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erotic gifts
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Erotic gifts– This year I decided to spend giving my boy the subscription to Netflix he has asked me for. I also love spending the afternoons watching series but, at this rate, our relationship is going to turn into something mega monotonous. Seeing “Stranger Things” is great, but you also have to spice up a bit every day.

So I have decided to give him an erotic gift that we can use both of them and that guarantees us unique moments. I have found several options in My Sensual Box although I have not decided yet. I pass some of the things that I have selected, so you can see the good idea that I have had, choosing to make this kind of gifts. And if I encourage myself, I will even buy some of them for the invisible friend with my friends and the people at work.

These are some that adapt more to my boy and me, but you have more. Maybe you dare with something stronger … In Mi Sensual Box have all kinds of erotic products, suitable for any level of sensuality that you want to reach.

The best erotic gifts to spend a very spicy Christmas:

Amaterasu dice

the erotic gifts

A classic in erotic gifts and star of countless invisible friends. And like any classic that boasts, it will never go out of style.

Aromatic candle

Your friend, partner, your mother … Any generation will see in this detail an original, practical and very chic Christmas gift . It is perfect for the amateurs in erotic-festive matters, since, after a giggle of acceptance and a slight blush, they will discover the good use they can make to this Christmas detail. It is a candle that smells great and, eye on the data, the wax becomes a moisturizing oil to give a gentle massage to your particular lover .

Massage oil

best the erotic gifts

What better to enjoy a relaxed Christmas than to be pampered with a massage oil that is also edible. The Amaterasu brand has different flavors and you will not deny that it will be very sensual and exciting to take a few drops of oil, give a gentle massage to your partner and, for a teak end, remove it with small licks.

Christmas Box

For the most pros who want to ensure an unprecedented success, it is best to opt for one of the Christmas Box that Mi Sensual Box has prepared for these dates. Dusters, handcuffs, aphrodisiac drinks, candles and even a hotel voucher for two nights are some of the products that are included in the Box and that will delight the fortunate or lucky to receive it as a Christmas gift (and also to your partner , Clear). The ideal thing is to try the articles in the hotel that you want!

Romantic kit

If what you are looking for this Christmas is to spend some romantic evening with your partner, accompanied by candles, nougat and champagne, you can opt for more subtle things, like a romantic kit. These kits are usually composed of oils, creams and other products that can help you discover your most erogenous zones. You can choose to buy a box with products already selected or perform it yourself with the items that you like. So take advantage of these dates to give (and give) moments full of romance, passion, sensuality and lots of fun.

Erotic toys

Those who walk in search of new sensations should try without further delay Son, Leno, a clitoris simulator based on sound waves, which begins a new era of sonic vibrators will give much to talk. The waves that Sonar emits not only reach the part of the clitoris that we can see and touch but to this whole organ; that as we know is similar to an iceberg and shows outside only a small part of itself. An accessory to be tested by the Californians with the guarantee of the Leo brand: medical silicone, 100% submersible, rechargeable, and one of the quietest on the market. Moreover, people who are on the path of discovering eroticism in mystical and unknown ways, seem to prefer gifts like cute and cuddly butt plugs. These are sex toys that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender or orientation. For starters, these toys can kindle unaroused flames in the body and provide pleasures. Since butt plugs are more or less versatile for your repertoire, you can use them in submissive plays and engage in some sensual action.

If you want to surprise your male partner, we encourage you to opt for an erotic product of the most elegant and delicate. You can gift him urethral sounds, which are some of the most used recreational toys. Interestingly, it was used in medicine that helps treat disorders of the urethra! You might be surprised to know that there are different varieties which can give different sensations. So, get ahead with your research and look for websites like Lust Plugs who can help you find the best recreational gift for your partner. A gift like this can stand out among the rest of typical and bland Christmas presents.

discover erotic gifts

Get dressed

Sex and costumes form one of the most exciting combinations for any man. At this time of year it is not hard to see calendars full of models in lingerie or lingerie parades with a Christmas touch, so have you thought about doing something about it? Get a model or a naughty Santa Claus , there are many styles. Some incorporate half-open jackets, other garters, other Christmas hats … whatever the cost, the outfit will surprise your partner; and if you play to interpret different roles (you can be the wife of Santa Claus) you will give a spicy and funny touch to your sexual life .

For the most romantic

top erotic gifts

If what you are looking for this Christmas is to spend some romantic evening with your partner, accompanied by candles, nougat and champagne, you can opt for more subtle things, like a romantic kit. These kits are usually composed of oils, creams and other products that can help you discover your most erogenous zones. Why do not you try massages? Try giving a vibrator or massage along with some original lubricant : with flavor to lick your partner’s whole body, with different effects: retardant orgasm, cold effect, heat …

Advent Calendar

Surely you know what we mean: the traditional calendar that counts, from December 1, the days that remain until Christmas Eve and that has a bar in each of your days to make the Christmas wait much sweeter. You can surprise your partner with a very original gift: a calendar in its most erotic version, marking a challenge or an objective in each day that, yes or yes, you must comply to the letter. Try a certain position, make love in a new place, have a special detail, you can fix up to 31 tests in 31 different days! December can be a unique month to unleash your fantasies …

Unleash erotic games

As these dates are not only worth the material gifts, you can also surprise your boy with an unforgettable experience. Here are some ideas! It may seem like a contradiction, but in the coldest time of the year we can not forget to use ice. Put a small cube in your mouth and slide it over your partner’s body until it melts. Then he exchanges the papers. The contrast between body temperature and ice will drive you crazy! Of course, as we do not want hypothermia, anything to do with snow, better in a warm place!

And what about if this Christmas you play to make love in completely new places? In a train , in the car or in an airplane while you travel to your destination, in a changing room while doing Christmas shopping, in an elevator … the options are multiple! And for the more daring who want an injection of adrenaline … how about sneaking out of a family Christmas dinner? with the excuse of having to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen? In that case you will not have much time, so better one of these positions …

Finally, erotic gifts- if you’re looking to run away from the monotony in bed and end boredom, this Christmas holiday we recommend a game like the Love Machine . It is a fun tool that will recommend, depending on the mood, your disposition and the desire for action that you have that day, an ideal position to try in bed . If you still have not decided and need more ideas to celebrate a spicy Christmas as a couple, check out our list of the 100 best sex toys. Which one do you prefer? Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed!

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