete burgers, it will not cost you more than $ 6.

Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

idea eat cheap in Singapore

This is one of the most famous places in the city where you can eat cheaply in Singapore. Although it is also inside a Hawker Center, it deserves a special mention. Of course, although you will see many restaurants, it will be easy to locate. You just have to look at the one with the most tail.To eat your specialty, chicken with soy sauce will not be easy. The chef only serves a limited amount of chickens per day. So, as you do not want to eat, you will only have to eat rice! Regarding the price, it is very cheap. You can eat a good plate of rice with chicken for about $2. For us, it is an essential stop where to eat cheap in Singapore.

Steamboat Chinese Restaurant

eat cheap in Singapore

And finally, do not leave this classic. If you want to give yourself a good feast, you can eat at this buffet for around $15 per person. You will have more than 40 dishes to choose from . On weekends it is a bit more expensive. In addition to the buffet, they also have menus to share that are very good. The food is not the best we have ever tasted, but it is a more than acceptable restaurant to eat in Singapore.


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