5 best Getaways for girls in spring

getaways for girls
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Getaways for girls -The escapades for girls should be something habitual in the life of every woman. At least, once a year you should plan a female trip: with friends, colleagues from the university, work colleagues or family plan that includes several generations. Spring is a good time to stop and disconnect from daily stress. If you are thinking of a unique and unrepeatable experience, we offer you 5 getaways for girls. It includes a very avant-garde shopping destination and several sun and relaxation destinations to charge you with positive energy after the long winter. Also, we have thought about nature destinations.

Getaways for girls in spring

Amsterdam, the most avant-garde of the escapes for girls in spring

the getaways for girls

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a vibrant getaway . A city in permanent renovation. Here the protagonists are the girls who enjoy trying new concepts of gastronomy . In restaurants that bet on local products . Or make a break on the terrace of the Rijksmuseum restaurant after spending the morning with Rembrandt. To go shopping for its markets and squares. A classic, is to travel the channels by bicycle. But a dream for the most avant-garde is to do it in one designed by VanMoof.

Jamaica, chic navigation through the tropical jungle

best getaways for girls

The two golden rules in Jamaica are relax and split time. There is much to see and enjoy on this Caribbean island. In Kingston you have to see the fruit market , try the rom or buy handicraft products . In Ocho Rios, you have to bathe in its natural pools under its spectacular waterfalls. Another must is to visit “The Blue Lake”, which gave the film its title. Although we are left with the chic navigation in cane raft through the valley of the Martha River.

Marbella, enjoy doing nothing with echoes of jet set

The Costa del Sol is full of places to get all the juice out of a spring break for girls. But the undisputed queen is Marbella. Eternal days on the beach after nights suitable only for night owls. Go shopping to recover later with a treatment at many of the spas in the city. A top destination to renew yourself inside and out and fill you with energy after the long winter.

Chilean Patagonia, nature in its purest state for the most adventurous

top getaways for girls

While in Europe we are shaking off the winter rigors, in Chile they enjoy the autumn. The Chilean Patagonia is a destination of overwhelming beauty. Freshwater waterfalls, native forests, fjords, islands, blue glaciers and a spectacular natural park like Torres del Paine. An experience that you will always remember are the catamaran tours along the rivers. For the most adventurous climbing expeditions or horseback riding.

Serifos, sun and relaxation sessions

In this corner of the Aegean everything is peace, tranquility and endless sun and beach sessions. There are more than 70 kilometers of coast and beach to choose where you prefer to put your towel. On the contrary, only 5 roads guarantee calmness and calmness to return with the batteries charged of this destination. The ritual to end the day must pass by contemplating the Aegean from a watchtower.

Nature in the mountains, tropical sea or in the Mediterranean, culture and shopping in an avant-garde city, beauty treatments under the Andalusian sun, … You have more ideas to propose to organize getaways for girls.

Four cities for a getaway with friends

discover getaways for girls

A getaways for girls can be the perfect plan for a weekend, especially if the chosen destination has enough attractions to please everyone.

Combine places worthy of a visit with attractive restaurants and places to go out for a drink is something that these cities that we bring you in the post get to perfection, and everything together will be the perfect plan for that girls’ getaway with which you take so much dreaming time.


If you like the beach, this is your city. During the day sun, in the afternoon walk through the city, perhaps through the Gothic Quarter and when the night comes a good dinner with sea views in one of the restaurants of the Olympic Port of Barcelona, ​​perfect place also to extend the night and stay having a drink to the rhythm of the best music.


Despite not being a cheap city, it is still a destination dreamed by many to go shopping. Regent Street or Harrods will delight more than one (although the budget for little more than a small souvenir) that will drag your traveling companions to an intensive day of store in store. Of course in London we must not forget the cultural attractions such as museums, gardens and palaces. And to go out to dinner, how about somewhere in Soho?


the getaways for girls

It is undoubtedly one of the most fun cities to go with friends, there is constant bustle and four-way conversations do not attract attention, one can laugh with enthusiasm that no one will turn to browse. Going through all the squares of Rome or looking for the Roman ruins of the city is a perfect idea to spend the day. And when the afternoon comes there is no better plan than to go to the Trastevere to have a wine and dine in one of its trattorias.


The protagonists of this Moroccan city without a doubt are its souks and markets. Although one can know madrasas and stroll through the medina, the bazaars of the city will delight more than one. And at the end of the afternoon, a tea overlooking the famous Jemaa El Fna square to end the day enjoying that delicious cake that they serve in so many restaurants in Marrakech. And of course, here the accommodation can not be other than a riad.

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