How to get to the North Cape

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What is the best way to get to the North Cape? Useful guide to organize a trip to the North Cape by car, camper, motorbike, plane and bus. How to get there, the weather and temperatures and all the information to travel to North Cape, Norway.

If you’re trying to figure out which is the best way to get to the North Cape (Nordkapp in Norwegian), we tell you right away that it’s not there. The beauty lies in reaching this mythical place by choosing the solution most in symbiosis with the spirit of the journey.

North Cape, is nothing but a symbolic place and a place of the spirit. Reaching the North Cape means reaching the northernmost point of Europe.

In reality it is an inaccuracy, because on the island of Magerøya, where the North Cape is located, there is an even more northern place. However, the North Cape is the huge cliff overlooking the Arctic Ocean and the record, although geographically incorrect, could only be his.

There is not much to see on this cliff, apart from the dark sea as far as the eye can see. But the journey to reach it is an epic journey, discovering the most incredible finis terrae in Europe. If you are planning a trip to the North Cape, here are the alternatives to choose from.

North Cape

Reach North Head by Air

The Norwegian airports closest to the North Cape are those of Lakselv and Alta which can be reached by a domestic flight from Oslo’s main airport (Gardermoen 30 km from Oslo). The companies to watch are the Sas and the Norwegian. Widerøe also flies to the North Cape.

An alternative is to fly to Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden. It is indeed the nearest airport city to the North Cape. You could then enter Norway from Sweden by renting a car in Kiruna. Another good alternative is to fly on the airport Ivalo Lufthavn in Finland, 421 distant from the North Cape.

Reach North Chief by Car

Arriving by car you can take the N6 state road that connects Tromsø with Alta and Olderfjord. From Olderfjord take the E69 to Kåfjord, and from there a ferry to Honningsvåg. The toll is quite expensive. In all cities with airports it will be easy to rent a car.

Reach North Cape in Camper

Traveling by camper van is an epic journey. We start from Italy and go straight to Norway to reach the far north. For such a trip you need a good deal of time and a well-equipped camper for snow and low temperatures.

Reach North by Motorcycle

One of the best routes allows you to go first to Sweden and then descend the Norwegian fjords to add a visually spectacular return trip. Obviously the routes, the division of the stages and the alternatives are many: it all depends on the choice of travelers and the time available. An alternative to shorten the journey could be to embark the motorbike on a train to cut paths that you consider uninteresting (for example to cut all the way from Northern Italy to Germany, using German trains).

Reach North Cape by Ship

The Hurtigruten is a former postal boat that runs along the entire Norwegian coast, from Bergen to the North Cape. The last stop is Honningsvåg, the nearest town to the North Cape. From here take the bus or taxi, as an alternative to a long trek (30 km, feasible only in summer).

The laziest can also go up to Honningsvåg on another ferry, the Veolia.

Another alternative is to choose the Hurtigruten from Tromso to Honningsvag.Daily departure at 6.30pm and arrival the next morning at 11.45am; it is not necessary to book (unless you want the cabin, dear: for one night you can easily rest on the seats of the ship salons).

Reach North Cape by Bus

Boreal Transport buses connect Alta to Honningsvag. Those of the Nor-way Bussekspress instead travel the route from Narvik / Tromso to North Cape. The advice is to always keep the crowns on hand because they will serve to pay the ferry to cross certain fjords. The Eskelisen Lapin travels the route Rovaniemi – Honningsvåg, another alternative for those coming from Finland.

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