Essential care for children on the beach

children on the beach
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Children on the beach- Although it seems incredible, there is a day when the holidays for the whole family arrive, the time comes when it breaks with the daily routine and joyful situations can be guessed in full contact with nature, both in the mountains and in the sea, but … attention, because to enjoy it, we will have to be aware that children need a series of special precautions and precautions.

Caring for children on the beach

care for children on the beach

Before going to the children on the beach, between twenty minutes and a half hour before sun exposure, it is advisable to apply waterproof protective cream with a high factor, to give time to act properly and the child is more protected. Do not forget the cream bottle, and take it to the beach because at regular intervals of an hour and a half or two hours you will have to apply cream again, even if it is not too hot or we are in the water. Read more: Summer holidays in family

We will dress the child in light and brightly colored clothes and when it comes to “set up camp”, we must choose a place that is not close to dangerous elements for the child, that is not too far from the water and as clean as possible.

The baths should be short because the child cools quickly and we will dry the ears and folds of the skin very well after leaving the water, remaining attentive to its temperature outside of it. It is also convenient to cover the head with a hat.

It is interesting to avoid rubbing your eyes if you get sand, it is advisable to have a reserve water bottle in case we have to put it in your eyes to clean it, and of course we will take care that it is very well hydrated, especially if the child is keeping a high physical activity. Keep reading

The sun from the first year of life

best children on the beach

It is well known that the sun taken properly strengthens the defenses, is beneficial for the bones, improves the appearance of the skin and uplifts the mood, among other positive effects. Children who do not suffer burns and go little by little depending on their age exposing themselves conveniently to the sun will want to return as soon as possible to the children on the beach or the mountain and continue enjoying while they strengthen. Read more: The most beautiful beaches of the famous islands

Expert dermatologists emphasize that the natural protection system in children is not developed, and recommend not exposing children to the sun directly during the first year of life, there is also a remarkable danger of burns and the appearance of moles that can lead to greater ills. Therefore, it is convenient that the child under one year stays in an area without direct exposure to the sun and with the skin covered; as you grow, you can enjoy the benefits of that direct exposure in short intervals of time and have fun in the water and in the sand with a hat and the convenient sunscreens.

The first encounter with the sea

the children on the beach

Some children do not have any fear of water and are able from the first day to launch in search of the waves and enjoy the possibilities offered by the beach; others, however, react with a little bit of fear in front of that big amount of water, which comes very fast and itchy in the eyes …

As mentioned, it is convenient that the child has at least one year before exposing him to the sun on the children on the beach, while remaining covered with skin and in the shade; Once the year is over, it is interesting that you gradually get used to staying a little while in the water, always with vigilance, to sit on the shore and play with the sand, to walk slowly and slosh a bit, while at the same time You can enter with dad or mom where it covers a little and so start moving arms and legs depending on your motor ability, to become a great swimmer.

In any case, the approach to this new environment must be carried out gradually, very gradually to avoid rejection and with great caution when choosing bath time, best early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon , and always taking care that the child is well hydrated, expose himself to the sun during short spaces and with the skin protected.

Play with the sand

care for children on the beach

Playing with the bucket, the shovel, and the rake, making sandcastles, holes where the water passes, strengths before the waves and seeing how the water covers the footprints, are some of the activities that the child will enjoy very much and that in the process they will develop their imagination. When you are still a baby, you have to be very careful not to put sand in your eyes or mouth and be careful that your ears do not fill with sand or shavings. However, the sand can be considered as an ideal place to play, where it does not hurt if it falls apart from tickling the soles of your feet and where you can jump without fear of hurting yourself and playing with the inflatable ball to be a great goalkeeper. The child strengthens his legs as he walks along the shore, develops his motor and balance and stimulates circulation.

How long can we be children on the beach?

the children on the beach

As we have already mentioned, we must avoid the central hours of the day and enjoy the children on the beach little by little, gradually, if we really want to go every day. It is almost of interest that the first day does not give the sun more than 5 or 10 minutes, so that it becomes accustomed, and be as a rule under the umbrella. As the days go by, you can stay a little longer on the beach, but we must not exceed an hour or an hour and a half at most, it is advisable to go through our accommodation to shower and return again in the late afternoon and repeat the fun.

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